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Prep School Debut of the Dead
Yatora joins Yuka for extra lessons at Tokyo Art Institute. He has an artistic breakthrough when visiting a museum with his strange new classmates.

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He's Not Tanned At All
Yatora enters the art club. Over summer break he takes part in special training to improve his skills after switching his college choice to art school.

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Awakening to the Joy of Painting
Life and priorities change for listless high schooler Yatora when he sees his classmate's painting and discovers an appreciation and talent for art.

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Blue Period is a compelling and dramatic anime series that first premiered on Netflix in 2021. Based on a manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Tsubasa Yamaguchi, the show explores the world of art and the personal growth and transformation of its main protagonist. The series takes its title from Pablo Picasso's "Blue Period" where the artist exclusively painted in shades of blue and blue-green for a certain phase in his artistic journey. Similarly, this anime explores a particular phase in a young man's life when he is introduced to the world of art, which eventually becomes an absorbing passion for him.

The story primarily revolves around a high school student named Yatora Yaguchim. Yatora is a diligent student who always tops his grades, yet his life is devoid of color. He spends his days studying relentlessly, trying to meet the expectations set by himself and others. Despite his academic achievements, Yatora is dissatisfied and yearns for something more in life beyond the mundane reality of school and home.

This emptiness in Yatora's life is soon filled when he stumbles upon the vibrant world of art. A chance encounter in the school's art club leads Yatora to a moment of self-syllogism, revealing to him a side of himself that he was unaware of. What initially starts as a way to escape the monotony soon morphs into something far greater, sparking a newfound passion and ambition in Yatora.

As he delves deeper into the world of art, Yatora realizes that he wants to attend the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts, one of Japan's most esteemed art schools. To pursue his dream, he embarks on a challenging journey, balancing his regular studies and newfound art passion's demands. The series then follows Yatora's struggles as he prepares for the university's incredibly competitive entrance examination.

Blue Period goes beyond Yatora's personal journey and also offers deep and profound insights into the art world. It not only explores different art styles, techniques, and processes but also discusses the emotional journeys and personal growth of artists. The anime brilliantly navigates through the intricacies of art, dealing with the elation that creating art can bring, as well as the struggle and challenges that accompany an artist's journey.

The series features a colorful array of characters that greatly contribute to Yatora's development as an artist. These include Ryuji Ayukawa, Yatora’s empathetic and supportive classmate who also dreams of studying art, and Haruka Hashida, the president of the art club who often pushes Yatora towards self-expression and exploration. These characters, along with his nurturing mentor Saeki-sensei, show Yatora both the competitiveness and camaraderie that exist within the school's art club, enriching his journey and providing a mirror to his own ambitions and dreams.

What makes Blue Period captivating is the show's ability to balance the aesthetic visuals with the emotional storyline, creating an effective synthesis of the narrative's artistic and human elements. The series' gorgeous and colorful animation visually reinforces its theme of art and creativity. It beautifully captures the process of making art and the deep emotional connection artists have with their work.

Blue Period isn't just a story about aiming for a prestigious university or pursuing one's passion - it dives deep into the exploration of identity, self-expression, personal growth, and the meaning of success. It is a coming-of-age story that unravels how the path to attain a dream isn't always straightforward and is riddled with obstacles, but ultimately, the journey in itself can become a rewarding and enriching experience.

Blue Period is a beautiful blend of drama, introspection, and passion, fleshed out with captivating visuals that truly represent the vibrancy of the world of art. It's an anime that stands out not just for its compelling narrative but also for its deep exploration of art, its impact, and the toll and rewards of pursuing it as a career. This emotional and inspiring narrative makes it a wholesome watch for life and art lovers alike.

Blue Period is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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