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Fireworks Display, Hachi and NANA
With Nana K and Takumi's wedding two weeks away, both Nana K and Nobu are nervous about seeing each other, but Nana O is determined to bring them together at the fireworks show that the band is attending in disguise.

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Reunion! Hachi and Shōji
Yasu gets permission from their manager for everyone to attend the fireworks show. Disguised to protect themselves from ardent fans, the band members wait in apt.

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Blast's First TV Performance
Nana K is overcome with fan fever when she sees Blast's live performance on TV. Hoping to reconnect with Nana O and apologize to Nobu, she texts Shin with an invitation to a fireworks show.

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Blast VS Trapnest
Blast and Trapnest prepare to appear on the same show together, giving Ren an opportunity to ambush Nana in her dressing room with a shocking proposal.

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Blast, Guerrilla Live
Nana K prepares a feast in anticipation of Takumi dropping by after their show, but Takumi's at the after-party, making a shocking admission in front of Nobu and Shin.

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NANA, Suddenly Fit
While Nana K falls prey to the charms of Takumi of Trapnest, Nana O discovers that someone else has feelings for her fickle roommate.

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Blast Lodging Together
As Nana K. gets more involved with the intertwined personal histories of the bands Trapnest and Blast, she risks losing something important--her job!

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Blast, Debut!
Nana K. may have plotted to bring Nana O. and Ren back together, but that doesn't prepare her for an unexpected mahjong tournament at her apartment, and a chance to meet her idol Takumi from Trapnest!

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Look, Hachiko
The Trapnest show is in full swing, and Nana K. hopes that Ren will see Nana O. from the stage. Will her maneuverings bring Nana O. and Ren back together?

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The Trigger of Fate
A trip to Nana K.'s hometown turns into an eye-opening visit with Nana K.'s family for Nana O., and a chance to reunite with her old love Ren.

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Hachi, High-Class Housewife
Nana K. has tickets to see the hot band Trapnest, but is Nana O. strong enough to accompany her and face her old lover Ren, who is performing in the band?

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Blast's New Song!!
It's the evening of Blast' debut concert in Tokyo, and Nana K. does her best to drum up support for the band--but will her thunder get stolen by an ultra-cute groupie?

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Reira's Loneliness
A surprise visit by Nana K. to Shoji's workplace results in an unwelcome surprise for Nana K. when she sees Shoji with Sachiko.

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The Grass of the Split Strawberry
While Nana K.'s friends try to steer Shoji away from Sachiko, Nana O.'s band Blast sets up its first gig, and Nana K. has an unexpected meeting with Sachiko.

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Hachi's Choice
Takumi returns to find Hachi gone. Nana, after running from, Nobu goes to Yasu's and tells him everything that happened with Takumi and Nobu Hachi runs to Junko and Kyousuke's place and starts crying and tells them everything.

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Don't Separate the Joined Hands
Shin and Reira have a heart-to-heart. Shin comforts Reira with his words, but is it for the money, or is he serious?!

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Hachi's Child, Pregnancy
Hachi receives news of her pregnancy! Will she deicide to keep the child? Will she tell anyone? Meanwhile, Nana discerns whether she should try to have a child with Ren or not.

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Breakdown, NANA's Heart
In the past, on March 5, when Nana and Hahi both left for Tokyo, Nana recalls the moment, including her departure with Yasu and her first encounter with Hachi. In the present, Nana thinks about her "garden" and her relationship with Ren.

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The Problem of Expressing Love
In bed, Nobu tells Hachi about his past, as well as Nana's and Ren's, in high school. Later in the day, Hachi tells Nana, and afterwards Junko, about her new relationship with Nobu.

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Hachi and Nobu, Urgent Approach
Yasu and Shin converse about Shin's life and his father, whose signature is needed for Shin to go pro with Blast. Yasu also does some snooping on Misato and discovers that she has given them an alias.

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Hachi's Desired Future
As both Hachi and Reira struggle with their loneliness, Nana discovers the cake and food Hachi made for their third Live. She tells the members of Blast, and they all come over, save for Nana, and soon celebrate their contract with Hachi.

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The Passing Hachi and NANA
BLAST's third live performance has arrived and the tickets are sold out. Hawano from the music label company shows up, and after the show invites the band to dinner while they discus their contract.

