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Ally × And × Sword
The Phantom Troupe captures Gon and Killua.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 50 Now

Pursuit × And × Analysis
Gon and the others plan to raise the money they need by collecting the bounties placed on the Troupe.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 49 Now

Very × Sharp × Eye
At the antiques market, Gon discovers a foolproof way to appraise valuable items

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 48 Now

Condition × And × Condition
Kurapika comes face to face with Uvogin

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 47 Now

Chasing × And × Waiting
Kurapika sends the Boss away to safety, and then waits to confront the Phantom Troupe alone.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 46 Now

Restraint × And × Vow
Kurapika has captured a member of the Phantom Troupe.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 45 Now

Buildup × To A × Fierce Battle!
The Mafia's secret weapon, the Shadow Beasts, set out to annihilate the Phantom Troupe.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 44 Now

A × Shocking × Tragedy
The Phantom Troupe takes over the auction site and the merchandise disappears without a trace, along with the guests.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 43 Now

Defend × And × Attack
Gon, Killua and Leorio start gathering funds in order to bid on the game "Greed Island."

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 42 Now

Gathering × Of × Heroes
After receiving instructions from their leader, Chrollo, the Phantom Troupe converges in the city.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 41 Now

Nen × Users × Unite?
Kurapika and the other job applicants are attacked in the mansion of a flesh collector.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 40 Now

Wish × And × Promise
Kurapika is determined to retrieve the eyes of his brethren and send the Phantom Troupe to the deepest depths of hell.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 39 Now

Reply × From × Dad
Gon decides to listen to the tape finds inside the box.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 38 Now

Ging × And × Gon
After mastering Nen and becoming a real Hunter, Gon returns to Whale Island with Killua.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 37 Now

A Big Debt × And × A Small Kick
Gon lands a solid punch on Hisoka and returns the tag

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 36 Now

The × True × Pass
The curtain rises on the battle between Gon and Hisoka.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 35 Now

Power × To × Avenge
Gon faces Gido and Reihlvelt in a match.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 34 Now

An × Empty × Threat
Gon and Killua resume Nen training.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 33 Now

A × Surprising × Win
Kastro creates a double of himself with his mastery of Nen and steals Hisoka's arms.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 32 Now

Destiny × And × Tenacity
The match between Hisoka and Kastro is about to begin.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 31 Now

Fierce × And × Ferocious
Gon's first battle in the Heaven's Arena on the 200th story is against Gido, a Nen user.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 30 Now

Awakening × And × Potential
In order to break down Hisoka's Nen barrier, Gon and Killua ask Wing to let them awaken their Nen abilities.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 29 Now

Nen × And × Nen
Zushi's mentor, Wing, tells Gon and Killua about the existence of something known as Nen.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 28 Now

Arrival × At × The Arena
Killua fights Zushi and senses his strange technique is similar to the one used by Illumi.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Season 103 Episode 27 Now

Hunter X Hunter is an esteemed anime series that aired from 2011 to 2014 on Fuji TV. It is derived from the original manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. Considered a gem in the world of anime, Hunter X Hunter tells a narrative that explores complex characters, intricate plotlines, and presents excellent world-building that sparks imagination.

The narrative is centered around Gon Freecss, a young, cheerful boy who sets upon a journey to find his missing father. His adventures start when he discovers that his presumed-dead father, Ging, is actually alive and well. He learns that Ging is a legendary ‘Hunter’ - someone capable of tracking down secret treasures, rare beasts, or even other individuals. Armed with this newfound information, Gon decides to become a professional Hunter himself in hopes of understanding more about his father's mysterious life and his captivating occupation. His journey to become a Hunter unearths a world far wider and more perilous than he’d imagined.

Hunter X Hunter unfolds as Gon embarks on this perilous journey and participates in the Hunter exam, a grueling and challenging series of tests that discerns future Hunters' abilities and aptitudes. It becomes apparent that Hunter x Hunter is not a cookie-cutter, easy-going adventure series, instead presenting a tale filled with treacherous trials, moral ambiguities, and life-threatening dangers. The Hunter exams set the heat up for the narrative introducing the audience to many other aspirant Hunters Gon encounters and eventually befriends, including the vengeful Kurapika, the affluent but free-spirited Leorio, and the highly skilled Killua.

What sets Hunter X Hunter apart from other typical Shōnen series is its array of thoroughly fleshed-out characters and intricate plot lines. The lead characters maintain unique personal motivations, emotional depth, and diverse relationships. Gon is not just a happy-go-lucky kid but depicts a considerable deal of determination and courage. His friends Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua all have their personal objectives and compelling backstory, bringing their individuality and depth to the overall narrative.

Equally enthralling are the show's antagonistic forces. Hunter X Hunter offers up a palpable collection of villains that elevates the series even further. These antagonists aren't solely evil for the sake of being evil but hold complex motivations that add to the narrative's intensity.

Another intriguing aspect about Hunter X Hunter is its unpredictability. The plot isn't always about Gon's quest to find his father or defined by rules typical of the genre. It defies the genre conventions with sudden yet well-executed twists and turns that keep viewers at the edge of their seats. These shifts challenge the audience's perceptions about the characters and the world they inhabit, encouraging them to actively engage with the narrative.

The uniquely defined power system, Nen, in Hunter X Hunter makes the fictional universe even more fascinating. It has specific laws and limitations, giving battles a strategic aspect that requires intellect and ability rather than simple brute strength. It further enhances the narrative through its application, displaying not only the characters' physical prowess but also their wit and strategy.

You are also treated to stunning visuals in Hunter X Hunter. The animation bursts with energy and effervescence that perfectly capture the spirit of the series. The stylistic fight sequences and the detailed character designs, coupled with the sense of movement and speed, truly bring this captivating world to life. The score accompanies the visuals beautifully, echoing the multi-faceted emotions present in the story—from the heights of joy and excitement to the depths of desperation and sorrow.

In summary, Hunter X Hunter is more than just an adventure-anime series. It serves as a wonderful exploration of a layered fantasy world, populated by engaging characters and underpinned by a narrative filled with suspense, excitement, and emotion. While it will captivate fans of fantasy and action, it will equally engage viewers who appreciate intricate characterization and masterful storytelling. By the end of the series' run, you'll find yourself deeply invested in Gon's journey and the world of Hunter X Hunter. Ultimately, this anime series stands as a testament to the incredible creativity and limitless potential of the genre, leaving an enduring impact on its audiences.

Hunter X Hunter is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 103 seasons with a total of 469 episodes, the show debuted on 1999. The series has earned a outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 9.0.

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