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The Final Issue
When Bossman announces that the Buzz staff will be replaced with a new wave of recruits, Rebecca tries to fight to get everyone to stay and can't believe that Noah doesn't care.

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The Meet the Wilders Issue
Noah discovers Wilder's sister Roxy is skimming cash from a charity event they're working on together. Rebecca and Michael join the drama club together - and Michael's oblivious that Rebecca's much better at acting than he is.

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The You're Toast Issue
Amanda and Wilder try to coach their parents as they negotiate a business deal, with disastrous results. Noah and Michael fight over a piece of toast that looks like a superstar.

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The Hip Hop Issue
At the school dance, Wilder's challenged when Amanda brings a prince who looks exactly like Wilder as her date! Michael poses as DeeJay Beat Boogaloo, to impress a girl and Noah tries to tell Rebecca he loves her.

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The Live from Teen Buzz Issue
While the gang attempts to practice a song they've written for DJ and Mr. Shepherd's engagement party, Wilder announces he's leaving Buzz, so Noah traps him in a box till he agrees to stay.

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The Switcheroo Issue
Amanda turns into Rebecca when Wilder tells her a cute boy she's interested in likes brainy girls. DJ switches Noah and Michael's beat, which causes Noah to act like Michael - and not want to switch back!

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The Issue Issue
Rebecca's forced to realize that Michael's growing up after he doesn't want to do a silly routine with her for her story on friendship. Noah gets a great interview with one of his idols, who then retracts the whole thing!

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The Comeback Issue
Michael ruins Supermodel Karina's career with an expose, then has to help her regain her celebrity status. Noah and Amanda start reading the morning announcements - but go overboard with their jabs and jokes.

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The Plan B Issue
DJ discovers that Amanda's new recording contract was bought for her by her father. Noah and Wilder try to break the world record for balloon bouncing.

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The Third Wheel Issue
Rebecca, Noah and Wilder all end up being a third wheel as the trio try to balance their friendship to make it through a classic movie.

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The Mum's the Word Issue
DJ hires Michael's mom to help organize the Buzz office, which drives everyone up the wall. Wilder tries to help Amanda with her impending big sister role by getting her to supervise a baby simulator.

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The Extreme Shakespeare Issue
To help Wilder with his book report, Michael tells him the story of "The Taming of the Shrew" - with the Buzz cast playing the familiar roles. Rebecca and Noah need to find a date for Amanda the Shrew so they can go to the ball.

Watch The Latest Buzz Season 3 Episode 15 Now

The Buzz Club Issue
With the entire gang stuck in "Buzz Detention" for the day, Noah accidentally tells Rebecca the bracelet he gave her was originally bought for Zuzu Moon; Wilder masterminds a plan to get Mr. Shepherd home.

Watch The Latest Buzz Season 3 Episode 14 Now

The Into the Future Issue
The gang gets a glimpse of what their lives might look like in 20 years - a fat Wilder owns the Buzz Empire and wants to beam issues of Buzz into space. His lackey assistant Noah discovers this will trigger an alien attack!

Watch The Latest Buzz Season 3 Episode 13 Now

The Career Day Issue
Rebecca competes with Amanda for the attention of young journalists at the Buzz Open House. Snowboarder Crispin Lipscombe ticks off his old friend Wilder, when he steals Wilder's "awestruck" catch-phrase.

Watch The Latest Buzz Season 3 Episode 12 Now

The Truth Hurts Issue
When Noah's dad tells him he and Noah's mom are splitting up, Noah tries to out-lawyer his Dad to prove that his parents should stay together.

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The Bollywood Issue
Noah falls for a visiting Bollywood leading lady, leading him to learn about Indian culture to impress her. Michael and Wilder team up to help Shepherd win teacher of the year.

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The Double Trouble Issue
Michael and Noah plan fake modeling auditions to meet girls, but end up with two double-dates at the same time. Amanda's shocked to discover that her stepmom is pregnant!

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The Bully Issue
Yolanda is completely controlling in her relationship with Michael. Noah goes overboard taking charge when he directs a music video for Amanda.

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The Date Night Issue
When Wilder learns Michael and Amanda are going on a date, he purposefully brings Yolanda Farquhar along to sabotage their big night. Rebecca and DJ bond while answering reader letters - one of which gets personal for Rebecca.

Watch The Latest Buzz Season 3 Episode 7 Now

The Love Triangle Issue
An unknowing Wilder plays Cyrano for Michael and Amanda. Rebecca hasn't told her Dad yet that she and Noah have broken up - a feat made harder when Noah and her Dad become "best buds".

