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Episode 6
The McDonnells and Cassidys prepare themselves for all-out war. Elliot and Helen face a race against the clock to stop any more bloodshed.

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Episode 5
Helen reflects on her relationship with Elliot, and whether the past has truly passed. Meanwhile, Elliot must face up to who he really is, and what that means for those he loves.

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Episode 4
Finally, with all the pieces on the table, Elliot and Helen decide to go and meet his family to flush out the truth. However, the McDonnells prove difficult to shake off.

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Episode 3
Elliot receives a surprise visit from Ethan, and the pair work together to track down Helen. Meanwhile, tensions are reignited between Elliot's family and the McDonnells.

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Episode 2
Elliot seeks help from an unlikely ally to secure his escape from the island. Meanwhile, Helen gets acquainted with some threatening figures as she continues to track Elliot down.

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Episode 1
Elliot and Helen travel to Ireland to find answers about Elliot's past. But after Elliot is violently kidnapped, they must each continue their dangerous search alone.

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The Tourist, released in 2022 on HBO Max, is an enthralling and mind-bending six-part series that takes viewers on a thrilling journey across the breathtaking landscapes of Australia. This compelling British television drama, created and written by the talented Two Brothers Pictures (Harry and Jack Williams), promises an unexpected blend of mystery, suspense, and action, coupled with dashes of humor and heartrending emotions. The series chronicles the inexplicably gripping tale of a British man who wakes up from a vicious car accident in the remote Australian Outback, with no recollection of his past, his identity, or how he got there. He becomes known as 'The Man' till his true identity is discovered. Over the next several episodes, this titular 'Tourist' embarks on a mission to unravel his past, fighting against time and mysterious adversaries, whilst struggling to recollect fragments of his shattered memory, in a narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the unfolding. The show is a whirlwind rollercoaster ride that begins with a high-speed pursuit in the barren landscape, a conclusion that gives rise to a source of perpetual intrigue and suspense. It features a complex and multi-layered plot, with countless twists and turns, that gradually unfolds against the awe-inspiring and often intimidating backdrop of the Australian wilderness. The Tourist demonstrates an adept compass at balancing its intense, gripping, and often dramatic scenes with moments of light-hearted comedy and profound humanity. The screenplay showcases a clever amalgamation of genres, seductively drawing viewers into the intricate web of its mysterious plot, while evoking a blend of contrasting emotions. Amidst the thrills of this action-packed series, the viewers are occasionally served with doses of witty humor, thereby providing an emotional respite from the escalating tension. Jamie Dornan helms the series as the central figure, 'The Man', or 'The Tourist'. Known for his roles in The Fall and Fifty Shades of Grey, Dornan delivers a compelling performance as an amnesiac trying to piece together his life. Despite the circumstances, his character's evolution, resilience, and resourcefulness become an integral part of the spectacle. His acting abilities are stretched across a wide emotional spectrum, subtly representing shades of confusion, fear, determination, and even amusement at times. From an idyllic local cop, seen in Danielle Macdonald’s character, to enigmatic characters such as the wife and her crooked husband, played by Shalom Brune-Franklin and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson respectively; the series is enriched by a stellar supporting cast who play key roles in keeping up the momentum of suspense and intensity. Visually, the show encapsulates the stark and starkly beautiful landscapes of Australia. It explores a range of physical environments - from the desolate but stunning expanses of red-dirt deserts to the bustling cityscapes of Adelaide. The provocative shift from the elusive open wilderness to the urban landscapes serves as a profound contrast that complements the narrative brilliantly while underpinning the dual struggle faced by the main character - his internal strife paralleled with the external threats and challenges. With The Tourist, the creators have managed to develop a unique blend of psychological mystery and action thriller, encompassed in an emotive drama. With its deeply complex characters, unexpected humor, and a captivating narrative, the series is not just a journey of the protagonist to self-discovery, but also a homage to human resilience and endurance. In essence, The Tourist is an engaging miniseries that combines high-stakes drama, mystery, action, humor, and emotion into one immersive viewing experience. The series unfailingly holds viewers' attention from start to finish, providing a rich narrative fabric textured with intriguing characters, interwoven storylines, and breathtaking visuals. The Tourist is surely a treat for the aficionados of thrilling drama and mystery, promising a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations throughout its run.

The Tourist is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald, Greg Larsen
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