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Pageant Dad Duel
This week's Decades of Beauty Pageant showcases Atlanta's fiercest competition yet. Dueling pageant dads Michael & Terry face off, each doing whatever it takes to make sure their daughter takes the crown.

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Eat, Sleep, BLEEP, Pageants!
The competition for this week's Little Miss Divas of Distinction pageant may be fierce, but the real diva drama is backstage. A former runner-up returns for redemption, but she's not the only one vying for the crown.

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Leave It on the Floor
This week's pageant may be the Little Miss Perfect Peach, but there's nothing sweet about the competition. Two bitter rivals, one undefeated, & one who's never won, lay it all on the line while their driven moms stop at nothing to give them the edge.

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Southern Belles & Mama Drama
Little Miss Black US kicks off with two rivals going head-to-head, leading to a remarkable stage exit; contestants Kelsey, Ava and Sa'Nyia compete.

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Little Miss Atlanta is a reality television series produced by the TLC network that aired in 2016. The gripping show takes viewers into the world of child pageants, an arena full of glitz, glamour, tension, expectations, parental aspirations, dreams, and of course, undeniable charm. At its core, the show provides a lens into the competitive world of children's beauty competitions, exploring not only the experiences and emotions of the young contestants, but also the fierce dedication and hopes of the parents. Little Miss Atlanta continues TLC's tradition of showcasing the behind-the-scenes drama that unfolds in the beauty pageant circuit, this time zeroing in on Atlanta's celebrated beauty pageant scene. The show mainly centers around four-pageant directors: Kim Gravel, Jo Jo Obledo, Rhonda Hulgan, and Meredith Boyd. These four women are responsible for nurturing the girls’ talents and ensuring they shine brightly on the stage. Their nurturing and coaching sessions lend a strong narrative to the show. Although united in their mutual ambition of success for their young aspirants, their distinct personalities and teaching approaches influence their relationships with the contestants and their parents, adding a further layer of intrigue for viewers. In each episode of Little Miss Atlanta, pint-sized contestants vie for the coveted crown, battling it out in high-intensity beauty competitions. Each of these young divas has a unique style and personality, making a compelling watch as they strut down the runway in dazzling costumes, demonstrating their poise, elegance, and talent. Some are born performers, relishing every moment in the spotlight, while others are shyer, need coaxing out of their shells, but are no less ambitious. The show also documents the girls' rigorous training routines, intensive lessons, and rehearsal sessions, all leading up to the nail-biting final competition. However, if you thought the girls were just battling it out against each other, think again. The true world of child beauty pageants doesn't just revolve around the children. A fascinating aspect of the show is how it captures the emotions, dreams, and expectations of the parents who push their kids to excel. These parents, ever-present in the background, become tantamount to co-participants, as fixated on the crown as their daughters, if not more so. Nothing quenches their thirst like the taste of victory, and nothing hurts more than a loss on the stage. Their unwavering commitment is seen in how they spare no expense for their daughters' dresses, lessons, makeup, and other pageant necessities, even investing countless hours of their time in training and supporting their girls. The show is not just about beauty and grace; it is also about ambition, strength, resilience, and the spirit to keep fighting despite hardships. It covers all emotions, the euphoria of achievement as well as the heartbreak of failure. It is this intricate blend of sweetness and seriousness that makes Little Miss Atlanta captivating. Viewers can see how winning at such a young age could potentially mold these girls' self-esteem and world view; alternately, the impact losing can have on their young hearts is tangible. Somehow, throughout the series, these girls manage to surprise the audience by remaining genuine, lovable, and adorable despite the high-stakes competition they face. Their innocence amid such an adult-like situation is what makes the show both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. It underlines how these girls can be mature beyond their years, but also charmingly childlike. Whether it's the competitiveness of the pageants, the dedication of the directors, the emotional journey of the parents, or the charm and innocence of the participants themselves, it is impossible not to get drawn into the whirlwind that is Little Miss Atlanta. Its exploration of the fascinating, glamorous, and competitive world of child pageants coupled with the determination, dreams, talent, and innocence of the young contestants makes for an addictive, insightful, and entertaining watch. A must-see show for beauty pageant enthusiasts and anyone curious about this incredible, extravagant spectacle.

Little Miss Atlanta is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 4 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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