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Dr. STONE NEW WORLD - Episode 22
Dr. STONE NEW WORLD - Episode 22

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 57 Now

Dr. STONE NEW WORLD - Episode 21
Dr. STONE NEW WORLD - Episode 21

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 56 Now

Senku stands victorious. He then works on reviving the others and fixing their communications device, but while they are talking with Ruri they encounter a strong interference with the signal.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 55 Now

Much to Ibara's shock and dismay, Senku devised a plan and managed to escape petrification. Now the two enter into a head-to-head battle for control of the Medusa device.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 54 Now

Flicker of Doom
Yo and the Kingdom of Science capture the petrification device, but Ibara isn't going down without a fight.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 53 Now

The Kingdom of Science members launch an attack on the islanders aboard the Perseus, but Moz isn't far behind and Senku and the others are forced to retreat inside the vessel. Ibara has them cornered, but Senku unleashes his Joker card.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 52 Now

Total War
The Kingdom of Science attacks and tries to execute their plan to steal the petrification device. Moz convinces Kirisame to use the device, but Ryusui's instincts tell him something is off about the situation.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 51 Now

Battle in Three Dimensions
Moz and the Kingdom of Science form a tenuous, temporary alliance against Ibara. How long it will last is a question they can't afford to concern themselves with just yet.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 50 Now

Deal Game, Test of Wit
More of the Kingdom of Science is brought back from petrification, but they are discovered in the cave by Moz.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 49 Now

With This Fist, A Miracle
Kohaku has located the treasure left behind by Byakuya and the others, but it's encased in concrete. Senku has to devise a plan to quietly get at the contents inside, so as to not alert the guards.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 48 Now

Kohaku receives instructions through an earpiece as her group infiltrates the enemy's main camp. Senku and the others make an electromagnetic motor.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 47 Now

Beautiful Science
Suika and Ginro work together to rescue the mobile lab from the Perseus. Reunited with Senku and the others, the group works on items to help Kohaku with the selection process.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 44 Now

The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel
Amaryllis explains how she evaded petrification and how she came to her decision to sneak into the inner palace.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 43 Now

Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope
The Perseus arrives at the treasure island. A recon squad consisting of Senku, Soyuz, Kohaku, and Gen set off to locate the platinum and make contact with the islanders.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 42 Now

The Perseus crew are on their way to the treasure island, the birthplace of the Hundred Tales, where they hope to locate the treasure box left behind by the Soyuz crew.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 41 Now

Science Vessel Perseus
Kaseki's efforts to build the science vessel Perseus hit a roadblock when he realizes that it's impossible to get all the parts to fit in practice.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 40 Now

Eyes of Science
The morse code signal reading "WHY" saturates the airwaves too much for Ukyo to pinpoint a direction, so the Kingdom of Science works on a way to visualize the signal.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 39 Now

First Contact
Senku, brings along a team to look for the Sagara Oil Fields. Meanwhile, Suika and Francois go truffle hunting.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 38 Now

Greed Equals Justice
The Kingdom of Science will need rations to last them through their voyage to the other side of the world. But Senku, being no professional, burns all the bread he attempts to bake.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 37 Now

While continuing to use the hot air balloon to search for the oil, it's decided that Ishigami Village needs to take up agriculture to prevent future food shortages, as well as to produce preserved food for their upcoming sea voyage.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 36 Now

Prologue of Dr. Stone
Tsukasa and Senku defeat Hyoga, but Tsukasa is mortally wounded. The options for treating sepsis and a punctured lung are limited, painful and uncertain.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 11 Now

Humanity's Strongest Tag Team
A truce is called between the kingdom of science and Tsukasa Empire. All appears to be well, but some of the kingdom’s dynamite is missing.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 10 Now

To Destroy and to Save
Supplies are running low and morale is down while Senku and The Kingdom of Science defend the miracle cave.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 9 Now

Final Battle
The final battle begins as Senku and The Kingdom of Science return to the miracle cave with a full frontal assault in order to wrestle control back from Tsukasa and his men.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 8 Now

Secret Mission
Ukyo discovers how the Kingdom of Science has been operating, and has a one-on-one conversation over the phone with Senku.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Prison Break
Tsukasa enlists the help of Yo, a highly skilled martial artist, to intercept Senku if he tries to help break Chrome out of prison. Meanwhile, Chrome plans his own escape.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 6 Now

