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Live and Let Fly
At the prom, time freezes, and angels descend to collect Porter.

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Flowers for Sergemon
Carl's hands are cramped up from playing too many video games, and isn't able to write his science test. Porter tries to help him by lending him a magic pencil, but when Serge snatches it off Carl's desk, he's stumped!

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Total Debate of The Heart
When Jane picks Carl over Melissa for the debate team just because they are dating, it proves to be a big mistake.

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Cosmonaut Claire 3-D
After Carl steps out of a movie line with the promise that he will be allowed his space back, he is betrayed and sent to the back of the line with Porter and Jane.

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Angel on Hippocampus
Jane gets arrested by Agent 45 for being a human with unauthorised knowledge of Angels, and must prove her trustworthiness or have her memory removed.

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What I Re-Like About You
Jane has a crush on Carl, but thinks that he has moved on since she rejected him previously. Carl, however, has not moved on.

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Announce of Prevention
Carl and Brittany compete to be the official school announcer after both deride Principal Malone's boring style.

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Practical Romance
After Carl asks a girl out at school, he has a date practice with Jane and they fall for each other.

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Carl enters a burger eating contest, claiming its because he's had years of practise on his mum's awful food. He qualifies with ease, but struggles in the final, where Porter's magic gets him disqualified.

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Forget About It
After Porter's magic goes awry, Carl is left in a parallel Bennett High with no memory of his friends.

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Wingin' It is a brilliantly upbeat, supernatural-themed sitcom that strings together sequences of comedy, friendship, and school life antics. Premiering in 2010 on the Family Channel, the show features the talented Dylan Everett in an extraordinary performance central to the storyline. The breezy storyline integrates humor and warmth while using a fantastical backdrop to deliver age-old values of friendship, teamwork, and tolerance. Wingin' It centers around an enthusiastic teenager, Carl Montclaire, played by Dylan Everett, who appears to be an average high school student, enduring the trials and tribulations typical of this challenging stage life. But Carl's life is far from typical – owing to his angel-in-training or AIT, Porter Jackson. Porter Jackson, depicted by Demetrius Joyette, is an unconventional angel assigned on a mission to improve Carl's academic standing and social status. He is a charismatic character, well-liked for his cheeky demeanor and tendency to break the rules, resulting in comedic chaos. The many escapades brought on by Porter's antics serve as a launching pad for the episodes' humor-filled plots. Being invisible to everyone apart from Carl, Porter has a free hand in concocting quirky spells meant to help, but often ending up causing hilarious misadventures. However, it is these situational comedy pieces that form the central theme of the series, keeping the audience engaged and anticipating the next mishap. Interestingly, the show brings in an additional character, Dr. Cassabi, played by Wayne Thomas Yorke, who is a part-time guidance counselor and full-time angel eccentric favoring zany attire. His character adds another layer of depth to the storyline with his wisdom and occasional non-traditional methods. The interaction between Carl and Porter is the heart of the series, featuring a delightful blend of adolescent challenges and supernatural fixes. Carl, being a endearing character, brings a touch of realism amid the fantasy, while Porter, with his constant botches, exemplifying the perfect mishap-creating angel who relies heavily on his wit to handle the resulting chaos. The scenes involving the application of Porter's angelic powers to solve Carl's mundane issues offer plenty of slapstick humor. At the same time, they subtly touch upon themes like self-identity, acceptance, teen angst, and the pressure to fit in. Furthermore, the evolving friendship between Carl and Porter invites soft reflections on trust, camaraderie, and loyalty. Dylan Everett is stellar as Carl, embodying the character with a lovable vulnerability that makes the audience root for him. His ability to portray an ordinary teen with extraordinary troubles is worth a watch. On the other hand, Demetrius Joyette as the bumbling angel Porter is equally captivating, offering audiences plenty of laughs with his offbeat charm and comedic timing. The series also hosts a bunch of vibrant, quirky characters that roam the long corridors of Carl's high school, Bennett High. These characters, including the rebellious sister, Jane, admirably played by Brittany Adams, and the potential love interest, Denise, brought to life by Kendra Timmins, add to the show's charm. Another facet of Wingin’ It that lends to its appeal is the way it uses an unconventional narrative to deliver significant life lessons. It also deftly handles the depiction of the quintessential high school life in the backdrop of the angel's supernatural antics. Overall, Wingin' It masterfully blends humor, supernatural elements, and lessons in friendship into a light-hearted, enjoyable series. It’s an endearing sitcom worth exploring for its unique interpretation of an angel's role in shaping a teenager's life. Dylan Everett's impressive portrayal of Carl Montclaire gives it that extra punch, making it a remarkable show to add to the must-watch list.

Wingin' It is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 59 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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