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Episode 70
Part 2 of 2

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 23 Now

Episode 69
Will Jessica die? Will Leslie shoot Billy? Will Jodie lose his baby to Carol? Will Mary's baby be Burt's or the creation of an alien? Will Dutch choose Eunice or Corinne? Will Polly marry Danny?

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 22 Now

Episode 68
Burt faces his first challenge as sheriff; Jodie battles for custody of his baby; Leslie wires herself with a bomb to kill the Tates; and Jessica's doctor gives her some devastating news.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 21 Now

Episode 67
Jessica's family gathers at the hospital to await her diagnosis; the surprising results of the local sheriff's election cause havoc; and Jodie engages in a court battle for custody of Wendy.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 20 Now

Episode 66
Bigots are making life miserable for Danny and Polly; the Tates hire a new butler; Burt awaits the election results; and an ambulance is called when Jessica suddenly collapses.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 19 Now

Episode 65
Burt decides to run for sheriff; Mary wonders if she is her baby is an alien; Jessica's psychiatrist comes to meet the family; and Jodie hires a lawyer for his child custody case -- E. Ronald Mallu!

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 18 Now

Episode 64
The minister's daughter dumps Chester; Danny and Polly contemplate an important move; and Jessica visits a psychiatrist about her problems.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 17 Now

Episode 63
Carol returns; Burt gets more shocking news from his doctor; Billy grows impatient with Leslie's demands; and Jessica and Corinne lament their lack of relationships with men.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 16 Now

Episode 62
The dying Burt Campbell wants to "leave his mark" in the Guinness Book of Records; Det. Donohue's wedding night is interrupted by a visit from Jessica.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 15 Now

Episode 61
When Jessica finds out that Chester's group therapy has turned into a twosome between her husband and the minister's sexy daughter, she throws him out, while a race riot brews at the Campbell house.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 14 Now

Episode 60
Danny and Polly express their love in a laundromat; meanwhile, the Campbells are thrilled about Mary's pregnancy -- except Mary, who suddenly realizes that she may be carrying an alien's baby.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 13 Now

Episode 59
Jodie is back home with the baby, and the Campbells would be perfectly happy except for some good news and bad news: Mary is pregnant and Burt has a fatal disease.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 12 Now

Episode 58
Jessica has finally caught up with her philandering husband, and while Chester is temporarily locked out of her bedroom, it seems that Billy, who just turned 18, is about to get into Leslie's.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 11 Now

Episode 57
Jessica finally corners Chester with one of his many other women; Mary and Burt get physical exams; and Danny tries to find the pretty black widow he met briefly at the cemetery.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 10 Now

Episode 56
Billy tells Jessica he is having an affair with his teacher; Burt tries to convince Mary she has been living with an alien; and Dutch attacks Eunice with a bowl of oatmeal.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 9 Now

Episode 55
While ex-con Dutch cooks up a storm in the Tate kitchen, Eunice steps out; Corinne threatens to expose Chester's philandering; and the two Burts try to work things out.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 8 Now

Episode 54
After viewing the Tate-Campbell craziness in action, Millie decides that she no longer wants to marry Danny; and Mary, with two Burts in her life, doubts her sanity.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Episode 53
Jessica wonders if Chester is up to his old extramarital tricks; Billy and his attractive teacher have some close encounters in a roadhouse; and Corinne and Tim have a confrontation of their own.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 6 Now

Episode 52
Dutch is out of prison; Danny brings home a new lover -- one of his kidnappers; Jodie learns about being a single parent; and Billy is getting some very private lessons from his teacher.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 5 Now

Episode 51
While the real Burt junkets recklessly through time and space, his insatiable double keeps Mary awake; Chester encounters a former paramour; a surprise ally saves Danny's life.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 4 Now

Episode 50
The Major leads a commando-style raid to rescue Billy from the Sunnies; Jodie must choose between his child and Alice.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Episode 49
Mary Campbell is shocked by the sudden change in Burt; Burt meets another human in space -- a 4,000-year-old crazy man; and the Tate men set out to rescue Billy from the Sunnies cult.

