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Act. 24 Endless Challenge
Takumi and God Arm speed toward the finish line. After the race ends, the rising star looks to the legend for a lesson in technique - and Project D looks into the future where new challengers wait for their shot.

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Act. 23 Endless Battle
Takumi's greatest strength is his greatest weakness in the match with God Arm. The race has become an endurance test, and both drivers are wearing thin.

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Act. 22 The Magic of the One Hand Steer
God Arm's unexpected moves and legendary steering skills have Project D's downhill ace feeling the pressure - and it doesn't help that Takumi's mind keeps drifting back to the Impreza.

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Act. 21 Dogfight
God Foot executes the type of improbable moves that helped him earn his nickname. Unfortunately for the legend, Keisuke thrives when he's pushed to extremes.

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Act. 20 Transcendant GT-R
Keisuke climbs behind the wheel of his newly modified FD to take on the legendary God Foot's GT-R! The race will be tougher - and longer - than normal.

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Act. 19 God Foot and God Hand
Project D's next match is against a pair of legendary racers. The veteran drivers of Purple Shadow may be a lot older than Takumi's crew, but they aren't rusty.

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Act. 18 Last Drive
Kyoko is delighted to spend a day with Keisuke while his car's in the shop. She likes him more than ever, but with his skills growing, Keisuke's never been more focused on driving.

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Act. 17 Saitama Area's Final Battle
The Lan EVO drivers have proven to be Project D's shadiest opponents yet. They've already shown their willingness to cheat - and now they've threatened Takumi's team with physical violence.

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Act. 16 The Hated Hill Climb
The damage to Keisuke's car might prevent him from driving in the uphill race. Just as it looks like he's out of options, Kyoko arrives on the scene in her FD.

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Act. 15 4WD Complex
Takumi continues wrestling with the differences in his Eight-Six and the Impreza. Later, when Keisuke falls prey to a trap set by Project D's next opponents, the upcoming race could be over before it begins.

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Act. 14 The Pitiful Lonely Driver
After driving the Impreza, Takumi begins to question his abilities behind the wheel of the Eight-Six. Itsuki's got his own emotional turmoil after a date with Kasumi takes an unexpected turn.

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Act. 13 Motivation
Keisuke and Wataru's grueling race continues in the pouring rain. Meanwhile, the Cappuccino driver picks Takumi's brain, trying to better understand his amazing abilities behind the wheel.

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Act. 12 Mt. Kattou's Straightaway
Takumi is locked in the toughest race of his career! With Ryosuke's odd advice echoing in his mind, and the Cappuccino still leading, his decision in the last straightaway will be the difference in victory or defeat.

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Act. 11 Downhill Battle in the Rain
Takumi struggles to keep up with the Northern Saitama Alliance's Cappuccino. As the rain soaks the course, both teams find their confidence wavering - it seems the race could go either way.

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Act. 10 Saitama Area Ultimate Weapon
Project D might be in trouble. The leader of the Northern Saitama Alliance has recruited a bold new driver to face Takumi.

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Act. 9 Kyoko's Confession
Hoping to keep up with Takumi's growth as a racer, Keisuke's spending most of his spare time driving. He's not interested in distractions - and that could spell heartbreak for Kyoko.

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Act. 8 Fates FD Battle
Keisuke meets a girl named Kyoko, who happens to be a fellow FD driver. Their first encounter is pleasant and leaves her weak in the knees.

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Act. 7 The Stormy 85 Turbo
New challenges are popping up on Akina: Takumi is shocked when an unfamiliar car passes him with ease, and Iketani takes on a cocky circuit driver from Tokyo.

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Act. 6 Blind Attack
The Toudou School's driver knows all about exploiting a challenger's blind spot. If Takumi hopes to win, he'll have to find a way to leave his opponent in the dark.

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Act. 5 The Starting Line to Victory
The Toudou School brings in a professional driver to face Project D in a rematch. With reputations on the line, Ryosuke must decide who will represent the team.

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Act. 4 The Two Pieces of Advice
The Toudou School's driver could be the toughest Takumi's ever faced. If Project D is to claim victory, Takumi would be wise to listen to Ryosuke's advice.