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The Just Friends Issue
Elliot, the boy Rebecca kissed over the summer, visits. Everyone loves him, but Noah suspects he's got ulterior motives.

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The Weekend Issue
Noah, Michael and Wilder's weekend plans to attend the carnival are kyboshed when they're forced to babysit Noah's precocious little sister. Amanda overdoes it when redecorating Rebecca's room.

Watch The Latest Buzz Season 3 Episode 4 Now

The Love Me, Love Me Not Issue
Zuzu Moon guest edits Buzz for the week, befriending Rebecca and stalking Noah. Michael, Amanda and Wilder make a bet to not use their cell phones.

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The Hot or Not Issue
Rebecca plans to write an expose article on the annual "Ernie C Hot List", but then she's on it. A downtrodden Michael and Amanda plan to throw the world's biggest pity for themselves.

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The Back to School Issue
Rebecca accidentally blurts to Noah that she kissed a boy on top of the Eiffel tower under a full moon in Paris over the summer.

Watch The Latest Buzz Season 3 Episode 1 Now

"The Latest Buzz" is an engaging, light-hearted family series that graced the Family Channel from 2007 to 2010. The show centers around five high school students who come together to staff the youth section of a major city newspaper as a part of their school's work-study program. The chosen teens, unsurprisingly, all possess a unique flair for words and exemplify distinctive dispositions which, for the viewers, means a great deal of laughter, warmth, and drama.

The key characters who bring the show to life are Rebecca, Noah, Wilder, Michael, and Amanda. Rebecca is the journalist in the team, Noah is the music critic, Wilder is the gaming critic, Michael is the fashion writer, and Amanda is the advice columnist. Each character is thoughtfully designed, bringing something special to the table within their expert domains and their individual personality traits, which range from quirky and zany to logical and grounded. Together, these teens speak out for the "buzz" that grips the youth, hence the aptly-named section of the newspaper, "Teen Buzz."

The driving factor behind the popularity of "The Latest Buzz" is its brilliant depiction of a unique blend of work and play. It effectively encapsulates the everyday issues that can arise when you put together five ambitious yet fun-loving and mischievous teenagers. From dealing with the harsh realities of deadline pressures to navigating the complexities of office politics, the show covers it all. It adds the charm of teen romance, friendship dilemmas, and the pivotal teen identity quest. At the same time, the protagonists also grapple with a myriad of personal challenges in their own lives, which significantly contribute to the plot's depth.

"The Latest Buzz" doesn't stop at showing the highs and lows of the students' lives. It also introduces us to the adult characters, DJ Shepherd, the editor of "Teen Buzz," and Diane Jeffreys, the school principal. DJ is a quirky character often seen making unconventional requests of his young subordinates, whereas Diane Jeffreys is the dependable voice of reason, guiding the teens through their journey of self-discovery.

The show is commendable for its ability to present a balanced slice of life offering. It provides breezy humor while also making room for moments of reflection and thoughtfulness. The series offers an array of episodes, each one either focusing on a particular event, a theme, or a problem, all aimed to resonate with the teenage audience. From holiday specials to handling gossip and rumors, the show smartly delves into various facets of teenage life that many viewers can easily relate to.

One of the main draws of the series lies in its diverse cast of characters and their well-defined character arcs. Throughout the course of the show, the complexities of each character are explored, revealing many layers that evolve with each passing episode. As one episode progresses to another, the viewers get to see the teens grow and, in the process, relate to, understand, and possibly even emulate their growth.

Another significant aspect of the show is how it subtly provides meaningful insights into the field of journalism. It exposes viewers to the critical behind-the-scenes aspects of this field, such as conducting interviews, public relations, research, and ethics. Such exposure piques the viewers' interest, making the series an ideal watch for audiences interested in journalism.

"The Latest Buzz" stands as a pioneering attempt to focus on a group of young adults tackling adult responsibilities. It provides viewers with an entertaining, eye-opening perspective on growing up and has always managed to maintain a fine line between real-life situations and sitcom humor.

In conclusion, "The Latest Buzz" is more than just a fun-filled family series that aired on the Family Channel; it holds unique charm and conveys a raw sense of reality interwoven with giggles, gaffes, and significant life lessons. Whether you are a teen embarking on life's journey, an adult drawn to youthful energy, or someone who enjoys heartwarming comedy-dramas, this show is sure to offer an engaging watch.

The Latest Buzz is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 66 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.8.

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