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Episode 142
Gotoh is killed by Hisoka, while the other butlers keep following Killua until he manages to shake them off. Meanwhile, Illumi uses his needles to take control of several people to assist on his plans and when news of it come to the Association, a team of Hunters is assembled to bring him to justice, while some of them decide to take advantage of it in order to win the election.

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Episode 141
Leorio's confrontation with Ging earns him the respect of his fellow Hunters and make him one of the frontrunners for the election. Meanwhile, Illumi begins an attack on Killua as part of his plan to kill Alluka, assisted by Hisoka, who has other plans for her.

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Join Battle × And × Open Battle
Killua is allowed by his family to leave the Zoldick estate with his sister, but only under supervision of several butlers with orders to bring them home if he ever leaves Alluka's side or allows any of their secrets to be leaked. Meanwhile, Leorio appears and confronts Ging, asking him why he had not ever paid a visit to Gon at the hospital yet.

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Alluka × And × Something
Killua reunites with his sister Alluka and uses her as a leverage for them to be allowed to leave the Zoldick state, as her powers can only be used to heal Gon if she is close to him. Meanwhile, Illumi asks for Hisoka's help to stop Killua's plans, and with elections yet to reach a conclusion, the Zodiacs keep arguing about a possible way to bring it to end.

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Request × And × Wish
With the elections in a stalemate, Pariston, the current vice-president proposes a new set of rules to his fellow Zodiacs in order to solve the impasse, but the others know that he actually plans to make use of this to secure a victory for himself. Meanwhile, Killua returns home and asks his father to let him see his younger sister Alluka, intending to use her mysterious and frightening power to grant wishes in order to save Gon's life.

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(13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc)Debate × Among × Zodiacs
To ensure that Netero's last wish will be followed, Ging convinces the other members of the Zodiacs to procede with the election according to some rules defined by him. However, after the first round of voting, a winner is not decided and a second round begins.

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Homecoming × And × Real Name
After the fall of the king, the remaining Chimera Ants move on with their lives, each following their own path. However, Gon is still in critical condition after his battle with Neferpitou and Killua departs in search for a way to heal his body.

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This Person × And × This Moment
Now knowing his fate, Meruem admits defeat and reveals that all he wants now is to spend his final moments playing with Komugi, convincing Palm to tell him where she is hidden. East Gorteau and the NGL gets in turmoil after the fall of the Chimera Ants and the Hunter Association start making preparations to decide who will succeed Netero as its president.

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The Word × Is × You
Meruem uses his final permissible En and enlightens his surrounding with that and approaches to Welfin who was not detected by his En earlier. Caught between the desire to live and avoidable death, Welfin finally utters the name of Komugi and the secret Shaiapouf was trying so hard to protect now is finally revealed with Meruem regaining all of his memories about Komugi.

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Deadline x To x Live
A message of hostage exchange sends Welfin on the field. One moment he encounters Menthuthuyoupi, and the next, Shaiapouf finds Youpi lifeless.

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Flash × And × Start
The King still struggles to retrieve his memories as he and his two remaining Royal Guards return to the palace. He eventually knocks out Meleoron and Knuckle Bine with his En, and later engages Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi in a race against time.

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Anger × And × Light
Neferpitou challenges Gon Freecss to the final battle. In his rage of Kite's death, Gon undergoes into a powerful transformation that leaves Neferpitou at the disadvantage.

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Magic × to × Destroy
Shaiapouf continues his plan to remove anything that could trigger Meruem's memory of Komugi as the King arrives at the palace. Killua continues to hold onto Komugi, and meets with Palm.

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Formidable Enemy × And × Clear Objective
Shaiapouf's plan to kill Komugi is thwarted when Killua faces him in a battle of words and speed. When the King arrives in the palace, Shaiapouf is resolved to get rid of the Gungi board before the King can remember anything else.

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Unparalleled Joy × And × Unconditional Love
Pouf and Youpi sacrifice most of their own bodies to heal Meruem, who rises stronger than before, but with most of his memories missing. Pouf then decides to take this opportunity to dispose of Komugi in hopes that Meruem never remembers about her at all, but is attacked by the other hunters, who realize, much to their horror, that the king is still alive and is about to return to the palace.

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Hostility × And × Determination
Pitou completes Komugi's treatment and Gon forces her to accompany him to Peijing in order to restore Kaito's mind, while Komugi stays behind with Killua and the others. Meanwhile, Pouf and Youpi reach the site of Netero's battle with Meruem and can't hide their feelings of sadness upon finding their king's maimed body.

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Zero × And × Rose
The king bypasses Netero's defenses and tears up an arm and a leg from his body. Refusing to give up, the chairman focuses all his Nen into a final attack that also fails to defeat him.

