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Simka's Monthlies
Simka is exhibiting strange behavior, and this behavior is quite untimely in that she keeps cancelling appointments with immigration and she's likely to be deported. Eventually, her behavior is diagnosed as PMS and she feels well enough, at least knowing what her problem is, to go through with her immigration appointment.

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A Grand Gesture
Newly wealthy Jim gives each of the gang $1000 to give away, in an effort to teach them how good it feels to give someone else $1000. Latka & Simka give the money to their minister, who protests loudly (as is their custom) but accepts the money nonetheless.

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Jim's Mario's
Jim decides to buy Mario's with some of his inheritance money, but first must convince his brother Tom (who controls his trust fund) that this is a wise investment. Initially, Mario's is doing poorly and Tom threatens not to let Jim have any more money, but the gang usher their customers into Mario's and soon the place is packed and everyone is having a great time.

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Tony's Baby
Tony is depressed when he learns his girlfriend, Vicki (also introduced in the "Shloogel Show" episode) is pregnant. He decides to "do the right thing" and marry her, although when he talks to her, he's clearly not too thrilled about it.

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Arnie Meets the Kids
Elaine is seriously dating the nerdy Arnie, also introduced in the Shloogel Show episode earlier this season, and decides it's time for him to meet her kids although she isn't sure if that's a great idea. Arnie is also very worried about the meeting and when he meets them, he tries a little too hard to make him their favorite person.

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Louie and the Blind Girl
Louie plans to his girlfriend, Judy (a blind woman introduced to him earlier this season by Latka & Simka), but before he can do it, Judy tells him that she's having an operation to get her sight back. Louie then gets cold feet, worried that she'll reject him because of his looks.

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Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame
Diane, an old friend of Jim's comes to the garage looking for Jim, and Alex takes a liking to her. Alex makes some less than flattering remarks about Jim, not realizing that she and Jim have begun a romantic relationship.

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A Taxi Celebration (2)
Part two of a two part clip show featuring highlights of Taxi.

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A Taxi Celebration (1)
Part one of a two part clip show featuring highlights of Taxi.

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Sugar Ray Nardo
When Elaine's son, Jason, watched Tony coaching youth boxing, he wants to get involved. Alex and Tony talk Elaine into letting Jason box, despite her better judgement.

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Alex's Old Buddy
Alex takes ownership of his old dog, Buddy, who has been living at his sister's place in the country. Buddy is now 19 and Alex wants to spend as much time with him as possible.

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Louie Moves Uptown
Louie decides to buy a luxury co-op apartment with some help on the down payment from the newly wealthy Jim. Unfortunately, Louie first has to convince a snooty co-op board that he is right for their building (as he comes in, they are rejecting actress Penny Marshall because they don't approve of the actress lifestyle).

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Get Me Through the Holidays
Alex's ex-wife, Phyllis, depressed and lonely, comes to see Alex, who takes pity on her and includes her in his holiday plans. This turns ugly, when she manages to bring the whole gang down with her self-pity.

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Zena's Honeymoon
Zena comes to the garage and announces she's getting married and asks the gang to let Louie know that she wants to speak with him. After telling Louie, he becomes convinced that she wants to get back together, and he meets her for dinner.

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Elaine and the Monk
Latka and Simka introduce Elaine to a friend of theirs visiting from their country named Zifka. Zifka is a monk who has taken a vow of silence but during his vacation is allowed a week (every ten years) to experience all worldly pleasures.

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Travels with My Dad
Tony's dad, a merchant seaman who Tony hasn't seen much of, arranges to bring Tony on a sea trip with him. Tony is hesitant but doesn't want to disappoint his dad, so he goes along.

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Louie's Revenge
Louie gets a call from Emily, who jilted him in an earlier episode, who is drunk and drugged and wants to meet him at a nearby bar. Louie decides to go over there to throw a drink in her face and reject her, therefore getting the last laugh.

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Alex the Gofer
Alex, who loves the theater, takes a part time job as a gofer for a young producer and director, but soon feels mistreated by his younger bosses. Louie, spying on Alex at his new job, spots Alex being humiliated and uncharacteristically does not make fun of him; rather, he tries to convince Alex to stand up for himself and tell the director off.

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Crime and Punishment
Louie lets Jeff, his assistant dispatcher, take the rap for skimming money from the company (that Louie is actually responsible for), assuring Jeff that he'll smooth everything over. Louie overdoes it when he reprimands Jeff in front of the garage owner, though, and the owner not only fires Jeff but has him arrested.

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Scenskees from a Marriage (2)
Latka and Simka throw a party and decide the last to arrive will be the one that Simka must sleep with. Alex barely edges out Louie, in hilarious fashion.

