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Cancer Cell II (Part II)
White Blood Cell and his comrades confront Cancer Cell, but Regulatory T Cell obstructs their fight against the enemy! Meanwhile, Ordinary Cell, who had risked his life to save lactic acid bacteria, finds himself in the clutches of harmful bacteria!

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Cancer Cell II
The most formidable foe has returned... Cancer Cell has reappeared, and harmful bacteria are wreaking havoc in the intestinal environment.

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Harmful Bacteria
The antibody information of a cell has leaked. There is tension in the air after NK Cell makes a comment to White Blood Cell (Neutrophil).

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Ordinary Cell heads to the intestines with White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) to reunite the lactic acid bacteria with their friends, but they get separated from one of the bacteria on the way there. Ordinary Cell desperately searches for the lactic acid bacterium but is attacked by cells infected by a new virus!

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H. Pylori/Antigenic Shift
An incident has occurred in the body! The Immune Cells rush to the scene and fight the cells infected by a virus.

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Dengue Fever/Acne
Toxic reaction found on the epidermis! Mast Cell does her job according to the manual, but complaints pour in from other cells that are annoyed by her actions.

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Acquired Immunity/Peyer's Patch
Memory Cell sees a dream where the arrival of messengers from the outside signal the end of this world... As if his dream became reality, unidentified enemies enter the body!

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One day, while White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) is busy exterminating germs, he meets Backward Cap, a Platelet who wears her cap backwards. She is secretly training to become a stronger Platelet.

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Cells at Work! is an intriguing, versatile, and highly educational animated series from Tokyo MX, released in 2018. Inspired by the original manga series of the same name by Akane Shimizu, this novel concept is set within the microscopic yet intricate world that exists within the human body. "Hataraku Saibou" or "Cells at Work!" as it’s widely known, brilliantly combines elements of comedy, action, drama, and even a dash of romance in a compelling and innovative way that appeals to a wide range of audiences, from young teens to adults.

The series begins with a fascinating premise: every human body consists of approximately 37.2 trillion cells, each performing their functions diligently. In the bustling microscopic metropolis that is the human body, Cells at Work! traces the blithe journeys and epic adventures of these anthropomorphized cells as they carry out their specific tasks to keep the body healthy.

The main characters of Cells at Work! are a lovable, gallant red blood cell, AE3803, and a ruthlessly efficient white blood cell, U-1146. While the red blood cell is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body, the white blood cell's task is to protect the body from harmful bacteria and viruses. This vivacious pair is the heart of the anime, delivering a great blend of humor, quirkiness, heart-warming friendship, and fierce battles against invading pathogens.

The show skillfully utilizes each episode to spotlight different types of cells and their functions, such as killer T cells, macrophages, and platelets. The platelets, humorously portrayed as adorable children doing critical construction and repair works, quickly became a fan favourite, amplifying the undertone of humor and cuteness in the series. Each character is bestowed with a unique personality that reflects their biological function, rendered with a charming human-like quality that enables viewers to connect personally with the cells' engaging activities.

Cells at Work! is highly praised for its educational value. As it takes viewers on a thrilling and dynamic ride through the circulatory system or during an inflammatory response, it also imparts valuable knowledge about human physiology and the immune system. It explains complex biological processes in a fun, engaging, and memorable way, making it so much more than just an entertaining watch. Whether it's through tense battles against menacing germs or through comedic interactions among cells, the salutary information is delivered seamlessly, making biology accessible and enjoyable even for those without a science background.

The animation quality in this series is remarkable. The team behind Cells at Work! has done a tremendous job in visually translating the complex inner workings of the human body into prominent structures and landscapes for the narrative playground. The fluid and detailed animations in the action sequences, combined with an infectious soundtrack, contributes to an immersive viewing experience.

What really separates Cells at Work! from other anime is the essential feel-good undercurrent it maintains throughout the series. Nothing seems more heartwarming than witnessing ordinary cell citizens come together to protect their world against threatening viruses and bacteria – encapsulating the relentless and miraculous daily struggle for survival happening within our bodies. Through its lighthearted narrative, dramatic battles, and educative undertones, it reminds us of the body’s extraordinary capability and resilience despite potential threats, truly appreciating the unsung heroes that are our cells.

In conclusion, Cells at Work! is an earnest embodiment of the adage 'edutainment", proving that a show can be both informative and entertaining simultaneously. Over its run, it functions as a biology lesson, a dramatic action showdown, a heartfelt friendship saga, and a comedy rollercoaster. What makes it even more remarkable is the adorable characterisation of cells, their inspiring teamwork, and their indefatigable spirit. With its unique concept, engaging storytelling, appealing visuals, and scientifically accurate information, Cells at Work! guarantees a delightful and unique viewing journey that will make you look at your body in a new light.

Cells at Work! is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 22 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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