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E 12
Even on the morning of the graduation ceremony, the members gather in their club room. At Shion-san's request, Kyoya follows her out to the vending machines...

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E 11
Winter, the season of kotatsu and tangerines. Curled up inside the kotatsu is not a cat, but... Shion wearing cat ears? Their second Valentine's Day! This year they will cancel their agreement, but will Kyoya receive any chocolate!?

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E 10
The autumn of arts. Kyoya is drawing something in his sketchbook. Mao thinks it is a monster, but actually... Just before Halloween, the sisters invade the GJ Club room!! Apparently, they have formed a middle school GJ Club.

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E 9
Kyoya is forced to wear a white coat. It seems today's club activity is playing doctor. The members of the GJ Club appear before Kyoya one by one as his patients. As Kyoya is getting used to it, he notices Kirara staring at something on the ceiling and grows concerned. Apparently they need a sacrifice to exorcise the thing!?

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E 8
In the beginnig of summer, Kyoya's sister Kasumi comes to hang out in the club room. Mao convinces Kasumi she is younger than her and calls herself "Ma-chan.

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E 7
Spring. A new member is kidnapped while walking past the club room. The new club member's name is Tamaki. Will her seniors accept her insolent speech and attitude? Kyoya transforms again to roar at them!?

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E 6
Kyoya is nowhere to be found in the club room. It seems he has taken the day off to do something with his younger sister.

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E 5
The season is an eventful winter. The GJ Club breaks out their kotatsu and lounges around every day. The president begins knitting socks before Christmas. When he learns she actually believes in Santa Claus, Kyoya takes on the role of Santa...

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E 4
With the cultural festival approaching, the GJ Club works to prepare something for the festival. The club chooses to provide wedding catering for their exhibit.

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E 3
Kyoya is accepted as a member of the GJ Club. He receives a club member badge with a function unknown even to the president...

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E 2
While drinking a can of coffee, Shion complains it tastes strange. A worried Kyoya tries tasting it, but...

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E 1
Shinomiya Kyoya joins the mysterious "GJ Club." Surrounded by the small but determined club president Mao, her opposite and younger sister Megumi, the universally recognized genius Shion, and the mysterious Kirara, who knows what will happen?

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GJ Club, also known as Good Job Club, is a Japanese anime series adapted from the light novel of the same name by Shin Araki. The show, produced by Dogakobo and directed by Yoshiyuki Fujiwara, aired on NTV from 2013 to 2014. Known for its warm humor, vivid characters, charming slice-of-life narrative, and quirky storylines, GJ Club offers a peek into day-to-day school life, deftly blended with humor, drama, and memorable moments. The premise centers on an unusual high school club located in an old, fairly massive room within an unidentified school in Japan. This distinctive club is called the GJ Club, a moniker whose meaning remains a mystery throughout the series. The club's inimitable charm and appeal lie in its eclectic mix of characters, each having their own unique qualities and quirks. The series primarily revolves around a single male club member named Kyoya Shinomiya, who, due to his unruly and baby-faced appearance, is often mistaken for an elementary school student, much to his chagrin. Despite this, he acts as the club's diligent and dutiful member, undertaking various chores and tasks, essentially serving all the club's female members, aptly earning the nickname "Club Dog" among the members. The club's president, Mao Amatsuka, is a manipulative yet affectionate leader with a penchant for hair-brushing obsession, randomly brushing Kyoya's hair with different styles of brushes that she inexplicably conjures up. Megumi Amatsuka, Mao's younger yet taller sister is a soft-spoken individual who communicates mainly through written signs. Shion Sumeragi, an intelligent yet air-headed chess master, brings her own brand of whimsy and wackiness to the club. The newest club member, Kirara Bernstein, is a cat-loving girl of mixed heritage who often communicates through meow sounds. Taken together, these colorful characters create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere in an otherwise ordinary school club, leading to various hilarious situations and heartwarming moments. The storyline offers no grand, overarching plot, no extraordinary settings, no save-the-world heroics or dramatic plot twists. GJ Club is a joyful exploration of life's ordinary moments sprinkled with extraordinary charm. Various conflicts and situations are derived from the characters' distinct personalities and quotidian experiences, from disputes over snacks and school chores to quirky club traditions to peculiar antics that defy conventional logic. The very heart of GJ Club lies in its unique humor, intricately woven character dynamics, and slice-of-life appeal, creating a rich tapestry of mundane days made unforgettable through the characters' sense of camaraderie, bizarre club activities, and idiosyncratic humor. The animation style is pleasingly soft with vibrant color palettes, and the character designs are distinctive, adding their own charm to the anime. This visual pleasantness is complemented by a fitting background score that adjusts its tone to match the changing emotions prevalent in the scenes. Although lacking in action-packed sequences or thrill-inducing plot points, GJ Club has a peculiar and captivating charm in its own right, making it a must-watch for fans of high school slice-of-life anime genre. The unique combination of humor, heart, and a cast of colorful characters each with their own quirks creates a light-hearted and endearing series that celebrates the mundane yet wonderful moments of youth. The show leaves viewers with a series of warm memories, laughter, and a sweet sense of nostalgia for the unforgettable, cherished days of high school life. GJ Club is less about reaching a narrative destination and more about enjoying the journey, cherishing the simple pleasures of daily life, and savoring the warm ties that bind the characters together. Its unique blend of nonchalant charm, quirky humor, and quintessential slice-of-life narrative forms a heart-tugging collage of memorable moments, conversations, and events that makes GJ Club a standout series in the genre.

GJ CLUB is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

Hiro Shimono, Suzuko Mimori, Maaya Uchida
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