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Runaway, The
Francie's boyfriend talks her into visiting Maude and asking for a lot of money. She puts on a good act about being tired, upset, and having problems.

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Phillip's Problem
Carol is having discipline problems with her son and hesitates to take a short vacation, but Maude assures Carol that all Phillip needs is a little grandmotherly love and affection. After Carol leaves, Maude settles down to giving Phillip her tender loving care.

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Investment, The
Arthur and his new bride, Vivian, return from their honeymoon to a hostile Maude and Walter. Walter has just lost a bundle on a bad investment tip given him by Arthur.

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Tax Audit, The
Walter's tax return is being audited and he's worried. Maude is unable to pinpoint the time and place of her past association with the tax man -- until she sees the tattoo on his arm and remembers him as the sailor who had tried to attack her 31 years ago.

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Florida's Goodbye
Florida's husband, Henry, gets a promotion which means Florida can quit her job as a housekeeper for the Findlays and be a full-time wife for her own family, but she doesn't know how to break the news to Maude. Florida has hesitated for a week in giving her notice but Henry lays it on the line: If Florida doesn't tell Maude, he will.

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Arthur's Wedding
In a frantic effort to get Arthur and Vivian married, Maude plans a weekend wedding in wintry New England but the wedding party becomes snowbound in a Vermont train station. Arthur's heart may belong to Vivian but his stomach is in limbo and he gets nauseous each time they get close to saying their vows.

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Maude's Revolt
Maude is depressed on her birthday, and is surprised by the party Walter throws for her. All Maude wants is for Walter to stay with her instead of going to talk with the men.

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Wallet, The
Should the contents of a man's wallet be "off-limits" to his wife? Walter definitely thinks so, but Maude believes that husbands and wives should have nothing to hide from each other.

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Maude's Guest
Maude's flawed liberalism bubbles to the surface once more as she decides it would be a lovely gesture to invite a black child from the ghetto to live with them for two weeks. Francie Potter, a saucy teenager from the ghetto, arrives at the Findlay house in a resentful, uncooperative mood and in a very short time Maude realizes she's finally met her match.

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Lovebirds, The
Maude & Walter invite Vivian and Arthur over for dinner, but Maude is not looking forward to the lovebirds cooing over each other. They arrive, but arguing.

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Office Party, The
Walter turns from a benevolent host into Scrooge when he and Maude host a Christmas Eve party for his employees. Sure that he has a perfect team relationship with his employees at the appliance store, Walter is shocked when they announce some changes they have in mind for the future.

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Music Hath Charms
Walter's anniversary gift to Maude is an electric organ on which he promises to serenade her -- just as soon as he completes the mail-order instruction course. A few days of Walter's practicing drives the household up the wall.

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Carol's Problem
Maude is happy and excited and can't wait to spring her big surprise wedding gift on Carol and Chris, Carol's intended. When she does, however, Walter leaves the house and Carol and Chris end up in a riotous argument.

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Will, The
Maude and Walter get into an argument over writing their wills and the items each list.

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Maude Musical, The
Maude stages a charity musical in the high school auditorium and everyone gets into the act. On the day before opening night, Arthur, as a member of the school board, threatens to close down the entire show, which he terms as "hard-core pornography.

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Vivian's Problem
Maude is having the time of her life fixing up blind dates for Vivian with every available loser in town. When Vivian returns, torn, disheveled, and unfed from her latest dinner date, she tells Maude to stay out of her life once and for all.

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Maude's Double Standard
When Carol's boyfriend accepts an invitation to stay overnight, Maude finds herself in a tug-of-war with her own double standards. The generation gap widens considerably when Maude assumes Carol's boyfriend will sleep in the guestroom.

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Maude Takes A Job
When Maude takes a part-time job selling real estate she discovers she may have to choose between her newly acquired real estate license and her marriage license. Even though Maude feels happily fulfilled, Walter is just not ready to settle for a part-time wife and he issues an ultimatum.

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Florida's Affair
Is it fair for a woman to admit being attracted to a man other than her husband? Maude and Carol say yes but Florida isn't sure, and that's where the trouble starts.

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Stitch In Time - Part 2
Since Vivian returned from a trip with a face lift, now Maude wants one. She goes to Boston to have it done.

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Stitch In Time - Part 1
When Vivian returns from a five-week vacation looking ten years younger, everyone -- with one exception, tells her how great she looks. Vivian accuses Maude of being jealous of her new, youthful look, but Maude angrily insists she has no hang-ups about her own age and appearance.

