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The Perfect Couple / Match Made In Valhalla
When Alex and Bridgette get sick of kid-friendly activities, Josh and Emily seek out new like-minded parent friends.

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Halloween Enough
When a thunderstorm makes trick-or-treating impossible, the gang tells Candice a trio of scary stories to save her Halloween.

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Legend of the Pier / Bike & Survive
Bridgette sets out to re-live her teenage glory days… but finds it’s far more difficult than she imagined. / After Alex gets the latest home-exercise bike, the rest of the gang worry that he’s getting sucked into a cult.

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Robots with Benefits/The Weird Kid
Fearing for their jobs, Josh and his coworkers must destroy their robot replacement. / After worrying that she and Candice are growing apart, Emily magically becomes a kid again

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Bridgette the Brain / Never Meet Your Heroes
Bridgette and her sister Olivia’s lifelong rivalry comes to a head as they vie for their mother’s approval. / Alex gets the opportunity to perfect his writing skills as an apprentice under his favorite author.

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Randy Free Solos / Summer Job
Randy goes to great lengths to impress a handsome rock climbing instructor. / Josh gets Alex hired at Plugger-Inners for the summer but struggles to hide Alex’s incompetence from the boss.

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Hellspital / Candice Candice Revolution
The gang begs a seriously ill Alex to seek medical attention, but his fear of doctors causes him to avoid hospitals at all costs

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Where the Buffalo Roam / Venice Vengeance
After a major windfall, Josh and Emily decide to take the honeymoon they never had

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Close Enough is an American animated sitcom that manifests a humorous take on parenthood, relationships, and navigating through the thirties. This HBO Max exclusive that aired from 2020 to 2022 is a unique blend of surreal humor and relatable everyday life struggles. It's a space where cosmic weirdness mingles with homely dilemmas, resulting in a comedic brilliance that resonates with a diverse adult audience.

The brainchild of the creator of the award-winning series, Regular Show, J.G. Quintel, Close Enough was highly anticipated by fans for its inventively humorous take on the struggles of everyday life. A departure from the world of anthropomorphic animals and high-energy hijinks that populated Regular Show, this animated series is grounded more in reality, sprinkled with plenty of quirks to ensure non-stop entertainment.

The show revolves around the central characters-Josh and Emily, an endearingly goofy couple juggling their roles as parents to a five-year-old daughter while grappling with the hustle and bustle of adulthood in the vibrant backdrop, which is Los Angeles. It vividly captures their endeavour to maintain the balance between being fun, responsibility-laden parents and keeping their ever-evolving social and professional lives intact. Alongside, the show journeys through the couple’s interaction and experiences with a duo of divorced friends sharing the same living space, bringing in an interesting mix of characters and dynamics.

From parenting woes, to relationship challenges, to career aspirations, each storyline is infused with elements of sci-fi, mystery, supernatural, and absurdist humour. The magic lies in how Close Enough blends these elements into its fundamental plot about ordinary lives, making the viewers reach out for more. Whether it's an innocent game of "Clap Like This" spiraling into a saga of alternate timelines or the simple task of housecleaning transforming into a life-or-death battle against a horde of grotesque monsters, one truly feels the expression - expect the unexpected.

The animation style of Close Enough is an amalgamation of traditional 2D style, reminiscent of the Regular Show, and innovative graphic elements that substantiate the elevated adult themes of the show. The characters are visually engaging, their movements fluid and expressive, belying the static flat design common in many animated sitcoms. Aiding the visual treat is a well-crafted dialogue that is sharp, witty, and sometimes strangely philosophical, making each episode a wholesome entertainment package.

Each episode, clocking around 22 minutes and typically composed of two stories, is rolled out with a distinct sense of comedic timing. The storytelling is succinct, and the punchlines are impeccably timed to elicit maximum laughs. The creators have done an excellent job in keeping the humor relatable, especially for a millennial audience, juggling various roles in their personal and professional lives.

Besides the humor component, Close Enough doesn't shy away from exploring complex adult themes. Whether it's dealing with fading youth, the evolution of friendships, the trials of parenting, or the struggles of maintaining passion in a long-term relationship – the show skillfully traverses through it all without losing its distinct fun element. It’s a testament to a well-crafted narrative that you can watch the characters fight giant snack foods in one scene and discuss the difficulties of parental burnout in the next – and it all feels cohesive and never out of place.

Despite its surreal elements, Close Enough resonates with viewers because at its core, it reflects the genuine struggles and aspirations of adulthood and parenity. The perfectly flawed characters and their relatable comedic misadventures strike a chord with the audience in more ways than one.

The characters are voiced by a phenomenal cast, with J.G. Quintel himself lending his voice to the main character, Josh. Gabrielle Walsh, Jessica DiCicco, Kimiko Glenn, and Jason Mantzoukas make sure the characters come alive with their brilliant voicework.

In conclusion, Close Enough brilliantly marries the mundanity of everyday life with sci-fi and supernatural elements to deliver 22 minutes of pure entertainment. It's been a treat on HBO Max for those looking for a show that's different from typical sitcoms – humorous yet thought-provoking, ordinary yet extraordinary, and above all, aptly capturing life in the thirties - anything but close enough to mundane.

Close Enough is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 39 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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