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Great Power x And x Ultimate Power
Netero convinces the king to fight him by revealing that he will tell him his true name once defeated. The chairman then unleashes his most powerful technique that despite striking the king countless times, olny manages to scratch him.

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Breakdown x And x Awakening
Killua meets Palm and she finds it asks where Gon. Killua but refuses to say if she was angry. The battle between them. During the battle Killua tries to reach Palm and it succeeds.

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Centipede × And × Memory
Welfin confronts Ikalgo but still achieve the opposite. He makes Welfin recall of human life and gives him a hint about the place Palm.

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Pose × And × Name
The showdown between Hunter Chairman Netero and Chimera Ant King Meruem should have begun, if not for the King's refusal to fight. Netero given the chance sneaks past Gon met Youpi sent to seek the king.

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Defeat × And × Dignity
Knuckle and Morel confront Youpi with their lives on the line, but just a few moments left of neutralizing his nen with his ability, he is forced to abandon his master or give up on defeating his oponent.

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Fake x And x Real
Battle between Shaiapouf and Morel started , but ended as soon as Morel loses its smoke pipe.I doll runs out quickly .

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Strong x Or x Weak
Using distraction Youpi, Killua holes in his anger by beating him, but had to flee after his lighting power runs out. Meanwhile, Ikalgo uses underground security system to outwit his pursuer, and to find a way to escape back to the surface.

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A x False x Rage
Ikalgo faces Bloster. When Youpi was ready to kill the enemy broke Killua paralyzing him with lightning.

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Insult x And x Payback
Cheetu attempts to provoke Zeno, but Silva intervenes to pick up his father. At the same time the battle Youpi and Knuckle in full swing during the battle Youpi decides to use his anger to win.

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Revenge x And x Recovery
Gon and Killua finally meet Neferpitou. Gon wants to kill her, but when she realizes that she is ready to sacrifice himself to protect Komugi gives her one hour.

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Duty x And x Question
The disguised Ikalgo gets to the lower levels of the palace to find Palm. Meanwhile Meleoron lost it, but the other Chimera Ant, Welfin, tracks his smell.

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Divide x And x Conquer
Leaving his royal guard of the king leaves palace with Netero, Gon and learns about the place Pitou. Meanwhile Pouf creates a cocoon to be reborn, and fights with Morel Youpi to the limit, but it makes a Knuckle.

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An x Indebted x Insect
Shoot and Knuckle remain to fight Youpi, and Morel seeks to Pouf. Killua looking Pitou returns to help Ikalgo.

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Outsider x And x Monster
Gon's party confronts Youpi while Pouf and Pitou rush to the palace to assist the king, who is distraught with Komugi's condition as she gets herself badly injured during the attack.

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Charge x And x Invade
The Hunters assault on the royal palace begins. Gon and his friends break inside and come across Menthuthuyoupi, while Netero and Zeno strike from the sky and Neferpitou jumps up to confront them, just to be driven away when the chairman makes a small demonstration of his powers.

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Confusion x And x Expectation
The selection is at hand, but the king starts isolating himself from his servants, including the Royal Guard. Meanwhile, Gon's party is about to break into the palace.

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Taking Stock x And x Taking Action
The time has come for Gon and his friends to infiltrate the palace and confront the Royal Guard, who are making preparations for the upcoming selection. As his concerns about Komugi increase, the king starts questioning his own existence and purpose.

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Gungi x Of x Komugi
Gon and his friends make the final preparations for their assault on the palace. Meanwhile, the king is yet to defeat Komugi, the Gungi champion and when he decides to kill her, he ends up protecting her instead, for reasons that even he can't explain.

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Return x And x Retire
Even with his borrowed powers, Leol has been defeated by Morel while Killua recovers from his wounds and invites Ikalgo to join his side. Meanwhile, Palm starts her investigation when a massive and ominous aura surrounds her.

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Knov x And x Morel
Knov succeeds in his mission to breach the palace's security, but just feeling the proximity of Royal Guards' overwhelming aura is enough to drive him into despair. Palm takes advantage of the lecherous secretary Bizelf to infiltrate the palace as well and Morel is confronted by the Chimera Ant Leol, who fights using the powers of those who owe him a favor.

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Resolve x And x Awakening
The king attempts to intimidate the Gungi champion but moved by her determination, he rips off his own arm as a form of apology. With Neferpitou using her powers to treat the king, the palace's defenses are lowered and Knov rushes to sneak inside it in preparations for the hunters' attack.

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Doubt x And x Hesitation
As the king is yet to defeat his opponent, Cheetu tries to provoke Morel into running after him with no success, unaware that he is setting a trap for him. Meanwhile, Knov realizes the enemy's trick to detect him and comes with countermeasures against it.