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Walter's Holiday
Walter declares his own "I Love You Day" holiday, but his plans to spend a romantic day with Maude are thwarted by Vivian, Maude's best friend, who insists on unloading her divorce-proceedings problems. Comedian Johnny Brown guest stars as a door-to-door salesman who is no match for Florida Evans' sales resistance.

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Walter's Problem - Part 2
After slugging Maude when he was loaded the night before, Walter comes downstairs the next morning full of guilt and remorse and wallowing in self-pity. Although Walter has promised to stop drinking, a phone call from his office sets him off again, and Arthur convinces Maude that Walter should seek professional help with his problem.

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Walter's Problem - Part 1
After a wild cocktail party, lasting most of the night, Walter faces a bad hangover and Maude's wrath -- but refuses to face the fact that he has a drinking problem. Arthur, who had almost as good a time as Walter (and feels almost as bad the next morning), makes a pact with Maude that they will all go on the wagon for a month, and Walter reluctantly agrees to join them.

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Maude is an iconic American sitcom distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment which aired from 1972 to 1978. The programme was created as a spin-off of the popular series, "All in the Family," and it shared the former show's commitment to tackling pressing social issues through the lens of comedy. Bea Arthur played the central character, Maude Findlay, an outspoken, middle-aged, feminist and politically liberal woman who lived in the upper-middle-class suburban neighborhood of Tuckahoe, Westchester County, New York.

Maude's towering presence, quick wit and robust laugh set the bold tone of the series. Portrayed by the versatile Bea Arthur, Maude was a groundbreaking character who made audiences both laugh and contemplate societal norms and prejudices. Often addressing topics considered taboo for its day such as politics, women's rights, and racism, the series was both a commentary on the social issues of the time and an exploration of the complexities of the human experience.

Complementing Bea Arthur's feisty portrayal, Bill Macy played Walter Findlay, Maude's fourth and seemingly final husband. Walter was a patient yet sarcastic partner who managed to hold his own amidst Maude's strong personality. His character was the owner of an appliance store and served as a grounding force in their home. The dynamic between Maude and Walter was a cornerstone of the series, providing endless comedic moments while borrowing authenticity from the struggles faced by real-life couples.

Among the colorful cast of characters were Adrienne Barbeau who played Carol Traynor, Maude's attractive and divorced daughter, and Conrad Bain who played Arthur Harmon, Maude's conservative neighbor and a foil to her liberal beliefs. Esther Rolle appeared as Florida Evans, Maude's sharp-tongued and wise housekeeper, whose character was so impactful that it spun off into another successful sitcom "Good Times."

The effervescent Rue McClanahan played Vivian Harmon, Arthur's wife and Maude's best friend. Their friendship highlighted differing perspectives on feminism and showcased how the movement touched the lives of different women. J. Pat O'Malley and Hermione Baddeley were also presenting strong comedic performances as Bert Beasley and Mrs. Nell Naugatuck, respectively. Marlene Warfield likewise brought depth to the role of Victoria Butterfield, showcasing another aspect of the socio-cultural dynamic in the United States.

The show's creators subtly incorporated comedy to analyze and illuminate the social and cultural shifts happening in America during the 1970s. Feminism is a recurring theme across the series, with Maude embodying the spirit of the then-burgeoning Women's Movement. Through her character, the series frequently tackled issues like wage inequalities, birth control, and women's health care rights. On the other hand, the character of Arthur, a self-proclaimed "liberal Republican," served as the counterbalance to Maude's progressive views.

Maude was known not only for its comedic brilliance but also for its fearless exploration of sensitive topics, questionably untouched by other sitcoms of its time. It covered various pressing themes like racism, abortion, and homosexuality with an honesty and humor that was both daring and resonant. The show was a testament to the power of laughter in opening dialogues about societal norms and prejudices, frequently leaving viewers with more than just a chuckle, but also food for thought.

Few sitcoms of the time were as successful as Maude at blending humor with serious social commentary. Through its memorable characters and the vibrant performance of its star, Bea Arthur, the series has occupied a special place in television history. It was an audacious, unapologetic comedy that dared to provoke its audience into thinking deeply about the world around them while still leaving them laughing out loud at the end of each episode. As a part of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's lineup, Maude remains a classic to be revisited and explored by both seasoned fans and new viewers alike.

Maude is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 46 episodes, the show debuted on 1972. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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