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 2 Now

Episode 48
Jessica chooses between Chester and Det. Donohue; Burt is held captive by spacemen; Jodie meets his infant daughter; and Benson visits with some bad news

Watch Soap Season 3 Episode 1 Now

Soap is an iconic American sitcom that aired on ABC from 1977 to 1981. This boundary-pushing show serves a unique blend of comedy, drama, and shades of soap opera, offering a satirical commentary on society and developing an ardent fan base. Its groundbreaking content, along with its memorable characters and plotlines, has etched its place in the annals of television history. The show's main stars include Katherine Helmond, Robert Mandan, Cathryn Damon, Robert Guillaume, and Jimmy Baio, delivering riveting performances that breathed life into its provocatively intriguing plotlines.

180 episodes of Soap were produced over four seasons, each mimicking the format of a traditional soap opera with multiple ongoing storylines. The sitcom is set in the fictional town of Dunn's River, Connecticut, and details the lives and escapades of two sisters, Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond) and Mary Campbell (Cathryn Damon), and their eccentric families.

The wealthy and naive Jessica is married to Chester (Robert Mandan), a feckless, philandering stockbroker. They have two grown children: a preppy-type son and a neurotic daughter. The family shares their opulent home with Jessica's daffy father, referred to as The Major, and Benson (Robert Guillaume), their wise-cracking and sarcastic butler who isn't afraid to voice his opinions.

In contrast, Jessica's sister Mary's blue-collar household is made up of her second husband, Burt (Richard Mulligan), her stepson, and her two sons from a previous marriage. Jodie, Mary's openly gay son, was one of the first regular gay characters in American television history.

Viewers can expect a roller coaster of extraordinary and outlandish situations, including infidelity, organized crime, abduction by aliens, mental illness, and even ventriloquism. And while the term "soap opera" often calls to mind melodramatic plot twists, "Soap" flips the script, leveraging a satirical, almost farcical style to deliver its slice-of-life narrative.

The sitcom also won plaudits for its adept blend of outrageous comedy with moments of sincere, poignant drama. Through its thought-provoking storytelling technique, the show never shied away from tackling controversial topics of the time, such as extramarital affairs, mental health, and homosexuality. In the process, it opened a dialogue about these traditionally hushed-up themes and set a precedent for many sitcoms that came after it.

The performance of the cast is consistently spectacular, with Helmond's performance as the incredibly naive, yet sympathetic, Jessica standing out. Mandan's work as the unfaithful Chester offers a slyly comic portrayal of a stereotypical philanderer, and Damon's portrayal of Mary exemplifies the everywoman struggling to keep her outlandish family intact. Guillaume's role as the acerbic Benson went on to serve as the launchpad for the spin-off series, Benson, where Guillaume continued his role, ultimately winning an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

The series is masterfully narrated by an off-camera voice, who at the beginning of each episode, recaps past events with the trademark line, "Confused? You won't be, after this week's episode of...Soap." Oddball, amusing, and filled with unforgettable characters, "Soap" remains an essential part of television history.

In summary, Soap redefined American sitcoms with its innovative storytelling, depicting the lives and hilarious misadventures of two contrasting families while breaking numerous social taboos. Its memorable performances, clever humor, and audacious plotlines made it a must-watch during its run. Even today, the series remains a cult classic, celebrated for its bold and progressive charm in a classic soap opera setting.

Soap is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 90 episodes, the show debuted on 1977. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

Katherine Helmond, Richard Mulligan, Cathryn Damon, Rod Roddy, Ted Wass, Billy Crystal, Robert Mandan, Jennifer Salt, Jimmy Baio, Diana Canova, Arthur Peterson, Jr., Jay Johnson, Robert Guillaume, Donnelly Rhodes, Robert Urich
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