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Harris must sell everything he owns in order to raise the $320,000 he lost to lawyer Alan Ripkin in a libel suit.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 22 Now

The Rainmaker
An old man is apprehended during a ceremony in Washington Park, who was hired by the city officials as a rain maker to end a city-wide drought.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 21 Now

The Vests
The officers are against wearing the new bullet proof vests issued by the department. Inspector Luger writes down the squads personal information for the purpose of writing their obituaries.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 20 Now

When Inspector Luger takes charge of a small disturbance of Hasidic Jews against the police department it turns into a full blown riot. A city steam tunnel is the home of a pair of urban survivalists.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 19 Now

Lady and the Bomb
Sgt. Fish pays a visit to the 12th precinct. Harris loses his libel lawsuit with shyster lawyer Arnold Ripner. A quiet woman reveals that she has a homemade bomb in her purse and wants to blow up the 12th precinct.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 18 Now

The Doll
A priceless antique doll is held for a ransom. An naive optician claims he bought a ticket to ride on the space shuttle.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 17 Now

Contempt (2)
Barney's absence puts Harris in charge of the 12th precinct.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 16 Now

Contempt (1)
Refusing to reveal the name of an informant has Barney charged with contempt of court. A man contends that he was refused service in a restaurant because he was deemed too ugly.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 15 Now

A sporting goods store operator concocts an elaborate and dangerous anti-theft system. Shyster lawyer Arnold Ripner returns with a lawsuit against Harris for using him in his novel, without consent.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 14 Now

The Librarian
To keep things quiet, a librarian brings a loaded gun to work. A novelty store owner is being harassed daily by a gypsy.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 13 Now

Stormy Weather
Wojo's pursuit of a looter ends with both men jumping into the Hudson River. Meanwhile, a deaf woman is arrested as a prostitute.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 12 Now

The Psychic
A linguist defaces an advertising billboard as a protest over their use of horrid grammar. Meanwhile, a psychic stops a purse snatching before is happens.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 11 Now

Movie (2)
Harris proudly displays his wildly over-budgeted, spectacular porno flick to the men of the 12th precinct and their guests, a blind mugging victim and an overly enthusiastic charity collector.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 10 Now

Movie (1)
A veteran radio newsman is charged with assaulting an inept TV anchorman. The department asks Harris to create a short pornographic movie.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 9 Now

Field Associate
Internal Affairs receives incriminating evidence from inside the 12th precinct. A burglar celebrates his fiftieth anniversary of robbing homes, while Harris helps him reunite with his wife who had reported him missing many years earlier.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 8 Now

After shooting a robbery suspect, Dietrich is consumed with guilt. A playwright assaults an actor he believes is ruining his work.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 7 Now

Call Girl
Dorsey plays the protector of a young prostitute. A hooker gives Harris financial stock advice. Dietrich is thinking about becoming celibate.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 6 Now

Agent Orange
When an apartment complex goes clothing optional, one woman puts up a protest. A Vietnam vet claims his problems all stem from being exposed to Agent Orange.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 5 Now

The men of the 12th precinct try to convince a new detective that they are not on the take. A man from an anti-smoking clinic complains that their methods are actually harmful to people's health.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 4 Now

The Delegate
A newly assigned officer is discovered to be an impostor. A disorderly vagrant seems to be left over from the 1976 Democratic Convention.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 3 Now

Homicide (2)
The squad must hunt down a man scheduled to be killed by a hit man. Also, Harris is smitten with the new crime photographer.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 2 Now

Homicide (1)
A man confesses to murdering his barber after receiving a horrible hair cut. Meanwhile, a woman decides to cancel the contract she had with a hit man to kill her husband.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 1 Now

Movie I
As Lt. Scanlon closes in on a gay cop, Sgt. Harris turns a low-budget porn flick investigation into a major motion picture.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 135 Now

Movie Ii
Harris' "official" decoy porno film is finally finished--$19,000 over budget--and the world premiere showing sends shock waves through the squad.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 136 Now

Doll, The
A day of hilarity and hysteria dawns on Capt. Miller and his men when they look for the kidnapper of an antique doll; a man is conned out of $500 for a confirmed reservation on the space shuttle, and Inspector Von Luger tells Barney that he is leaving him a $250,000 estate.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 143 Now

Chaos prevails at the 12th Precinct with the arrival of the detective's bulletproof vests and on an urgent call that someone is barricaded themselves in an apartment with two shotguns.

