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Episode 10
Gary urges Kenya to unveil the truth and get closure surrounding her father's death. Gary and Kennedy spend a fun day out on the town.

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Daddy's Girls
Gary urges Kenya to unveil the truth and get closure surrounding her father's death. Gary and Kennedy spend a fun day out on the town.

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Flipping Out
Kenya is furious that Gary is talking about her "number" during his shows. Gary discovers that Kenya has been secretly flipping houses.

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Serena Fever
Gary embarrasses Kenya and the kids when he goes way too far trying to meet his #1 crush, Serena Williams. Kenya and Gary work together to make a big decision about Austin's future.

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Gary Gives Back
Gary goes back to his high school to talk about the dangers of addiction. When Gary's lucky briefs come up missing he goes on a mission to find them before his speaking engagement.

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Episode 5
The family participates in a series of events to determine who is the most athletic, but when the Owen competitiveness rears its ugly head, what started out as fun, takes a nasty turn.

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Episode 4
Gary is invited to throw the first pitch at a Dayton Dragon's game, but fears that he may choke. Kenya is over Emilio's long dreads and resorts to bribery to get him to cut them.

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Road Trippin'
Gary, Kenya and the kids take a road trip to Niagara Falls, but everyone gets mad when Gary decides to forego the travel plan and wing it.

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Gotta Have Faith
Kenya insists they start attending church as a family; Gary is shocked with his birthday gift from Kenya.

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Magic Gary?
Chris Spencer asks Gary to be in his new male stripper movie; Kenya is upset when Gary invites his BFF Gene to live with them without including in her in the decision.

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The Gary Owen Show is a captivating reality television show that was aired by BET (Black Entertainment Television) in 2016. The show puts the spotlight on a brilliant and unique comedian named Gary Owen and his unorthodox, yet deep-rooted family life. This compelling, humorous and entertaining series offers an inside look into the life of this Kentucky-born comedian who, with a bold personality and raw comedic talent, has carved a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Gary Owen has made a reputation throughout his career by performing stand-up comedy that often highlights the contrasts and similar points between African-American and white cultures. He is well recognized for his side-splitting humor, and as an unusual sight among African-American comedy audiences. Presented in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, The Gary Owen Show frames his comedy in a novel context for viewers' entertainment and gives the audience a glimpse into the everyday life of Gary Owen offstage. The charm of the show also lies in its focus on Gary's interracial family. The dynamic between Gary, his wife Kenya, and their three children - Emilio, Austin, and Kennedy - forms the central theme that shapes the narratives of each episode. The family resides in small-town Ohio, and despite their fame and booming success, they strive to stay grounded and maintain their typical suburban lifestyles. The daily routines, personal dramas, and unique occurrences that unfold within this tight-knit family are adroitly interwoven to bring out loads of laughter and emotional moments for viewers. Gary's wife, Kenya, is a substantial figure featured in the series. Kenya is an African-American woman whose strong will, charisma, and commitment to her family make her a beloved character on the show. Her love story with Gary, their interracial marriage, and how they juggle their personal life with their professional endeavors, provide a significant layer of depth and profundity to the series. Furthermore, viewers also get a close look at Gary's relationships with his children in this revealing reality show. They experience parenting through Gary and Kenya's perspectives as they guide their two sons Emilio and Austin, and their daughter Kennedy, navigating them through the challenges that growing up brings forth. Here, the audience gets first-hand insights into how this supportive family functions – from dealing with their kids' dating woes to making them understand the importance of hard work and discipline. Another salient aspect of The Gary Owen Show lies in how it showcases the fascinating dynamics of the couple's respective families. Living in the Midwest, they are constantly faced with cultural influence from both African-American and white communities, leading to some hilarious and heart-warming moments. One of the most appealing facets of the show is indeed how effortlessly Gary brings humor into the smallest aspects of daily life. His distinctively witty approach to examining different situations gives the show its unique essence. The narrative seamlessly blends Gary's onstage humor with the offstage, real-life comedic scenarios that occur in their household every day. Beyond humor, The Gary Owen Show skillfully handles vital social issues, primarily racial dynamics in the United States. It offers refreshing insights into interracial relationships, breaking stereotypes, and navigating societal norms on such matters. This is done without getting overly serious or preachy – everything takes place through the lens of humor that is characteristic of Gary Owen. To sum up, The Gary Owen Show is a heartening look into the life of a brilliant comedian and his diverse family as they traverse through their unique challenges and victories with plenty of humor. It's a show that promises chuckles from start to finish. It captures the highs and lows, the joys and sorrows, and the laughter and tears that make up the beautiful tapestry of life in an average suburban American family. All the while, it treats viewers to the exceptional wit and wisdom of a comedian who is proud of his interracial family and does not shy away from celebrating it on the world stage.

The Gary Owen Show is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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