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Love Isn't Enough
After escaping his attackers Izumi learns the truth behind Ryouma's gift from Saotomi Sensei. Finally ready to face his true feelings he rushes to find Ryouma.

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Which Way Is Right?
Still unsure of his own feelings Izumi can't help himself from buying up everything related to Ryouma! To make matters worse he now has to deal with aftermath of his debut and run from the clutches of obsessed fans.

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Love Stage: Men's Style
As Izumi's debut looms over him, he becomes exceedingly nervous. Rei gives him a gift to boost his confidence while Ryouma and Shougo support him.

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Could This Be...
Now that his dreams have been crushed Izumi turns to Ryouma for comfort. But in his thoughtlessness Izumi ends up hurting Ryouma.

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What Kind of Test Is That?
With the threat of the paparazzi releasing photos of Izumi and Ryouma there is also an opportunity...

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Just a Little
Now that they're texting buddies, Ryouma has been barraging Izumi with messages. To make matters worse he shows up at Izumi's college!

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But I Do Like You
Rei tries to calm Izumi down and get him to come out of hiding by relating to what Izumi has experienced. Ryouma gravels and apologizes and just wants to make things right.

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If Only It Had All Been a Dream
Ryouma has having feelings for Izumi and goes to his house to put these feelings behind him. Izumi realizes his luck is running out when he finds that the marble is cracked.

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Because I Was Able to Meet You
During the bridal commercial he finds out that he will be behind the veil which doesn't make Ryouma very happy.

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The Door to My Dreams
College student Izumi Sena wants to become a manga artist but just doesn't have that talent. Luckily, his family is in the business and gives him a chance to star in a commercial which he messes up.

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Love Stage, a popular anime series aired on Tokyo MX in 2014, has turned quite some heads for its unique and vibrant plot, appealing characters, and unconventional themes related to love and life.

The show follows the life of Izumi Sena, who comes from a very creative and prolific family steeped in the entertainment industry. Despite his family's artistic background that includes a famous actress for a mother, a prominent producer for a father, and a rock star older brother, Izumi himself is quite the anomaly. He possesses a heart full of aspirations to become a manga author, a profession atypical to his family's fame in the showbiz industry.

Izumi's timid personality and lack of interest in the limelight sets him apart from his enthusiastic family. He is not completely removed from the arena, however, as he gets dragged into the show business without even realizing it. The turn of events and how he manages them forms the crux of the series. This dichotomy of his personal desires and imposed responsibilities adds to the subtle humor and light-heartedness of the show.

The crux of Love Stage, however, lies in Izumi's forced encounter with the handsome and popular actor, Ryoma Ichijo during a commercial shoot. This encounter unknowingly changes the trajectory of Izumi's life and weaves an unusual love story. Without giving too much away, it can be said that Ryoma finds Izumi intriguing and his feelings grow stronger over time. This unexpected romance brings with it a lot of challenges, and how Izumi navigates them throughout the show forms a significant part of the narrative.

The characters of Love Stage are beautifully drawn out, with plenty of depth and layers. The protagonist, Izumi, is depicted as a rather introverted character, who prefers the quieter art of mangaka to the louder showbiz. He's kind-hearted, a bit naive and that makes him instantly likable. Ryoma, on the other hand, is an outgoing and successful actor who falls head over heels for Izumi, showcasing an intriguing side of himself: a passionate, confused yet caring lover, a complete contrast to his public persona as a heartthrob actor.

Beyond the romance, Love Stage is also about personal growth. Izumi's journey from an uninvolved, aspiring manga artist to a person who, eventually, learns to accept and manage his unexpected involvement in showbiz, is an interesting plotline. Likewise, it is also sensational to witness Ryoma grappling with, and eventually accepting, his feelings for Izumi that appear to be unconventional in the light of ordinary societal standards.

The animation and sound design of Love Stage are of top-notch quality. The colorful illustrations, smooth transitions, and fitting background scores greatly enhance the viewing experience. The show does not shy away from portraying the glitz and glamour associated with the entertainment industry, and it does so in a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing way.

A significant trait of Love Stage that won many viewers' hearts is its realistic representation of love and relationships, and it does so with a light-hearted, comedic touch. It's not just about a romantic endeavor – It’s about acceptance, about understanding your true feelings, about being non-judgemental and supportive. It is about accepting love in its most pure, unconditional form.

In conclusion, Love Stage is a diverse, open-minded, and wholesome anime. It combines the dynamics of the entertainment industry, the challenges and beauty of unexpected love, and the trials and tribulations of life. Whether you're an avid anime watcher or a newcomer to the genre, this show offers a delightful blend of comedy, romance, and drama that is sure to keep you engaged till the end. While it is labelled as a BL (Boys Love) series, Love Stage recasts the genre in a new way by focusing on emotional growth, acceptance, and of course, love. The series offers a feel-good narrative that is touching, inspiring, and a wonderful departure from the mundane. It has a lot to offer and is worth a watch, exposing viewers to the broad spectrum of emotions, relationships, and journeys that make life beautiful.

Love Stage is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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