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Amusement Park / Rock Stars
In "Amusement Park" a boy wants to run the park in order to have the opportunity to hire his dad whom he hasnt seen in a long time. In "Rock Stars" four kids whose parents are believed dead seek fame and fortune to remain a family and not be separated by childrens aid.

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Bowling / Command Performance
In "Bowling" amateur bowler Lou Fielding fulfills his dream of bowling with the world's best bowlers! In "Command Performance" a retire circus owner gathers her old acts together for a 25 year reunion, aware that one of them wants her dead.

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Cornelius and Alfonse / The Choice
In "Cornelius and Alfonse" a couple of petty crooks seeking revenge against Mr. Roarke kidnap Tattoo for ransom.

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The Comic / The Golden Hour
In "The Comic" unappreciated comedy writer Jerry Burton longs to become a stand-up comedian like his employer Danny Baker. In "The Golden Hour" crippled Sandy Larson who has been a pen-pal with a prison inmate, looks forward to meeting him for the first time.

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Yesterday's Love / Fountain of Youth
In "Yesterday's Love" Peggy and Charles Atwood who are on the brink of divorce after 35 years of marriage, rekindle their love. In "Fountain of Youth" an old man on the brink of death hires a soldier of fortune to take him to the fountain of youth.

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Birthday Party / Ghostbreaker
"Birthday Party" is about a 47-year-old bar and grill owner from Phoenix, AZ (Carol Gates, played by Janet Leigh), who was forced to give up her twins for adoption 30 years prior, right after they were born. Her fantasy was to be reunited with Tom Dearborn and Tracy Miller (the twins) and wish them a happy 30th birthday.

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Spending Spree / The Hunted
In "Spending Spree" two girlfriends are given half a million dollars to spend and realize that friendship is more important than anything is. In "The Hunted" a thrill seeking big game hunter unexpectedly becomes the prey in the hunt.

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Pentagram / A Little Ball / Casting Director
In "Pentagram" TV reporter Jane Garwood becomes an unsuspecting target when her relationships start dying one by one. In "A Little Ball" a nun has to decide between the church and getting married.

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The Stripper / The Boxer
Mr. Roarke helps Maureen Banning, a runaway heiress intent on marrying a poet, she is being stalked by a private eye hired by her dad.

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Photographs / Royal Flush
In "Photographs" photographer Nancy Weston is haunted by the mysterious image of an unknown girl in her photos. In "Royal Flush" Johnny Court attempts to become the best gambler ousting Victor Holly of his title.

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Cowboy / Substitute Wife
In "Cowboy" Brian Kehoe complicates a happy reunion by past lies about being a rodeo star when in fact he is only a rodeo clown. In "Substitute Wife" hypochondriac Nadine Winslow seeks a new wife for her husband when she thinks she is dying.

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Seance / The Treasure
In "Seance" Clare Conti still distraught over her brother's suicide learns that her brother was murdered during a seance. In "The Treasure" a happy marriage is placed in jeopardy when the quest for wealth and all the it encompasses places Joe Capos at a crossroads.

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The Lady and the Longhorn / Vampire
In "The Lady and the Longhorn" sweet but wacky businesswoman Vera Templeton is after a millionaire to save her company from bankruptcy. And in "Vampire" famous method actor Leo Drake prepares for his role as Dracula in a very frightening and dangerous way.

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Charlie's Cherubs / Stalag 3
In "Charlie's Cherubs" three secretaries want to be like their heroines-Charlie's Angels. In "Stalag 3" four World War II veterans relive their days in a German prison camp.

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Carnival / The Vaudevillians
In "Carnival" a young coma victim believes that the man in her dreams really exists. In "The Vaudevillians" old timers Will Fields and Charlie Parks try their hand at bringing Vaudeville back, escaping exile to a retirement home neither wants.

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The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird / The Island of Lost Women
In "The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird" a former professional adventurer is hired by Professor Smith-Myles to go in search of Bigfoot. In "The Island of Lost Women" a girl crazy sailor Barney Shaw wishes to find out if an island of beautiful women really exists.

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The Appointment / Mr. Tattoo
In "The Appointment" Dr. John Carlson who is doctor too busy with business to see his patients, seeks funds to build a computerized health care complex and winds up having to make a life and death decision.

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Return / The Toughest Man Alive
In "Return" lovely Helena Marsh returns to Fantasy Island to proclaim her love for......Mr. Roarke. In "The Toughest Man Alive" an average man becomes a hero and saves the village from Captain Fisk.

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Let the Goodtimes Roll / Nightmare / The Tiger
In "Let the Goodtimes Roll" a former hot-rod king wishes for his past glory and get the girl he left behind. In "Nightmare" Jeanine Sanford has terrifying nightmares which she wants to overcome.

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War Games / Queen of the Boston Bruisers
In "War Games" a bitter Vietnam veteran challenges a former Army buddy to a deadly competition. Unbeknowst to him, he holds him responsible for his brother's death.

