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Another Man's Shoes
Schneider learns that his brother passed away and that somebody needs to take care of his nephew and niece so Schneider gets a phone call to come and pick them up. The place where he arrives is a carnival like place with circus like people.

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Off We Go
Ann gets a job offer in London and ponders taking it. Despite getting nagged by her mother, she decides to accept the job.

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The Nearness of You
Working side by side at the travel agency spawns a growing attraction between Max and Barbara, that becomes impossible to ignore.

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Meaning of Life
Schneider gets a new lease on life after he's accidentally electrocuted, then revived, a hair raising experience in which he claims he died and came back to life.

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Up in Smoke
After six years of not smoking, Sam lights up. But when he tries to quit, he finds his willpower has gone up in smoke.

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Bringing in the Clowns
Mark's jokester friends are visiting and taking their jokes too far to the point where everyone gets sick of them. Barbara gets so fed up that she tries to teach them a lesson by "getting hurt.

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Ave Romano
An Italian priest arrives unexpectedly at the Royers, claiming to be a distant relative of Grandma Romano.

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Parting Company
Ann and Francine's business relationship is threatened when Francine announces she's marrying an ad executive Ann doesn't trust.

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Woman of the House
Barbara loses charge of her household when Grandma Romano moves in with her own set of rules, menus, meal schedules and a collection of cuckoo clocks.

Watch One Day at a Time Season 9 Episode 14 Now

Schneider has a sentimental reunion with his high-school love, who pays him a visit on his 50th birthday, bringing along her own cherished memories of their past.

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Never Hire a Relative
Francine goes behind Ann's back to talk Sam into designing an elaborate office suite that's too grandiose for Ann's taste.

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Dear Max
Julie decides to leave her husband.

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Sam's Apartment
Sam's late night disappearance has the family convinced he's been kidnapped until Ann learns he's kept his old apartment.

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Not a Creature Was Staying
Ann has the holiday blues, believing she and Sam will be alone on Christmas, but Sam plans to surprise her with a Caribbean cruise.

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Travel Agent
To arrange a long-overdue vacation, Barbara and Mark visit a travel agency, where Barbara finds an unexpected career opportunity.

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Baby Love (2)
Barbara, still wanting to have a child, continues to consider adoption.

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Baby Love (1)
A weekend watching little Annie for Max and Julie has Barbara longing to have her own baby and begins considering the option of adoption.

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Worried Heart
Ann's imagination runs away with her when Sam runs off on a business trip with an associate who happens to be his ex-girlfriend.

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The Bedtime Story
A plan to collaborate on the writing of children's stories drives Julie and Max into a bitter feud over Max's potential as a writer.

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The Dentist
The opening of his new dental office gives Mark such a case of the jitters that he may give up his practice before the first patient walks through the door.

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Take My Ex
A visit from Sam's ex-wife sparks a sudden need for attention in Ann, who resents the pampering the former Mrs. Royer recieves from Sam.

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Sam and Ann are adjusting to married life and find they disagree on monumental issues such as where the spoons should be kept.

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One Day at a Time is an American sitcom, aired for nine seasons on CBS from December 16, 1975, to May 28, 1984. The series, developed and written by Norman Lear and produced by his company, T.A.T. Communications Company, stands as a testament to the growing prominence of socially significant television programming during the period.

At the heart of the series is Ann Romano (Bonnie Franklin), a dedicated and tenacious divorced mother who navigates the complex responsibilities of her newfound independence while raising her two daughters. Franklin's performance as the hardworking yet tenderhearted Ann Romano is as captivating as it is honest, earning critical acclaim for its realistic depiction of the struggles of a single mother.

Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli star as Julie and Barbara Cooper, Ann Romano's teenage daughters. Their nuanced performances added layers of complexity to the series as they tackled issues of adolescence under the atypical circumstances of their broken family. Their growth and maturation throughout the series accurately portray the intricacies of teenage life and the arduous journey to adulthood.

Displaying an impressive ability to balance humor with empathetic storytelling, One Day at a Time boldly explores topics such as divorce, single parenthood, alcoholism, and women's liberation. The series also doesn't shy away from incorporating characters that were socially or culturally different, driving home messages about acceptance and equality.

Complementing the lead trio is a roster of memorable characters. Richard Masur plays David Kane, one of Ann's physical relationships, who, despite his difference in opinion, provides a masculine balance to this female-centric show. Dwayne Schneider (Pat Harrington Jr.), the somewhat intrusive yet loveable building superintendent, often offers comic relief while embodying a conventional, albeit non-traditional, father figure role. Other notable members of the cast include Mary Louise Wilson, Michael Lembeck, Ron Rifkin, Glenn Scarpelli, Shelley Fabares, Boyd Gaines, Howard Hesseman, and Nanette Fabray, each bringing their distinctive flavors to the show.

One Day at A Time is more than just a comedy series; it is a timely reflection of the transformative moments and movements that shaped a generation. From job struggles and dating dilemmas to handling rebellious teenagers and battling addiction, the show doesn't shy away from anything, making it a pioneer in representing life’s trials and tribulations in a relatable and authentic manner.

The show's distinctive opening theme song, "This is It," sets the tone for its progressive spirit. Besides, the use of a ‘live studio audience’ gave the show an element of realism, enabling a more direct connection with the viewers. Despite the gravity of some of its themes, the show incorporates healthy doses of humor throughout its episodes--an essential factor contributing to the series’ popularity.

Despite facing frequent cast changes and occasional controversy, One Day at a Time remains a beloved staple of American television history, marked by its commitment to depicting the diverse realities of American life. It is also remembered for its ability to straddle the line between groundbreaking realism and comforting entertainment.

Visually, the series sets new standards for TV at that time; from the set designs that appeal to the middle-class aesthetic to the costumes that reflect the era's style and category of the characters, everything was spot on, giving a visual appeal to its storytelling’s authenticity.

Across all nine seasons, One Day at a Time managed to maintain a consistent narrative scope while successfully evolving and developing its characters. While it initially focused more specifically on Ann's life as a divorced woman, the later seasons saw a shift to emphasize more on the daughters’ lives, showing a range of narratives that appealed to multiple generations of viewers.

In conclusion, One Day at a Time is a standout sitcom of the 70s and 80s. With its unique mix of comedy and drama, the show paints a rich portrait of life's ups and downs, showing that it's possible to laugh even amid hard times. No matter what life throws at Ann Romano and her family, they prove that they can handle anything--one day at a time.

One Day at a Time is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 209 episodes, the show debuted on 1975. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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