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Rueda barely survives. Lola, Hctor, and Salva arrive and find the murderer. They later manage to uncover the killer's identity.

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Hctor investigates and discovers that Cristina was abused by her father when she was young. The police find a notebook full of numbers and charts.

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Vlad informs the investigators that he has exculpatory evidence in his house. Fernando is threatened in prison.

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The investigators see the photos and look at the silhouette of what looks like a bike. The investigators identify the model.

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A woman accuses Pilar of having imprisoned her. Vlad faces off against the head of the gang. A big secret is finally revealed.

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Guineans and Roma encounter each other after mass. Sergio goes to see his brother in prison. Sergio makes mention of an interesting blog.

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Lola and Salva arrive in prison and search for a book with mysterious letters but end up finding nothing. Hctor receives new information.

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Kaled finds a bloodied youngster on the highway. Hctor finds out that she has an interesting tattoo. The girl manages to utter a name: Vlad.

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Hctor studies the anonymous clues that Fernando received. Sergio finds Agneska and Pablo together.

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Hctor searches Franciscos phone. Fernando has a face to face meeting with Cristina in prison. Investigators discover letters belonging to Fernando.

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Pablo seeks Hctors help with photos linked to the murder. Hctor submits to a polygraph test.

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Similar to Marta, Barislavs death has no genetic link. Clues are later found at Barislavs house.

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Salva finds Martas body and fear once again spreads throughout Campoamargo.

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Mar de plastico is an enthralling Spanish crime drama television series that first aired on Antena 3 in 2015. The show, set in the south of Spain, tells a gripping tale of mystery, suspended in an atmospheric climate of tension and suspense. A vast and peculiar landscape of plastic greenhouses serves as the backdrop for the storyline, providing a unique visual and narrative perspective to the viewers. The title "Mar de Plástico", which translates to "Sea of Plastic", symbolises the plastic sea of greenhouses that contribute to the visual flair of the series while encapsulating the complexity of the story that unfolds.

The first season, consisting of 13 episodes, begins with a chilling and terrifying discovery in the town of Campoamargo - a young woman brutally murdered in this tranquil Andalusian farming community. The shocking crime and subsequent investigation become the primary narrative threads that weave themselves through the series.

Mar de plastico is primarily seen through the eyes of Sergeant Hector Aguirre, played by Rodolfo Sancho, a complex and enigmatic character with a troubled past. Aguirre, who oversees the homicide investigation, finds himself embroiled in a puzzling and complex crime that seems to unravel the town's darkest secrets. As the series progresses, the town's troubled history and the local's tightly held secrets begin to unravel, revealing a dark side to this seemingly peaceful community. Acting alongside Sancho are renowned actors such as Belén López, Pedro Casablanc, Patrick Criado, Luis Fernández, and Nya de la Rubia, who supplement the narrative with their nuanced and compelling performances.

From uncovered secrets and hidden tensions to complicated relationships and startling revelations, Mar de plastico, under the expert direction of Mariano Baselga, offers a uniquely structured approach to storytelling. The multiple narrative threads do not just focus on the crime itself but also take a deep dive into several societal issues, including racial tensions, immigration challenges, economic struggles, and more.

The migrants working in the greenhouses, mostly from African descent, are depicted with authenticity and sensitivity, creating appealing sub-plots that touch on important issues of racism and xenophobia often lurking beneath the surface of seemingly peaceful communities. Meanwhile, the struggle between traditional farming and modern agricultural practices forms another another subtext of the narrative, painting a detailed portrait of Spain's rural landscape.

Mar de plastico is a heart-pounding thriller that seamlessly melds crime, suspense, and sociopolitical issues into one cohesive narrative. Its visual imagery, marked by the endless sea of plastic against the rugged landscape of southern Spain, adds a unique flare to the storyline that is visually haunting and powerfully raw.

Each episode builds on the suspense, feeding the viewers clues and twists that keep them on the edge of their seats. It is not just the solving of the crime that piques the interest, it's also the fascination with the tangled web of events and intricate personal backgrounds of the characters. Every character is carved with intricate care, showing multiple layers and motivations that add depth to the plot.

The script, dialogue, and narrative structure highlight the high production values of the series. Along with the truly stunning cinematography that captures the claustrophobic environment of the 'sea of plastic', viewers are treated to a highly stylised storytelling approach that leaves a lasting impression.

The series has been praised by critics for its portrayal of social realism in Spain and has found success both locally and internationally. Its original yet authentic narrative intrigued audiences, giving them a glance into the obscure world of rural Spain, painted against a chilling background of mystery and suspense.

In Mar de plastico, suspense flows as freely as the wind through the vast plastic greenhouses, making it an enthralling watch. This crime drama gives an insight into the human condition under dire circumstances, making it all the more engrossing and impactful. The myriad emotions of the characters are as versatile and ever-changing as the plastic sheets fluttering over the greenhouses, further binding the viewers to the enigmatic world of Campoamargo.

For lovers of crime drama and investigative series, Mar de plastico offers a refreshing change from the quintessential city-based thriller, anchoring its narrative in the very bowels of rural Spain. The captivating narrative, marked by nuanced performances by a stellar cast, ensures the viewers are constantly guessing, making this series a must-see for fans of the genre.

Mar de plastico is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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