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Weihnachten: The Miracle of the Entrails Dolls
Natsuru wakes up on Christmas Eve morning to find out that he and his messenger, Disemboweled Tiger, have swapped bodies!

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Wahlen: A Song of Happiness
Shizuku invites Natsuru over to talk about Kaede, getting Kaede's Burnt Alive Lion to spill the truth about the Kämpfer system. Her friend Tamiko was killed in a Kämpfer battle, she has sworn vengeance against those responsible for Kämpfer combat.

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Falle: Experience of One Summer
Natsuru finds himself sitting next to Kaede outside the hotel, who hypnotizes him into making Shizuku his. Natsuru, who can't remember anything after leaving the room, is confronted by Akane, Shizuku and Mikoto in their Kämpfer forms.

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Hochsommer: Tropical Cyclone of Love
Akane is having a romantic summer date with male Natsuru at the pool. However, Mikoto, Shizuku and Kaede show up as well.

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Liebste: First Date
Shizuku asks Natsuru to go out on a date. While Shizuku insists that it's a proper date, Natsuru goes along thinking it is a plan to draw out the White Kämpfer.

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Einlanden: Uninvited Guests
Natsuru, unexpectedly accompanied by Akane and Shizuku, arrives at Kaede's house. Kaede shows everyone her collection of Entrails Animals, including a prototype.

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Heimkehr: Friend or Foe
Natsuru is surprised to find his childhood friend Mikoto has returned. When Kämpfer Natsuru heads to school, she is forced to participate in a maid café event.

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Komodie: First Kiss
The cultural festival is about to begin. In the changing room, Kaede gets into an argument with Akane.

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Kriegserklärung: Fighting Maidens
As the cultural festival comes up, Natsuru is shocked to find that Shizuku has entered him into the Miss Seitetsu beauty contest. Deciding to go with a karaoke act,  Akane, Kaede, and Shizuku decide to enter the beauty contest too.

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Lilie: The Secret Flower Gardent
Natsuru begins his first day in the girls side of the school. He becomes very popular among the girls.

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Glühen: The Fight of Death Starts
Natsuru stops Akane from shooting Kaede, and the attacker escapes when the bell for class rings. Natsuru realizes that the enemy also goes to his school and becomes embroiled in the struggles between the Kampfer.

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Schicksal: The Chosen Ones
Natsuru Sen wakes up to discover that he has turned into a woman. A plush animal tiger comes alive to tell him that he is a Kämpfer, which must do battle with other Kämpfer.

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Kampfer is an intriguing anime television series released in 2009 on Anime Network, under the genres of magical girl, romantic comedy, and harem. Directed by Yasuhiro Kuroda, with screenplay by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, the series introduces audiences to the immersive world of battle dolls known as "Kämpfer", a German word for "Fighter". The story blends humor, action, romance, and drama in a unique very engaging way.

The story centers around the otherwise ordinary high school student Natsuru Senou. A key feature of Natsuru is that he's overwhelmingly indifferent towards the girls in his school, including those who clearly have feelings for him. This changes when he wakes up one day and discovers that he has been chosen to become a Kämpfer, a magical warrior engaged in a battle royale with others of its kind. But there’s a twist - all Kämpfer are female, leading to a surprising and awkward transformation for Natsuru, who turns into a girl when transformed into a Kämpfer.

The Kämpfers are guided by entrancing, multicolored stuffed animal messengers, which bring another layer of eccentricity to the plot. These creatures can talk, and they determine who becomes a Kämpfer. The newly transformed Kämpfers are expected to fight other Kämpfer, split between two factions- the Blue and the Red.

As the show progresses, Natsuru must navigate the complexities of his dual-gender life while maintaining his new identity a secret. He's in the midst of a power struggle involving the student council, and his female avatar has attracted significant attention from his peers, especially the girls, adding a dose of romantic tension to the storyline.

The series puts a unique spin on gender-based societal norms and taboos, exploring themes of identity, acceptance, and courage. The transformation from male to female allows the series to delve into the challenges of femininity, important to note that the progression of Natsuru’s character is substantial through the show. His perspective on life and gender stereotypes takes a significant turn, and he learns to embrace his new self while trying to unravel the mystery behind the Kämpfer battles.

Although Kämpfer primarily circles the themes of magical warfare and romance, it does not turn a blind eye towards the typical hardships high schoolers face. It cleverly incorporates the usual trials and tribulations of teenage life and hooks the viewers in its universe, easing them into its fantastical elements. The characters are unique and well-developed, each having their own quirks and distinctive personalities that contribute to the overall chemistry of the show.

Another intriguing aspect of Kämpfer is the intense fighting scenes that involve the use of an assortment of futuristic weapons, and they are aesthetically spectacular displays of anime action. Natsuru and other Kämpfers showcase their supernatural powers in these battles, which become progressively tougher as the story unfolds.

The animation quality of the series is praiseworthy. The art is bright and vividly coloured, and it significantly contributes to the visual appeal of the show. The background music is fitting and complements the atmosphere of the series nicely. The opening and ending theme songs are catchy and will likely resonate with viewers long after they've finished watching the series.

In essence, Kämpfer's story efficiently intertwines everyday school drama, the strife of supernatural warfare, and the romantic knots resulting from Natsuru's transformation. It brings a refreshing mix of genres and spins an uncanny yet engaging tale of fantasy, suspense, and romance.

So, if you’re a fan of genre-bending anime that experiments with magical elements, compelling storylines, and a dash of high school drama, Kämpfer is likely to be a series you would enjoy. It offers a wild but fascinating ride leaving its viewers excited for the events to come. Although it has its fair share of cliche moments, it provides a unique perspective on gender roles and is definitely worth the watch.

Kampfer is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.1.

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How can I watch Kampfer online? Kampfer is available on Anime Network with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Kampfer on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

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