Watch Barney Miller Season 7 Episode 146 Now

Barney Miller is a classic American sitcom that aired on ABC from 1975 to 1982. The iconic show centers around the daily operations inside a New York City Police Department detective squad room situated within the fictional 12th Precinct of Greenwich Village. In many ways, the show is a pioneer in TV industry, expertly fusing elements of drama and comedy to depict urban life through the lens of law enforcement officers. The story orbits around the character of Captain Barney Miller, portrayed by Hal Linden. Miller serves as the level-headed, discerning and sympathetic anchoring figure amidst a bustling crew. He is renowned for his dedication to upholding the law and working by the book. Barney Miller’s calm demeanor and composed leadership is often contrasted with the frenetic energy of his staff and the eccentric characters they encounter in the course of their work. The diverse and dynamic cast helps stem the show’s heart and humor. Barbara Barrie plays Barney's dedicated wife, Liz, offering insights into his home life and the balancing act between his professional duties and personal responsibilities. Abe Vigoda plays the sardonic Detective Phil Fish, an older member of the squad renowned for his world-weary characteristics and constant complaints about his health. Max Gail portrays Detective Sgt. Stan 'Wojo' Wojciehowicz, a naive but well-intentioned detective who often struggles with the ambiguities between legal duties and moral values. Ron Glass plays Detective Ron Harris, a sharp-witted, stylish and ambitious detective with aspirations of being an author. Jack Soo is Sergeant Nick Yemana, whose dry humor and sardonic wit quickly made him a fan favorite. His ineptitude in paperwork is often the subject of many jokes. Gregory Sierra plays Sgt. Chano Amenguale, a passionate, Puerto Rican detective who often exhibits great intensity in his work and emotions. Other notable characters include James Gregory playing the gruff Inspector Frank Luger, a man clinging onto old ways of policing; Steve Landesberg as Detective Arthur Dietrich, known for his dry wit and vast array of general knowledge; and Ron Carey as Officer Carl Levitt, a diminutive, ambitious uniformed officer who yearns for a detective’s job. Barney Miller stands out not just in its character portrayals, but also in its unique format of storytelling, where most of the action is confined to the squad room. Instead of relying on physical humor and slapstick, the show delves into social and political issues pertinent to the era, presented through various cases handled by the team. The episodic narratives often revolve around the detectives apprehending suspects and their interactions with these quirky characters, rather than solving crimes or depicting intense chase scenes. The humor in Barney Miller largely derives from the character-based comedy, witty dialogue, and the interactions among its eccentric squad members. Each episode acts as a snapshot of a varied cross-section of New York City's population, including an array of criminals, petty thieves, misfits, and ordinary citizens, often highlighting the humanistic side of detective work. With its measured pace, nuanced performances, and grounded approach to humor, Barney Miller was critically acclaimed during its original run and won several awards, including a Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series. It is especially remembered for its distinctive writing that adeptly combined humor and social commentary, making it a significant chapter in the annals of American sitcoms. Overall, Barney Miller is a beloved classic sitcom that powerfully underscores the challenges of law enforcement in a diverse, fast-moving urban environment. Featuring a host of memorable characters portrayed by a skilled ensemble cast, the show stood the test of time, remaining relevant, relatable, and entertaining through its seven-year run and beyond. It is not just a comedic show, but also held a mirror to society – meanwhile not forgetting to make audiences laugh in the process.

Barney Miller is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 188 episodes, the show debuted on 1975. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

Ron Carey, Steve Landesberg, Hal Linden, Max Gail, Ron Glass, Jack Soo, Abe Vigoda, Gregory Sierra, Barbara Barrie, Florence Stanley, George Murdock, James Gregory
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