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Scenskees from a Marriage (1)
Latka is sent to rescue a female cabbie who is stranded in a snowstorm, but he breaks down as he reaches her. The two are freezing in her cab and decide to make love in order to avoid freezing to death.

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Alex Goes off the Wagon
In this episode, we learn that Alex can be a compulsive gambler. Alex even scares Louie off with his compulsion, but Jim talks some sense into Alex at the end (after having bankrolled him initially).

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Jim's Inheritance
When Jim's father passes away and leaves him a substantial inheritance, Jim's siblings sue to have Jim declared incompetent and his inheritance placed in an account that the brother will have control of. In court, Louie and Alex speak in Jim's behalf, but to no avail.

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The Shloogel Show
Newlyweds Latka & Samka throw a Shloogel, one of their religion's traditions. The shloogel is, in effect, a party at Mario's where they set all the gang up on blind dates.

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Taxi is an iconic American sitcom that broadcasted on ABC and was a prime-time staple from 1978 to 1983, featuring a stand-out ensemble cast of renowned actors like Judd Hirsch, Jeff Conaway, Danny DeVito, Marilu Henner, Tony Danza, Randall Carver, Andy Kaufman, Christopher Lloyd, and Carol Kane. The crux of the show is centered on the daily lives of a group of New York City taxi drivers and their dismissive dispatcher. Judd Hirsch plays the pivotal character of Alex Rieger, a veteran cab driver who becomes somewhat of an unofficial leader and counselor for his fellow drivers at the Sunshine Cab Company, due to his level-headedness and wisdom. The hilarious and somewhat woeful dispatcher Louie De Palma, magnificently portrayed by Danny DeVito, serves as the main antagonist. Louie is known for his irritable temperament, manipulative antics, and unscrupulous behavior. His crude sarcasm and hilarious working-style form the backbone of many instances of humor in the series. Jeff Conaway shines as the hip, ambitious, but perpetually unsuccessful actor, Bobby Wheeler. Tony Danza portrays the character of Tony Banta, a former professional boxer with a kind heart but not much by way of intellect. The glamorous Elaine Nardo, played by Marilu Henner, struggles to maintain her two roles as a single mother and a part-time taxi driver. Each character is distinct and becomes vital to the charm and wit of the show. The series also sees other cab drivers weave in and out of its narrative. Randall Carver plays the naïve John Burns in the first season. On the other hand, Latka Gravas, an endearing immigrant mechanic portrayed by Andy Kaufman, adds an interesting dynamic to the show. Latka's charmingly broken English and peculiar customs provide countless laughter and insightful moments throughout the series. One of the show's strengths lies in the introduction of Reverend Jim Ignatowski, a spaced-out, former hippie played by Christopher Lloyd. His unpredictable and whimsical nature adds a quirky charm to the sitcom. Carol Kane even makes recurring appearances as Simka, Latka's wife, with her own unique quirks and language struggles. The show is a brilliant depiction of urban blue-collar life, presenting it with humor, heart, and a genuine sincerity. It effectively portrays the dreams, frustrations, and alliances formed among this group of eclectically different people, bound together by their common job. The variety of characters and personalities work exceptionally well, resulting in a series filled with unique chemistry, strong character development, and storyline arcs that engage viewers in both comedic and dramatic ways. Moreover, Taxi broke the sitcom mold. It delved into social issues in a way that pushed the boundaries of comedy. It handled serious themes like addiction, single parenthood, immigration, and failed dreams. It centered on the everyday realities of middle-class life but did so with an empathic sensitivity and unerring hilarity that only endeared it more to its audience. The writing was sharp, biting at times, yet always filled with a warmth that made each character relatable. The series regularly featured clever, often absurdist humor, meshed with touches of pathos that grounded the series and made it feel more authentic and emotionally resonant. It was a groundbreaking sitcom well ahead of its time that paved the way for many other comedies that would follow in its footsteps. Taxi's comedic elements are embedded with profoundly touching human moments that showcase the reality of life as a New York City cab driver. The special blend of comedy, drama, and unforgettable characters earned the show critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase. Over its run, Taxi earned 18 Emmy Award nominations and walked away with three wins for Outstanding Comedy Series. In conclusion, Taxi remains an unforgettable comedic masterpiece that showcased some of the finest comedic acting and writing of its era. It stands the test of time with its excellent cast and characters, memorable humor, and the simple, profound truth of its stories - making it a classic worth revisiting. The series offers a rare blend of intelligence and popular appeal, turning everyday blue-collar life into an extraordinary sitcom journey. With its ability to make audiences laugh, think, and maybe even shed a tear, Taxi is an iconic piece of television history.

Taxi is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 116 episodes, the show debuted on 1978. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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