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Act. 3 The Top Gun of the Todo School
The guys of Project D are great at keeping their cool, but the pressure can't be denied as they prepare to face their next opponents - the students of the Toudou Racing School.

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Act. 2 Full Speed! Downhill Battle
Tohru's promised to quit racing forever if he loses his next match. The course is dangerous, and with Project D's downhill specialist on his tail, one wrong move could spell disaster.

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Act. 1 Project D
Project D's reputation is growing with every race. The team's next match pits Takumi against a downhill racer with technique very similar to his own.

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Initial D is an action-packed, emotion-filled show that fuses the heady adrenaline rush of street racing and the poignant touch of teenage dreams and struggles. Co-produced by Avex, Pastel, and Fuji TV, the series originally aired in 1998 and went on to enjoy immense cult popularity thanks, in part, to its electrifying display of vehicular competition and maturity of storytelling.

Based on the manga series of the same name by Shuichi Shigeno, Initial D centers around Takumi Fujiwara, a seemingly average, unassuming 18-year-old. The young protagonist lives a fairly monotone life in the sleepy working-class town of Akina. By day, he helps run his father's tofu shop; by night, he helps deliver tofu to resorts using his father’s beaten-up Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86, a vehicle not traditionally associated with racing sophistication.

Unbeknownst to Takumi, his father, Bunta Fujiwara, a legend in the world of racing, has been secretly training him in the art of drift-racing over the course of these runs. The elder Fujiwara employs a unique method of instruction, using weights in the car to ensure tofu deliveries remain undamaged, a tactic that involuntarily hones his son’s handling skills.

The drama truly begins to take shape when a group of street racers, the Akina Speedstars, become aware of the midnight phantom who flawlessly maneuvers the winding roads of Mount Akina in an old AE86. This unexpected revelation sets the stage for thrilling races, rivalries, and a relentless pursuit of driving perfection.

With a compelling narrative structure, Initial D is not just about teenage angst and high-octane races; it explores the complexity of life's trials, friendship, and romance, all underpinned by a love for cars and racing. Takumi, a novice in the racing world, gradually develops his skills and learns about competition, camaraderie, and the importance of character. As the series progresses, Takumi evolves from an uninterested and passive participant in the racing backdrop to an active contender, prompted by his friends and rivals.

Although the series revolves around the world of drag racing, one does not need to be an auto enthusiast to appreciate the exhilarating pace, story development, and lifelike characters. Takumi's riveting journey from an ordinary delivery boy to an acclaimed street racer is symbolic of a classic underdog story that resonates with and enthuses viewers.

The care and attention bestowed upon the visual representation of the cars in Initial D is evident in every frame. Shigeno’s manga roots translate into beautiful car designs, stunning race sequences, and minute details, even as they faithfully capture various aspects of car dynamics like the engine roars, gear shifts, and brake heat ups. Furthermore, Fuji TV employed a mix of traditional animation for the characters and early CGI for the racing sequences, adding a unique character to the visual style of the show.

The accompanying soundtrack is a masterstroke, contributing to the overall atmosphere of the series. The high-energy Eurobeat tunes wonderfully complement the thrill of the races and go on to become synonymous with the franchise.

Beyond the animation style, cars, and soundtrack, Initial D also shines in its characterization. Each character has a depth and realism that builds up over the series. As a viewer, you will find yourself invested deeply in the fate of these characters, their journeys, and their dreams.

To sum it up, Initial D is a tale of aspiration, passion, and maturity. It spins an enthralling tale of high-speed racing and coming of age, making for an intensely gratifying watch. Whether you're a hardcore car and racing enthusiast, or simply looking for a series with heart and depth, Initial D promises to deliver, and then some. Rooting for the young, tofu-delivering underdog and his tired but surprisingly competitive AE86, viewers will undoubtedly be captivated by the exhilarating ride that is Initial D.

Initial D is a series categorized as a . Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 101 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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Michiko Neya, Tomomichi Nishimura, Shinichiro Miki, Ayako Kawasumi, Takehito Koyasu, Unsho Ishizuka, Kazuki Yao, Tomokazu Seki, Crispin Freeman, Dave Wittenberg, Kathryn Cressida, Kerrigan Mahan, Michael McConnohie, Nobuyuki Hiyama
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