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His Wish
Mikhail pleads with Vanitas to join him. Dominque comes to terms with her inner self. Mikhail unleashes terror on his foes, but the book exacts a toll. An unexpected figure appears amid the ruins. Vanitas mends fences with Noe and parts ways with Mikhail.

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Tears like Rain
Mikhail tells Vanitas what he wants. Noe and Vanitas clash. Details emerge about why Vanitas shuns others and doesn't want them to peer into his memories. Dominique's life is on the razor's edge. Noe says he can't do the one thing Vanitas wants.

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Blue Night
As Noe sucks Mikhail's blood, he gets a glimpse of the latter's past with Vanitas. Details emerge about Vanitas's parents, his history with the Vampire of the Blue Moon, and the experiments he endured.

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Noe springs into action after he receives a disturbing letter. Details about Domi and Louis' past, as well as Mikhail's past, come to light.

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The Incurable Disease
Noe begs Count Orlok to save Vanitas from a strange ailment. Vanitas bumps into Roland and asks him about love "for a friend.

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Snow Flower
Vanitas identifies Chloe's malnomen. Astolfo's hatred spirals out of control. Chloe must choose between annihilation and a dismal life. Vanitas remembers he doesn't have to be alone, but is it too late? Will our heroes save Gevaudan and themselves?

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Just the Two of Us
Vanitas tries to convince Jeanne not to slay Chloe. The cause of Astolfo's hatred is laid bare. Jean-Jacques finally learns Chloe's end game and tries to stop her. Vanitas activates the Alteration engine to save Chloe and Gevaudan, but is it too late?

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Hands upon a Nightmare
Chloe reveals why she wants to kill Naenia. After Naenia's true nature is revealed and Chloe's malnomen is triggered, Vanitas and Noe scramble to save Gevaudan with some unexpected help.

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The Beast
Noe unwilling taps into Jean-Jacques memories and learns what happened to him and how he befriended Chloe. The Beast's true identity and the vast conspiracy behind it also come to light.

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The d'Apchiers' Vampire
Noe learns Naenia took Chloe's true name. Chloe's past and the d'Apchiers' history come to light, including her friendship with Jeanne, the Alteration Engine, and Ruthven's friendship with Chloe, which he shattered by trying to take the engine research.

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The Witch and the Young Man
Vanitas and Jeanne spend a steamy yet awkward night together. Tempers flare when Vanitas learns Dante withheld information.

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A Chance Encounter
Vanitas and Noe travel to Gevaudan in search of a creature known as the Beast, but things go sideways when they encounter a murderous paladin, a hostile acquaintance, and an old nemesis. Will our heroes survive these threats, not to mention the Beast?

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Point of Departure
Jeanne says something that strikes fear into Vanitas. Lord Ruthven makes Noe swear an oath. Olivier is at his wits' end over Roland's obsession. Noe has a consuming thirst. Vanitas hears a certain monster has returned and sets out with Noe to investigate.

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Dominique offers Jeanne advice. Jeanne surprises Vanitas with an invitation, and Dominique shadows them.

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Number 69
Vanitas reunites with Dr. Moreau, who speaks of his work and a powerful backer. Will their reunion be tearful or violent? Vanitas has a flashback to his time with the Vampire of the Blue Moon. Vanitas and Noe try to save a curse-bearer with Roland's help.

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Those Who Hunt Crimson
The battle with Roland is on! Vanitas and Noe flee with the Chasseurs in hot pursuit. Vanitas reveals why he entered the Chasseur's underground domain and how he knows his way around. After an unnecessary amount of drama, Vanitas finds whom he seeks.

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Where Death Slumbers
The meeting with Lord Ruthven confirms Vanitas's hunch. Vanitas and Noe report back to Count Orlok and hear about a string of vampire abductions.

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Vanitas and Jeanne's "encounter" during their battle in Paris comes to light. Vanitas offers to keep Jeanne's secret on two conditions.

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Vanitas comes to the rescue and helps Noe and company battle Charlatan's curse-bearers. Noe questions Vanitas's methods.

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Noe's encounter with Charlatan triggers a childhood flashback. His earliest days are revealed, along with Louis' dark secret.

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Night of Mocking Masks
The Teacher explains the World Formula theory. Vanitas is put off by Noe and Dominique's relationship.

