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E 12
Misreading / What's Tap-oom? / I Hate Bugs / Conserving Water / Antonyms / Debut!! Aikarin / Aikarin Strikes Back / Complacency / The Perfect Equal / Animal Sounds / Map / Taste of the Commoners / Heroic Tale / What if the Person Inside the Four Bear Kings / A Song That's Not Even Vaguely Remembered / You Fed the Cute Girls Too Much / The "How to Draw" Song / Cute / The "How to Draw Sakura-chan" Song / The Retorters' Pit / Important Announcement

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E 11
It's her first day of high school, and Doumyouji Sakura is looking forward to a fun high school life. The Going Home Club is about to go bowling in the school corridors, when the student council president, Takamado Reina, appears.

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E 10
At the end of summer vacation, Natsuki had a dream that the members of the Going Home Club have undergone striking changes in image. Botan and the club head to the dojo of Hagizuki-ryuu's sworn enemy, Hagishirabe-ryuu, for training.

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E 9
Sakura suggests a "training camp" for summer vacation so the girls can take a trip together. Sakura has decided on a location for their training camp!

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E 8
It's revealed that Natsuki has a brother two years younger than her. Intrigued, the other girls start peppering Natuski with questions about him.

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E 7
Natsuki and Sakura are alone together in the club room, and decide to play Word Chain to pass the time. The Natsuki vs.

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E 6
The girls are playing video games when Sakura proposes that they play a game that doesn't require electricity. Sakura abruptly faints in the club room, shocking the other girls.

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E 5
Schubert famously wrote a song called "Demon King," but Botan believes that the Demon King in the story lacks the desired qualities of the real thing. Sakura starts talking about other good stories in their textbook besides "Kokoro," and starts remembering other works of literature she once read.

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E 4
The school holds a sports tournament. Sakura and Botan's class 2-1 faces Claire's class 2-5 in a softball match.

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Kill the Suspicious Person! Middle School Diary / Don't Feed the Cute Girls / Fifteen Years in Solitude
Botan's powers are incredible, but she doesn't get much use out of them in daily life, so she doesn't know what to do with herself. Karin greatly admires Botan's strength.

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If the Cuckoo Won't Sing, It's Probably Dead Girl Power Overdrive Social Mixer Training
Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu each have a poem to describe their personalities that begins "If the Cuckoo won't sing...".

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Go-Home Club Applicants Life Is Short; Go Home, Young Lady Beware of Hagizuki-ryuu Practitioners Extravagant Youth: Priceless
Andou Natuski, starting her first year in high school, feels annoyance at the prospect of joining a club. Her classmate Touno Karin sees her and leads her to a certain club room.

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Chronicles of the Going Home Club is a delightful slice-of-life anime series that aired in 2013 on ntv. The show revolves around a unique club in a seemingly ordinary school setting in Japan, playfully challenging the typical narratives of high-school anime with its charming humor and characters. The Going Home Club is not your usual after-school gathering; instead, it's a club with a simple but unusual mission—to enjoy youth to the fullest. The anime, primarily a comedy, takes this singular proposition to create a world full of whimsical antics and unrestrained humor. These narrative elements serve as an affectionate, light-hearted satirical take on conventional high school activities while also embracing them through the everyday lives of the protagonistic characters. The show starts with the introduction of the protagonist, Natsuki Andou, a freshman who, upon joining a high school, finds herself beguiled by the quirky yet compelling Going Home Club. Charmed by the members' unique personalities and a whimsical club mission, she decides to join them, setting the stage for an entertaining set of events. What follows is a vibrant mix of adventures, from fighting imaginary foes to engaging in oddball school activities, each designed to celebrate the essence of youthful life. The Going Home Club's president is Oruha Nojima, who makes the anime's world more dazzling through her eccentrically carefree approach to life. The remaining members include Karaage Karin, a martial arts adept who carries her environment's liveliness, Botan Ohagi, a quiet and strong individual with a gentle heart, and Claire Kokonoe, the scion of a wealthy family. These rich characters lay the basis for the unique dynamic that drives the story of Chronicles of the Going Home Club. With these characters, the anime continually explores the themes of friendship, youth, and the importance of making the most of one's high-school days. The camaraderie between the members of the Going Home Club underlines their shared experiences, creating scenes filled with hilarity and fun that lighten the atmosphere. Their energetic and lively endeavors unfold in episodic narratives, ensuring that each episode presents a new facet of their high-school life. One of the key strengths of Chronicles of the Going Home Club lies in its playful subversion of typical high school anime narratives. The series uses a combination of visual and narrative humor to engage its viewers, creating an unmistakable identity of its own. It resorts to satirical nuances, cleverly poking fun at the clichés associated with the genre. This propensity for comedy does not, however, dilute the show's core themes—it only makes them more interesting and relatable. The anime maintains a pleasant and brightly colored animation style, producing vivid images that reflect the club's spirited adventures. It employs a plethora of animation techniques, resulting in a varied and layered visual experience matching the series' comedic tone. The upbeat background music further complements the anime's exuberance, punctuating the comedic moments and providing an exciting backdrop for the characters' activities. In Chronicles of the Going Home Club, no day is ordinary, no moment too mundane. The show's creators successfully weave a blend of comedy, slice-of-life, and teen drama, building a charming concoction that caters to anime fans across different genres. In its core, though, the series remains an ode to youthful vigor and the joy of friendship, delivering heartwarming moments of laughter that render it a memorable watch. In conclusion, Chronicles of the Going Home Club presents a satirical journey through high-school life that is as heartwarming as it is hilarious. It's a unique story that tells us that even the most mundane of days can become a memorable adventure when spent with friends who make the ride worthwhile. The show's charm lies in its deeply humorous and engaging narrative that not only subverts but lovingly embraces the invigorating fervor of teenage life.

Chronicles of the Going Home Club is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

Sayaka Senbongi, Ibuki Kido, Miharu Kobayashi
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