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Episode 8
Marcella's latest blackout leaves her with an unexplained corpse. Wondering why DCI Sangha is still in Belfast, Jack decides to investigate on his own.

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Episode 7
Finn uses Rory's phobia to bully him into an alliance. Marcella confronts Frank with a discovery about his past.

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Episode 6
Marcella recalls how Frank rescued and reprogrammed her 18 months earlier. When Stacey flees from the Maguires with her baby, Marcella must find her.

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Episode 5
Her stalker's latest threat leaves Marcella suspicious of Frank. After recognizing one of Bobby's abductors in police records, she tracks him down.

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Episode 4
The Maguires arrange for Bobby to leave the U.K., but the plan goes awry en route to the airport. Katherine sends a threatening message to Marcella.

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Episode 3
Marcella receives an anonymous package. At Jessie's vigil, DCI Sangha spots an eerily familiar face. Finn finds out who sold Jessie the heroin.

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Episode 2
Marcella is recognized on the street, and later finds an odd note on her windshield. When DCI Sangha arrives in Belfast, Bobby must cover his tracks.

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Episode 1
Eighteen months later, Marcella has a new life as a deep undercover operative in Belfast, spying on a powerful family that's running a shady business.

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Marcella is an exceptional British television crime drama, noir thriller, that aired on ITV between 2016 until 2021. The show was masterminded by famous Swedish screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt, best known for creating Nordic-noir television series, "The Bridge" and was characteristically interspersed with elements of Scandinavian noir. The show’s fascinating premise and intriguing narrative have been some of its hallmark qualities. Marcella, the title character of the series, portrayed impressively by Anna Friel, is a former London detective who returns to her job to solve an intriguing case that stirs old memories and leads her to confront her past. Central to the storyline is Marcella Backland's struggle with mental health, specifically dissociative fugue disorder, which causes her to experience violent blackouts, and how these episodes impact her personal life and professional work, making the series more than just another crime drama. Marcella deftly veers between the realms of police investigation and deep personal drama. Simmering under the suspense and crime-solving are undercurrents of familial tensions, Marcella's internal struggle with her complex past, and the emotional angst of her disintegrating personal life, which includes a fraught marriage and difficult relationship with her children. Throughout the series, Marcella navigates a life filled with challenges, haunted by the unresolved trauma of her past, wracked with the guilt over her shaky relationships, and burdened with doubts about herself as she plunges into the dark waters of London's criminal underworld. Yet, she never hesitates to bring to justice those who exploit the innocent and the weak. Delving into Marcella’s professional life, the series artfully unravels cases that are not only suspenseful but also delve into darker societal issues, piecing together a sinister image of London's underworld. Each season unveils a new line-up of a well-constructed cast of characters, each tethered to the crime at hand in one way or another. Roaming through the grisly lanes of murder, deceit, betrayal, and corruption, Marcella's investigation keeps the audience on their toes. The series does a masterful job of combining cliff hanger endings with unexpected twists and shocking revelations, all the while maintaining an atmosphere of palpable tension. The writing has a refreshing depth, unfolding complex characters and intriguing setups that slowly intertwine. Each layer pulled back uncovers another puzzle piece in the complicated world that Marcella operates within, and her own personal life proves to be as cryptic as the cases she handles. The series cleverly navigates through time, piecing together the present with recurring flashes of the past, drawing the audience in as they try to fit the puzzle together. A major shift in the narrative trajectory happens in the third season, creating a new and bold direction that amps up the suspense and action, providing audiences with a fresh perspective. Marcella delves deeper into her past, trying to reconcile the fragments of her memory while fighting a constant battle within herself. Anna Friel delivers a performance par excellence, truly embodying her complex character with great authenticity, skillfully portraying Marcella’s inner turmoil, vulnerability, strength, and often, raw anger. The supporting cast also deserves praise for their performances, contributing equally to the realism and depth of the story with each episode. The show's visual style adds another layer to the storytelling. Darkened, almost monochromatic photography reflects the grim narrative, and the rarely seen sunlight offers up an atmosphere as uneasy as the story itself. The series also makes excellent use of its London setting, offering a gritty and authentic portrayal of the city which becomes a character in itself. The atmospheric tension is heightened by the excellent and haunting background score, adding a disquieting undercurrent to the visual storytelling. The editing is slick, weaving a complex narrative without compromising the pace or suspense of the storyline. In essence, Marcella delivers an enthralling mix of nail-biting suspense, intriguing crime narratives, deep character study, and exploration of complex personal relationships. The series delves into the layers of the human psyche, the darkness within, and the fight for justice, offering viewers a heart-pounding journey through the grim underbelly of a city that sleeps with its secrets.

Marcella is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

Anna Friel, Ray Panthaki, Jack Doolan
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