Steam Gorilla
Senku's new invention, the Steam Gorilla is almost ready to roll and assist in his mission to rescue Chrome, but needs some improvements. Regardless, time is running out.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 5 Now

Full Assault
Nikki joins Senku's cause, but a flaw in his plan might make matters more complicated. Meanwhile, Chrome makes contact with Tsukasa.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 4 Now

Call from the Dead
Senku and Taiju are finally able to speak thanks to Senku's new invention, which becomes crucial when trying to convince Nikki to join their cause.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Hot Line
Senku's plan to flush out and trick Homura is mostly a success, but further complications arise when Kohaku tries to interfere.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 2 Now

Stone Wars Beginning
Senku, Gen and Chrome hatch a plan to fool the Tsukasa soldiers.

Watch Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 1 Now

"Dr. Stone" is an enthralling and visually captivating anime series that premiered on Tokyo MX in 2019. This series has attracted anime fans across the globe due to its creative narrative that incorporates science, tragedy, perseverance, and discovery.

Based on the Shōnen manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi, "Dr. Stone" situates itself at the crossroads of science fiction and adventure. The plot begins with an unforeseen phenomenon that turns the entire human population into stone. This sudden event engulfs the world into darkness. Time halts for several millennia until one fateful day, a high school boy named Senku Ishigami emerges from the stone with a fierce determination to revive humanity and decode the mystery behind the global petrification.

Senku emerges as the prime mover of the series. With his exceptional intelligence and extensive knowledge in science, Senku does not shy away from the daunting task that lies ahead of him. To further his cause, he takes on the challenge of pioneering a quest to reinstate the lost civilization from its primitive Stone Age to its opulent modernity using only the power of science.

As the series progresses, "Dr. Stone" teases the audience with various characters from the former world who slowly awake from the petrifying stone, each having their own unique characteristics and skills. Some of these characters become allies to Senku, breathing life into the narrative and adding more colour to their endeavour. They aid him in rebuilding society, inventing technology, and deciphering the secret behind the worldwide petrification. On the other hand, there are those who wield their own interests and notions about the new world, forming rival factions and bringing conflict to the narrative.

A crucial aspect of the series is how it emphasizes the power and relevance of scientific knowledge. In an era where science seems to have been swept away, it is Senku's scientific knowledge that becomes a beacon of hope. A range of scientific theories, principles, and techniques are explained in a simple yet breathtaking manner, making it easy for anyone to grasp. As such, "Dr. Stone" manages to infuse education creatively with entertainment, intensifying the viewing experience for the audience.

The stunning visuals augment the futuristic storyline of "Dr. Stone". Tokyo MX has done a remarkable job of paying attention to detail, making the post-apocalyptic world enveloped in lush greenery and dilapidated ruins incredibly believable. They bring out the beauty and rawness of the Stone Age with fine strokes, enriching the overall atmosphere of the show.

The characters' design visually communicates their individual personas while playing with the contrast between the ancient and modern world. Though in the Stone Age, characters don costumes that are stylishly colourful, reflecting a modern vibe. The character expressions and gestures are vivid, spotlighting each character's emotional arc and evolution.

"Dr. Stone" is not just a tale of survival and revival. At its core, it is a series that brings a profound understanding of science and humanity. It highlights the power of human intellect and will, placing science as a tool for progress and peace. It factors in the ethical implications of science, balancing it with the emotions and motivations of its characters. Furthermore, the series explores fascinating questions about societal structures, leadership, morality, and ultimately, the essence of being human.

Engulfed in a dystopian theme, "Dr. Stone" packages thrill, fun, education, and philosophy in a single narrative, making it one of the most engaging anime series of 2019. This show pulsates with a sense of awe-inspiring wonder and a giant leap into the realm of infinite possibilities.

From an intrepid adventurer shaping the Stone Age with knowledge of the future, to combatants supporting and opposing his cause, "Dr. Stone" is a riveting depiction of humanity's indomitable spirit to rise from the ashes. It slowly builds up an intriguing world caught between the old and the new, filled with anticipation, secrets, survival, and innovative scientific adventures.

In conclusion, "Dr. Stone" is an extraordinary expedition into a world reborn, aiming to retrieve its past glory with scientific prowess, unveiling the beauty of human intellect, emotions, and resilience transforming adversity into opportunity. Through its characters and narrative, the series captures and illumines the lasting power of science and the indefatigable human spirit.

Dr. Stone is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 55 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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