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After a shaman practices forbidden black magic, the spirits punish her by haunting her soul, overtaking her body and delivering a little terror.

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Hak-su's wife reminds him to leave the talisman hanging above their bedroom door. But one lone night, he decides to test his luck and its powers.

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Dying to get to the bottom of an inexplicable case, a detective follows instructions written by a missing boy and experiences a new dimension.

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Red Shoes
A classmate’s death spurs rumors for some and guilt for one. When an overwhelmed pupil asks to meet, teacher and student come together half-way.

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No matter how much she tries, she can't outrun a creature on the prowl. No matter how long she runs, she can't escape the dark walls of the school.

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Special Guest
Sae-rom livestreams a virtual housewarming party with a spooky surprise for her viewers. But when the camera turns off, the real host takes over.

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In the middle of the night, a taxi driver picks up a woman on an empty street. By the time he arrives at her destination, she's nowhere to be seen.

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With the top-ranking student gone, Park Seo-hui should be a shoo-in for the top spot. But competition never dies, and neither does guilt.

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Goedam is a mini-series offered by Netflix that premiered in 2020. This South Korean horror anthology is one collection you will not want to miss if you are a fan of spine-chilling narratives and nerve-racking sightings that'll give you goosebumps. Consisting of 8 episodes, each varying between 5-9 minutes, Goedam packs potent scary moments within its brief runtime. It is high on shock quotient and low on commitment, making it an ideal binge-watch for horror enthusiasts. The show dives into the realms of urban legends, myths, and supernatural tales that have been passed down for generations in South Korean society. Each episode stands on its own, with unique stories and characters, exploring eerie circumstances, and conveying bizarre, supernatural events that create an uncanny atmosphere. The much-praised subtlety of Asian horrors is wonderfully encapsulated in Goedam, as it blends traditional folklore with modern-day settings. Goedam, loosely translating to 'Ghost Tale', maintains its grasp on horror enthusiasts by taking normal situations, which are familiar to anyone, and transforming them into ominous scenarios. It may start with an everyday setting such as an office, a restroom or a subway, but as the story unfolds, it begins to warp reality, giving birth to unexpected, ghostly incidents. Despite the initially mundane settings, viewers see the ambiance gradually twist, creating a growing sense of dread that withholds a sudden, terrifying payoff. The series, proposed by Studio 330 and produced by Yeon Sang-ho, the brainchild behind the international hit 'Train to Busan', fills each episode with unpredictable surprises. Yeon Sang-ho is known to skillfully merge social commentary with horror elements, creating narratives that are not merely fearsome but also compelling. In Goedam, he deftly addresses social issues like workplace intimidation, school bullying, sexual harassment, and societal pressures. The cinematography of the show deserves a special mention. The series has been lauded for its ability to build tension and suspense visually, using sound effects, lights, and shadows to great effect. It moves from coolly lit, ordinary scenarios to atmospheres imbued with a dark, eerie tone, using the contrast to amplify the suspense. The cinematography and sound design work together to make the viewer feel the intended chill down the spine. Goedam also holds an edge due to its impressive cast. Even though the individual stories don't allow too much scope for character development given their short length, the performances still stand out. Each actor embodies their character convincingly, thus intensifying the overall creepiness presented in the episodes. One can also appreciate the subtlety that Goedam maintains throughout its run. It doesn't rely on cheap jump scares or grotesque images to scare the viewer, which is a common trope in many horror shows. Instead, the anticipation alone is enough to make one's heart race with apprehension, making the reveal all the more bone-chilling. Furthermore, Goedam often leaves its stories open-ended, making room for personal interpretations. In doing so, it increases its fear-affect, since our imagination can often craft worse scenarios than what was explicitly shown. The show effectively manipulates the psychological aspect of fear, playing with the viewers' minds, and leaving them to contemplate over what they've seen, once the screen fades to black. In conclusion, Goedam is an innovative and fresh take on the horror genre, blending an assortment of standalone stories set within an urban landscape, making the familiar unfamiliar. This mini-series will undoubtedly give horror fans their fill with its diverse narratives filled with spine-tingling incidents wrapped in a bundle of societal commentary. Its perfect blend of fear and intrigue is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. An unexpected take on the usual scary folk tales, Goedam is a must-watch for those yearning for a quick fix of fear and terror.

Goedam is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.7.

Song Chae-Yoon, Han Su-ah, Shim So-Young
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