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Here Comes Alice Cottontail
Alice (LINDA LAVIN), dressed as a rabbit, decides to check up on Tommy (PHILIP McKEON), who is spending his Easter vacation at Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) apartment, and feels a little stupid when she is caught by Tommy and Mel.

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Cook's Tour
Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) greed for business gets him into a very dangerous situation with a pretty girl (PAMELA MYERS) and her bodybuilding brother (REB BROWN).

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Profit Without Honor
Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) financial troubles almost cost his waitresses a salary cut until Alice (LINDA LAVIN) comes up with a profit sharing plan.

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Vera, The Vamp
Belle (DIANE LADD) turns Vera (BETH HOWLAND) into a sexpot only to find out that everyone loves the old Vera.

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One Too Many Girls
Belle (DIANE LADD) decides to take over Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and Vera's (BETH HOWLAND) boyfriends and the running of the diner, but all her plans backfire.

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For Whom The Belle Toils
When Belle's (DIANE LADD) big break as a songwriter falls through, she accepts a job in Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) Diner, much to the relief of the overworked Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND).

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Flo's Farewell
Until her friends tearfully tell her to go, Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) has mixed emotions about accepting a fantastic job in another city.

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Auld Acquaintances Should Be Forgot
Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) old Navy buddy (EDDIE BARTH) turns up at the diner after his wife (REVA ROSE) leaves him, and his visit turns into a nightmare for Alice (LINDA LAVIN), Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND).

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My Funny Valentine Tux
Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) saves the day for Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) when she outfits him with a tux for the Valentine's Day dance at his school.

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Carrie's Wedding
Mel (VIC TAYBACK) is almost a "no-show" at his mother's (MARTHA RAYE) wedding but has a change of heart at the last minute.

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Alice Beats The Clock
When Mel (VIC TAYBACK) installs a time clock in the diner, he learns that time is money.

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Alice In TV Land
When Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) admits on television that Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) is his favorite adult, Alice (LINDA LAVIN) wants to know why.

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Good Buddy Flo
Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) tries to prove to her new boyfriend that she can drive a big semitrailer, but it turns out to be a disaster for Mel (VIC TAYBACK) and his diner.

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Mel, The Magi
Mel (VIC TAYBACK) saves Christmas for all his friends when he turns into a real Santa Claus.

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My Cousin, Art Carney
Vera (BETH HOWLAND) convinces Art Carney (HIMSELF) to endorse Mel's chili...until the profits are discussed and Mel (VIC TAYBACK) finds out he won't make any money.

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Cabin Fever
Alice, Flo, and Vera retreat to a cabin for a weekend and are surprised by Mel and his date. A tornado warning almost ruins the weekend for all of them.

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Mel's In The Kitchen With Dinah
Mel (VIC TAYBACK) is invited to prepare his famous chili on "The Dinah Shore Show," and the girls all want to go too.

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Carrie Sharples Strikes Again
Mel's mother (MARTHA RAYE) takes over the running of Mel's Diner when Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) bad back keeps him home in bed, and much to Mel's dismay, she doubles his business.

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Little Alice Bluenose
Alice (LINDA LAVIN) is in a state of shock when she finds out that her new beau is working his way through law school by posing in the nude for art classes.

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Flo's Chili Reception
Flo's (POLLY HOLLIDAY) romance turns sour when she refuses to give her new boyfriend Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) chili recipe.

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Vera Robs The Cradle
Vera (BETH HOWLAND) and Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) go to the movies together and before the evening is over Tommy has a crush on her.

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Mel Loves Marie
Alice (LINDA LAVIN) tries to save Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) "on-again-off-again" romance with Marie (VICTORIA CARROLL) but to no avail.

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Mona Lisa Alice
Mel (VIC TAYBACK) introduces "SMILE" buttons in his diner to increase business and offers customers a free meal if the waitress forgets to smile. Meanwhile, Tommy's (PHILIP McKEON) enthusiasm over Alice's (LINDA LAVIN) new boyfriend (ROBERT HOGAN) almost scares him away.