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I Want to Get Married / The Jewel Thief
In "I Want to Get Married" a woman wants her long-standing marriage shy boyfriend to finally go ahead with their wedding. In "The Jewel Thief" Jordan Montgomery wants to be a famous jewel thief.

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Best Seller / The Tomb
In "Best Seller" Barry Hunter desires the limelight as best-selling author and the women throw themselves at him. In "The Tomb" an archeologist and his daughter confront an Egyptian curse.

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The Beachcomber / The Last Whodunit
In "The Beachcomber" Charles Preston fed up with the pressures of his life gives it all up to become a carefree beachcomber and winds up in more trouble than he can handle. In "The Last Whodunit" an avid mystery reader decides to solve the case of murder involving the death of her favorite writer.

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The Big Dipper / The Pirate
In "The Big Dipper" a young girl tries to find a normal life with her pick-pocketing father, when a police sergeant shows up in search of her father. In "The Pirate" an eccentric Ted Cavanaugh hopes to win back the love of his ex-wife by playing out a fantasy.

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The Homecoming / The Sheik
A soldier presumed dead wants to meet unrecognized his family. And a teacher would like nothing rather than to spend a few thrilling days in a harem .

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Fantasy Island is a divine resurgence from the original 1977 drama series bearing the same name that took television audiences by storm in the late 70s and early 80s. This spectacular remake, aired from 1998 to 1999, was produced by Sony Pictures Television and brought a more modern and edgy reading of the timeless series. The prominent cast includes the revered British actor Malcolm McDowell, who takes the reins from Ricardo Montalban who appeared in the original version.

The show is set on a mystic remote island, appropriately named Fantasy Island - an idyllic oasis with stunning landscapes, tranquil beaches, luxurious accommodations, and a dark yet compelling secret. The island sits somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, away from the busyness and chaos of the real world, offering visitors the chance to live out their deepest and most desired fantasies. The caveat being that these dreams often lead to surprising and sometimes daunting consequences as guests come face-to-face with powerful truths about themselves.

The illustrious Malcolm McDowell portrays the enigmatic character of Mr. Roarke, the island's hazy, omnipotent owner. In a charismatic departure from Ricardo Montalban’s depiction, McDowell’s Mr. Roarke exudes a dark and complex character shrouded in mystery. Unlike his predecessor, McDowell’s version of Mr. Roarke is not just there to grant wishes but seemingly tests his visitors with their own desires, exploiting the opportunity for a moral lesson.

Mr. Roarke is assisted by his loyal right-hand, Cal (played by Louis Lombardi). Cal is more than just an employee; he's the emotional tether for the often cryptic and distant Mr. Roarke, bringing humor, warmth, and relatability to what could otherwise be a detached premise. Together, they greet each visitor, listen to their fervent wishes, and then craft a unique experience that brings these fantasies to life.

Throughout the series, a wide range of guest characters visit the island, each with their own background and aspirations. These visitors include an ordinary Midwest teacher, a detective on the hunt for a work of art, a woman desperate for romance, and an ambitious businessman. Each episode is filled with an intriguing storyline that is centered on these guests surviving their fabricated fantasies and growing through their exceptional experiences.

This rendition of Fantasy Island adds a contemporary makeover to the renowned franchise, injecting a considerable amount of intrigue, suspense, and psychological examination into the narrative, making it more than just a wish-fulfillment fantasy series. The tensions that arise between desire and reality, as well as the unanticipated outcomes of each guest's fantasy, form the heart of the show's dramatic substance.

The elaborate sets and lush landscapes that serve as the backdrop of the show provide an extensive visual treat which further accentuates the show's glamorous and dreamy appeal. The cinematography and production design are top-notch, making each episode a visual spectacle and a transporting experience.

Undeniably, Fantasy Island's recreation brings a beguiling mix of supernatural allure and philosophical scrutiny, blending reality and fantasy in undreamed-of scenarios. Throughout its run, it maintains its charm by retaining the nostalgia of the original series, while integrating a darker and profoundly emotional storytelling perspective.

The high-end performances, particularly McDowell's portrayal of the cryptic Mr. Roarke, are a pivotal part of the series. However, it is the tremendous depth and layers in the plots that steal the limelight. Each visitor's tale offers an opportunity to reflect on human motives, relationships, regret, love, fear, and identity.

In conclusion, Fantasy Island is a revamped classic that pays homage to its predecessor while offering a fresh, insightful spin on the age-old question of “be careful what you wish for.” The performances, the narrative, and the production work in tandem to create a formidable experience, taking the viewers beyond the realm of reality to a paradise that is, at once, heavenly and unnerving; it's a tale about fantasy and the perils and pleasures that come with it. Delving into human psychology and the complex wishes we carry around, it's a show that intrigues and fascinates as much as it entertains.

Fantasy Island is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 153 episodes, the show debuted on 1978. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.4.

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