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The Abdication
King Edward shocks his nation when he announces that he is giving up the throne of Great Britain in order to be with the woman he loves.

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King Edward tries to get government support for a morgantic marriage to Wallis Simpson but gets nowhere with this proposal.

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The Decision
With the silence of the press about to break, Edward is forced to tell the royal family about his intention to marry Wallis.

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The Divorce
Wallis proceeds with her divorce and there is increasing concern in official British government circles as to what the future may hold for her and King Edward.

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The New King
After Edward becomes King, Wallis as her husband decide to get a divorce. Edward wants to be with her but receives legal advice that the King could never marry a divorcee.

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Venus at the Prow
Wallis, still married to her second husband, becomes the mistress of the Prince of Wales. King George and Queen Mary worry about the relationship and then Edward takes the throne upon the death of his father.

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The Little Prince
In the series opener, Edward, Prince of Wales, is introduced to American socialite Wallis Warfield Simpson for the first time and becomes enamored with her.

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Edward and Mrs. Simpson is a seven-part British television series that was first aired on ITV in 1980. The series painstakingly recreates the historical drama surrounding the abdication of King Edward VIII, bringing to life one of the most tumultuous periods in British history and providing a deep, nuanced portrayal of a love story that shocked the world.

The series artfully captures the time-period, particularly the attitudes and social conditions of the British royalty and its subjects, offer viewers an immersive background against which the love saga unfolds. The production value of the show speaks volumes about the distinctive flavors of the era, with meticulous attention to the period's costume, set designs, and even the colloquial speech patterns.

The storyline is carefully laid out and hinges on the romance between the then King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, an American socialite who was a divorcee. The show explores the complexities of their relationship in a society that was not prepared to accept a King's liaison with a divorcee, ultimately leading to Edward's decision to renounce the throne.

The title roles are played by Edward Fox as Edward, and Cynthia Harris as Mrs. Simpson, both delivering captivating performances. Fox portrayed King Edward with an engaging mix of charm, stubbornness, and passion, his nuanced performance gaining much acclaim. Equally compelling was Cynthia Harris's portrayal of Mrs. Simpson, providing a sensitive interpretation of a woman who found herself in the midst of a scandal she had hardly envisioned. Their on-screen chemistry vital for the narrative significantly contributes to the credibility of the dramatic romance.

Adapted from 'King Edward VIII: A Biography' by Frances Donaldson, the show is a comprehensive dramatization of how a personal affair had political ramifications that shook an empire. It portrays how Edward struggles between his sense of duty and love for Mrs. Simpson, showing disapproval and resistance from his family, the British government, and the Church.

Being a period drama, the series also subtly reflects on the socio-political situation of the time, providing incisive observations about class divide and morality in the early 20th century British society. It also delves into the hearts and minds of the British monarchy, presenting an intimate account of one of the royal family's most challenging times.

The miniseries received critical acclaim for its authenticity and adherence to historical facts. Although a drama, it manages to maintain a documentary feel, presenting a well-rounded view of events leading up to the abdication. This approach provides an air of authenticity, enhancing the viewer's understanding of the historical context of this infamous royal love story.

Edward and Mrs. Simpson boasts a talented and dedicated supporting cast, who augment the narrative intensity by giving life to a repertoire of characters that were involved in the abdication crisis. Their respective performances add to the rich cinematic tapestry of the series, rendering it a must-watch for lovers of historical drama.

The series combines high production values, strong characterizations, and a tightly woven narrative to create a fascinating portrait of a man determined to choose personal happiness over public duty. Edward and Mrs. Simpson are not just historical figures, but also characters with their joys and sorrows, weaknesses and strengths, aspirations, and fears. The series leaves one with a renewed interest in this time period and a deeper understanding of the people and societal pressures involved in this momentous decision.

In conclusion, Edward and Mrs. Simpson is a deeply engaging miniseries that dives into British history to unravel an unforgettable love story. Its accurate representation of historical events, combined with riveting performances and a keen eye for period detail, make it a remarkable and satisfying viewing experience. The series excels in exploring the emotional depths of the characters, thereby making the historical narrative more accessible to viewers. It stands as an enduring testament to one of the most dramatic periods in modern British history.

Edward and Mrs Simpson is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 1978. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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