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Has Anyone Here Seen Telly?
Telly Savalas (HIMSELF) surprises everyone by walking into Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) Diner and causes a lot of excitement and havoc.

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As per my search, there seems to be a confusion about the cast and the timeline mentioned in the query. The classic TV Show "Alice" from 1976-1985 did not air on the Syfy channel and the cast members mentioned; Linda Lavin, Vic Tayback, Beth Howland, etc., were indeed in "Alice". But, there's a different miniseries titled "Alice" that premiered on Syfy in 2009, however, it doesn't feature the cast members provided in the query. So, let's focus on the sitcom "Alice" that ran on CBS from 1976 to 1985, as it matches with most of the details. Alice was a successful sitcom that perfectly captured the spirit of its time and brings back nostalgia due to its retro charm. Conceptualized by Robert Getchell and based on Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning film, "Alice doesn't live here anymore", the show revolves around a widowed aspiring singer, Alice Hyatt, wonderfully brought to life by Linda Lavin. Following the death of her husband, Alice moves to Phoenix with her young son, Tommy, portrayed by Philip McKeon, with dreams of launching a singing career. However, life has other plans for her, and she ends up serving tables at a quirky roadside diner called Mel's Diner, owned by Mel Sharples, a gruff but lovable character played by Vic Tayback. The diner, with its big-letter sign and humble exterior, becomes a central character in the story, representing both the struggle and camaraderie the characters experience every day. Alice strongly reflects feminism of the 70s and day-to-day struggles of a single mother. Lavin’s character Alice is independent, resilient and always ready to face the challenges life throws at her, portraying a form of feminism that was relatable to ordinary women of the time. A big part of the charm of Alice was the unique dynamic that existed amongst her co-workers. Flo, played by the talented Polly Holliday, is a sassy waitress with a heart of gold, known for her signature catchphrase, "Kiss my grits!" which since then coined its path into the pop culture lexicon. Vera, portrayed by Beth Howland, is a naive, slightly clumsy but a well-intentioned character which brings a touch of comic relief to the series. Over the course of the nine seasons, the show had a few changes in the main cast, maintaining its dynamic energy. Diane Ladd, who originally played Flo's character in the movie, joined the series as Belle, another waitress, when Polly Holliday left the series. Similarly, sharp-tongued Jolene, played by Celia Weston, was introduced to the audience after Ladd left. The addition of Donna Douglas, the change-up of George Burns, and Art Carney in the later seasons further kept the audience engaged. Being a sitcom based in a diner, Alice also had its fair share of celebrity guest stars who'd stop by at Mel's Diner including Telly Savalas, Debbie Reynolds, Jerry Reed, and Doris Roberts, to name a few. The authenticity of actors, coupled with brilliant writing that explored the characters' stories and their evolution over time, made Alice an iconic series with cultural significance. Between the tight-knit crew, the lush storylines, the enriched character development, and the entertaining guest stars, Alice created for viewers a warm, feel-good atmosphere, and a sense of home and belonging populated by characters one cannot help but love and cheer for. Despite surfacing in the countless sea of sitcoms, Alice managed to create a unique identity. It worked because it was a story about real people - people with dreams, fragility, resilience, love, humor, and incredible strength - and it encouraged audiences to find joy and humor in the most mundane aspects of life. The series signature ending, with Alice making fun of a situation and the closing theme song "There's a New Girl in Town" playing, leaves the viewers feeling as warm and satisfied as a cup of Mel's Diner's coffee. Throughout its run, the show received several Golden Globe and Emmy award nominations, proving its quality and successful reception. Conclusively, Alice remains one of the long-standing representations of television situation comedies of its time and has secured its place in the annals of American pop culture.

Alice is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 96 episodes, the show debuted on 1976. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

Linda Lavin, Beth Howland, Vic Tayback, Philip McKeon, Polly Holliday, Celia Weston, Marvin Kaplan, Diane Ladd
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