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A Capricious and Selfish Man
The two week break for Trapnest is almost up. Takumi hasn't contacted Hachi at all, and Nana is upset at him.

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Hachi's Confused Heart
Blast is scouted by Gaia Music and Hachi is happy for Nana. The two sit down and discuss the immediate future.

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I Do Not Want to Pass Over to Anybody
Nobu and Shin have a serious conversation about Hachi and Nobu's feelings toward her. Meanwhile, Takumi shows up at Hachi's apartment, and upon seeing them kissing, Nana storms out.

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Wish Of July 7th, Hachi's Love
It's July 7, the date of the Tanabata Festival. Shin comments that he doesn't know much about the celebration, so the gang celebrates it for him.

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Nana is an anime series that aired from 2006 to 2007. The series was produced by Madhouse and Nippon Television (NTV). It was based on the extraordinary manga by Ai Yazawa, which earned several awards and remains one of the best-selling shojo series of all time. Nana is a tale of two young women bearing the same name, Nana, who happen to meet on a train heading to Tokyo. The girls share a connection not only in name but also in their similar age and parallel excitement about what's in store in the big city. Nevertheless, each Nana reflects contrasting dreams, where one aspires for musical success and the other seeks love and happiness. The series explores the lives of these two women after they make the decision to share a flat. Nana Komatsu, often referred to as Hachi, is an unwavering romantic with a propensity towards depending on others to guide her through life. The character of Hachi endears her to viewers with her unyielding compassion, relentless enthusiasm, and enduring will to find happiness, making her journey a familiar one for many. On the other hand, Nana Osaki's austere demeanor and punk-rock style offer a sharp contrast to the bubbly Hachi. Osaki, former lead vocalist of a locally famous band, has experienced a bit more of life's hardships compared to Hachi. She is a tough cookie with a heart of gold who refuses to compromise on her dream of musical stardom. Even though viewers may not share her dream of becoming a punk rock star, they can certainly relate to her relentless drive and unyielding resolve. The series expertly juxtaposes the lives of these two young women, thereby weaving a narrative that's both captivating and relatable. The daily trials and tribulations that the girls encounter, their interactions with each other and the people they meet, and their respective journeys towards achieving their dreams make Nana a truly heartwarming and inspiring series. Nana is more than just an anime about two girls living in Tokyo. It wrestles with profound themes revolving around love, friendship, dreams, and life’s harsh realities. The show empathetically approaches subjects such as heartbreak, personal identity, and the complexities of human relationships. This makes Nana particularly engaging, as it doesn't shy away from tackling these profound subjects head-on. The show is complimented by its stellar soundtrack. Yazawa has a deep love for music and it undeniably shows in Nana. The music not only enhances the scenes, but it also propels the narrative forward and gives another depth to the characters. From resonating punk rock tracks to heartfelt ballads, the music sets the mood and amplifies the emotions of the scenes. The series' strong character development and lifelike storytelling have struck a chord with viewers, making it a critically acclaimed series. The character-driven narrative, backed by the intriguing collision of starkly different yet equally intriguing personalities, captures the viewers and makes them invested in the character’s lives, desires, and struggles. Nana is a series that embraces maturity and realism, standing out in the realm of anime. It doesn't sugarcoat but instead shows the raw and real side of adulthood we all have to face, making it a must-watch for anyone looking to get into a show with depth, complexity, and emotion. This thought-provoking series makes you laugh, cry, and question along with the characters. Every layer of the storyline and the characters are delicately woven together, creating a narrative so rich and intense that it has set a benchmark for future shojo series. In conclusion, Nana is not just an anime series but an emotional journey embedded with life lessons. Whether it’s about friendship, love, dreams, or the obstacles of life, Nana provides a realistic glimpse into the world of two young women trying to navigate their ways through adulthood. It is a relatable, heart-touching and riveting narrative that leaves an indelible mark on the viewer’s mind. So, if you're looking for an anime experience that delves deeper than the surface, and addresses life in its rawest form, Nana might just be the series for you.

Nana is a series categorized as a ended . Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 101 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

Anime Drama
Romi Park, Kaori, Brian Drummond
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