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Check x And x Mate
Despite having mastered the rules of the board game "Gungi", the king is upset for still being unable to defeat the champion before him. Meanwhile, Morel is approached by Cheetu who uses his new abilities to trap him inside a closed space, claiming that he can't leave unless he manages to catch him in 8 hours.

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Power x And x Games
Gon becomes friends with Meleoron, who in return reveals the true extent of his powers and the reason why he wants the king dead. As the Hunters make adjustments in their preparations to storm the palace, the king entertains himself with board games until an unusual player appears before him.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 3 Episode 4 Now

Ikalgo x And x Lightning
Killua confronts Ikalgo but later, saves him from getting eaten by his own subordinates. The Ortho Siblings confront Killua in their game, a 1-501 dart game where he gets continuously attacked.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Tracking x and x Pursuit
Knuckle and Shoot attempt to ambush Cheetu, but at the last moment, Cheetu changes directions and vanishes.

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Combination x And x Evolution
Killua and Gon split up to stop the selection process, but Gon finds his path blocked by two new Chimera ants, an owl and a bat.

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Hunter X Hunter, a Japanese anime produced by Madhouse and aired on NTV between 2011 and 2014, is an adventurous and engrossing series that captures the essence of the manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi. The series smartly blends various elements such as action, adventure, fantasy, and even slices of life that provide a thoroughly pleasurable viewing experience for both young and adult audiences. The plot revolves around a young, energetic boy named Gon Freecss who embarks on an exceptional journey filled with adventures and challenges. Gon's initial goal is to become a Hunter, a special breed of individuals who are licensed to track secret treasures, rare beasts, or even other individuals, simply to find his father, Ging Freecss. Ging, apart from being one of the world’s most elusive Hunters, is quite an enigma and has essentially been absent Gon's life. However, Gon is of the firm belief that his father being a Hunter implies the profession to be something incredible. Therefore, he decides to follow in his father's footsteps and hopes to ultimately meet him someday. Gon's expedition isn't exclusively his. Along his journey, he befriends different characters, each bringing a unique mix to the plot and character dynamics. Among them are Leorio, a future doctor driven by the ambition to help others, Kurapika, the last surviving member of a particular tribe seeking vengeance for his massacred clan, and Killua, a prodigy from a family of assassins seeking escape from his predetermined fate. The anime introduces these individuals and their backgrounds brilliantly, displaying the shared bond between them and their shared objectives. The series is brimming with multi-dimensional characters that add depth to the story. Notwithstanding the prime focus on the central quartet, Hunter X Hunter succeeds in developing even the supporting characters, snubbing the shallow approach of their existence. The main antagonist, Hisoka, is particularly intriguing. Despite having malevolent intent, he does not follow the predictable trajectory of a typical villain, making him unpredictable and thus much more fascinating. What truly sets Hunter X Hunter apart is its unfaltering ability to balance lighter moments with darker themes. The show is grounded firmly in its dark reality, but the core characters bring an essential levity to the narrative, breaking the grim undertones with their camaraderie, humor, or plain innocence. The thematic, character, and plot diversity make it near-impossible to box the series into one specific genre. In terms of the visual appeal, Hunter X Hunter delivers an elegant and vivid viewing experience. The animation quality is brilliant, and each character is designed distinctively, reflecting their personalities. The use of vibrant color schemes enhances the visual depth and emphasizes the eclectic essence of the series. Hunter X Hunter also stands out due to its arc-based storyline, each bringing a unique flavor to the show. Ranging from the suspense-filled Hunter Exam, to the sinister Yorknew City arc and the high-stakes, adrenaline-pumping Chimera Ant arc, the series continually reinvents itself, keeping viewers hooked with its unpredictability. Additionally, the soundtracks and score used throughout the series do an exceptional job of amplifying the scenes' mood. Whether it is the calm and soothing melodies during poignant moments or the high-octane beats during thrilling fights, the audio design stands out and compliments the storytelling of the series. In essence, Hunter X Hunter (2011-2014) manages to encapsulate the viewer's attention with a well-rounded approach that effectively combines elements of adventure, character-driven narratives wrapped around multi-layered, morally complex characters, punctuated with gripping arcs. The show’s thematic depth and execution make it more than an ordinary, surface-level kiddish adventure series. It is a nod to the exciting world brought to life by Yoshihiro Togashi and a delight for anime enthusiasts and newcomers alike, leaving the viewers enticed, intrigued, and craving for more.

Hunter X Hunter is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 142 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 9.0.

Issei Futamata, Megumi Han, Cristina Valenzuela
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