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Fangs That Lay Bare Blood
The battle between Vanitas and the Hellfire Witch takes an unexpected turn. Vanitas and Noe return to Count Orlok to learn their fate along with Amelia's.

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In the City of Flowers
Vanitas and Noe are in a bind until an invitation arrives. At their benefactor's, they find they must prove the "Book of Vanitas" can restore a vampire's true name.

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Episode 1
Noe is on an airship bound for Paris, where he hopes to find the legendary "Book of Vanitas." He meets a woman named Amelia as the ship nears its destination, and then all hell breaks loose when a mysterious stranger appears.

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"The Case Study of Vanitas" from Tokyo MX is a captivating anime series which aired in 2021, taking viewers on a rich, visual epic journey fueled by a plot that is as fascinating as the world it is set in. Adapted from a highly acclaimed manga series written by Jun Mochizuki, the show merges a range of genres including adventure, supernatural, drama, and a touch of romance, resulting in a unique storytelling blend that has won the hearts of both critics and viewers worldwide.

Set against the backdrop of a steampunk version of late 19th century Paris, the narrative revolves around two central figures – Noé Archiviste, a young vampire who is on a mission to uncover the Book of Vanitas, and Vanitas, a human medical practitioner of vampires who has in his possession the very book Noé is seeking. A dubious lineage to the name, the book was initially created by a vampire, also named Vanitas, who was born under a blue, full moon – a rare occurrence that is feared and hated in vampire society.

This blue-moon-born Vanitas was known to be a pariah, subjected to ridicule and ostracization by his own kind, born on an ominous blue moon night as opposed to the conventional red moon. Before meeting his doom, he promises to take shades of revenge on all vampires by crafting a notorious grimoire, the Book of Vanitas. Its legend suggested that the book has the power to intervene in the lives of vampires in unimaginable ways – hence becoming a coveted asset and dreaded menace simultaneously.

The current series of events follow Noé and Vanitas, the eponymous hero of the show, who claims to be a descendant of the original Vanitas and now wields the Book of Vanitas. Despite his vampire roots, Noé finds himself in a confusing alliance with the quirky human, Vanitas, who fervently tries to save the vampires from the mysterious curse using the infamous book. The anime invites viewers to question if Vanitas’s intentions are indeed noble, or if there is an ulterior motive underlining his zealous endeavors.

"The Case Study of Vanitas" skillfully intertwines elements of fantasy, horror, and steampunk, spinning an intricately woven narrative web around the complex personalities of Noé and Vanitas. The rich setting and art design craft a picture-perfect semblance of 19th-century Paris – impeccably fused with fantastical elements that give the viewer a visual feast. The fascinating combination of supernatural elements with historic and cultural hues makes this anime a feat of its own.

The dynamic between the protagonists forms the crux of the show’s plot, with their unique camaraderie and tension-laden interactions helping to elevate the story. Yet, it is the thematic depth of the series that stands out. Beneath the captivating action sequences and the stunning visuals, the anime explores deeper existential themes, like the human struggle with their monstrous instincts, discrimination, revenge, and redemption.

Moreover, the storytelling brilliantly marries the episodic formula with a linear storyline, ensuring each episode unfolds a new mystery while pushing the grand plot forward. The amalgam of detective-style storytelling with the complex lore of vampirism makes for a gripping viewing experience, offering not just nail-biting moments but also pathos and a compelling character-driven narrative.

The voice cast’s performance is another selling point, breathing life into the intriguing characters and enhancing the narrative’s intensity. The score, a blend of classical, rock, and operatic music, complements the series' moody aesthetics and tense, suspenseful moments, while the animation quality is consistently high throughout the series, accentuating even the subtlest elements of the art design.

"The Case Study of Vanitas" from Tokyo MX is a beautifully presented, multidimensional narrative that takes viewers on a journey through a rich world of vampires, fear, loneliness, and the constant struggle of good and evil within beings. Its compelling storytelling, stunning visuals, and sophisticated character development make it an anime series that is not to be missed by any fans of the genre. Not only does it tick the box for adventure and mystery, but also touches upon deeper themes, leaving viewers intellectually and emotionally engaged.

The Case Study of Vanitas is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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