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Excited by the festival fireworks display, Poco accidentally lets his tail out in the middle of the crowd, in full view of the cameras. Does this spell the end for Souta and Poco's little family...?

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Takamatsu Festival
Souta begins to seriously consider what it will take to permanently live in Kagawa with tanuki-boy Poco. He knows it will be easier said than done, but at least his freelance work prospects are panning out with another job from Manabu: livestreaming the local Takamatsu Festival!

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The Reservoir
It's a lazy day at Souta's house when Nakajima abruptly reveals that his mother guilted him into agreeing to a marriage interview. He's thirty and still single, and Souta's stuck in the same boat.

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Sardine Stock
When Hiroshi shows up at Souta's house with a hankering for some homemade udon, Souta remembers the recipes his father left behind, so Souta, Hiroshi, and Poco roll up their sleeves and get cooking. But can Souta and Poco keep Poco's secret from Hiroshi when the little tanuki's tail suddenly pops out?

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Souta takes Poco on a trip to Shodoshima, where he's to meet with the company his former boss put him in touch with. When they get to the office, the boss is out, so it's time for some sightseeing.

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Ritsurin Garden
Souta's made his decision: he's quitting his job and moving back to Kagawa, where he'll work freelance while taking care of Poco. What with all the cooking and trying to keep his little charge out of too much mischief, though, he quickly remembers that parenting a small child is easier said than done.

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Tokyo Tower
Souta needs to go back to Tokyo urgently, but he can't leave Poco alone. What's he to do except for take the tyke with him?

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Chicken on the Bone
Souta calls Nakajima out, saying he needs to ask him for a favor. Buttering his longtime friend up with some bone-in chicken, he asks Nakajima to go with him to shoot a video for a class reunion.

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Souta's big sister Rinko walks in on Souta, Poco, and Nakajima fast asleep after their fishing trip. Souta is frantic to stop Rinko from prying about Poco, but he’s not the only nervous one—Rinko says she's bad with kids, and Poco’s afraid of her.

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The Red Lighthouse
Souta is sleeping with a tossing and turning Poco when his longtime friend Nakajima Shinobu shows up for an impromptu fishing trip... at 3 AM.

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Souta is freaked out by his encounter with a shape-shifting tanuki, but how could anyone leave such a lonely-seeming little thing to fend for itself? He offers the hungry crybaby some shoyumame to eat, and a bath to boot.

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Bukkake Udon
After his father's death, Souta Tawara, a web designer who left his hometown in Kagawa prefecture to live in Tokyo, returns to the countryside where he grew up. His father ran a popular udon restaurant, but with no one to take over, the restaurant has closed down.

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Poco's Udon World is a heartwarming, light-hearted, and enthralling television series that provides a refreshing exploration of culture, family bonds, and mysteries. Premiering on NTV in 2016, this 12-episode anime series, filled with cute elements, is based on the manga series of the same name by Nodoka Shinomaru. As you dive into the narrative, the series follows Souta Tawara, a 30-year-old success-driven web designer who hails from Tokyo. News of his father's death sees him journeying back to his ancestral home in Kagawa Prefecture, famously known as the ‘Udon Kingdom’ because of its locals’ passion for the traditional noodle dish, Udon. The quaint family udon eatery, which has now fallen into disuse, is the only remaining symbol of his ties to his hometown. But the trip unfolds more than just nostalgia for Souta. It carries him into a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected encounters. Wandering through his family's udon shop, he discovers a small, seemingly lost boy. Deciding to look after the child until they find his parents, Souta names him Poco. As Souta navigates through his parenthood journey, it transpires that Poco is not just an ordinary boy. He is a tanuki – a mythical, shape-shifting creature famous in Japanese folklore. Poco's real identity ushers in a tide of exciting and awe-inspiring adventures that further test Souta's mettle as a newfound father figure. Interestingly, Poco's Udon World isn't merely about Udon or singing the praises of Japanese food. It's an enriched experience that excavates the depths of familial love, friendships, and human connections. The story minutely focuses on Souta's dilemma of whether to carry on his life in Tokyo's fast lanes or return to the slow-paced yet fulfilling rural lifestyle he once knew. This internal conflict, combined with the sentiments of loss, regret, love, and joy, gives viewers a profoundly moving experience. The series does an excellent job of portraying the overwhelming sense of nostalgia and hidden charm associated with return-to-hometown tales. The beautiful backdrop of Kagawa Prefecture sceneries further amplifies the story's appeal. However, Poco's Udon World is not just about rolling landscapes and visually captivating animation. Its strength lies in the emotional depth of its characters. Every character in Poco’s Udon World has been meticulously crafted, resonating the unique quirks of rural life, echoing the depth of relationships, and the complexity of human emotions. Souta's journey of self-discovery, along with Poco's exploration of human life, provides some delightful moments that are a blend of joy, surprises, melancholy, and heartache. A unique aspect that elevates Poco's Udon World from being a regular slice-of-life anime series is its magical realism. The magical element of Poco's character does not overshadow the grounded aspects of storytelling, but instead, it intertwines with the story's core tenets, making the narrative more enchanting. A parallel character arc that runs alongside the main story is Souta's bonding with his newfound companion, Poco. Their relationship evolves from unfamiliarity to a deep bond that somewhat fills the void of his family's absence, with its development serving as the emotional cornerstone of the series. Poco's innocent and childlike perspective of human life provides plenty of heartfelt and comedic moments. Poco's Udon World delicately balances comedy, emotions, and a touch of supernatural elements to present a narrative that's more than just skin-deep. It evokes thoughts about life, relationships, and childhood while making one long for simple, delicious Udon noodles from the quaint shops nestled in the peaceful countryside of Kagawa. To service the emotional depth and intrigue, the anime features rich, vivid animation, with each character, background, and Udon dish crafted with meticulous details. The art style allows viewers to immerse themselves in the charming serenity of rural Japan. Complimenting this is the soothing music score, which often perfectly captures the heart-tugging moments and the various emotions Souta goes through, channelling the show's deeper themes. In conclusion, Poco's Udon World is a profound exploration of identities, familial bonds, and self-discovery set against the backdrop of Japanese culture and folklore. It paints an emotionally resonant picture about embracing your roots, relishing traditional culinary delights, and the beauty of unexpected friendships. It’s a delightful watch for anyone who loves a good balance of drama, food, magical elements and universal themes of love, loss and finding oneself. The anime tugs on the heartstrings while also leaving you curious and yearning for more. So join Souta and Poco as they navigate this journey of self-realization that transcends the ordinary experiences of life.

Poco's Udon World is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Yûichi Nakamura, Shiho Kokido, Tomokazu Sugita
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