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Episode 20
Cheoljong and So-yong plans to go back to the Palace. However, Bong-hwan’s soul suddenly leaves So-yong’s body when she is in danger.

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Episode 19
So-yong runs away from the Palace, and Byeong-in chases right after her. Meanwhile, the Palace is busy with the preparation of the enthronement ceremony.

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Episode 18
Cheoljong leaves the Palace to protect So-yong. So-yong worries about him as he leaves without any explanation.

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A New Rumour
Bong-hwan (as So-yong) fumes as enemies spread rumors about the physician’s big news. A rivalry between the King and the Minister of War erupts.

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All In
So-yong decides to help Cheoljong future goals, after Cheoljong shares about the future of Joseon he dreams of. Meanwhile, Byeong-in and Hwa-jin grow anxious as Cheoljong and So-yong get closer.

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The Crazy X In This Palace
So-yong is impressed with Cheoljong, who accepted her request after hearing the truth about the secret book from her father, Kim Moon-geun. So-yong decides to get her revenge on people who tried to kill her by forming an alliance with Cheoljong.

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A Woman Who Must Die To Live
So-yong gets drunk and mistakes Cheoljong for Hong-yeon and spend a night together. So-yong starts avoiding Cheoljong when she finds out that they spent the night together.

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There is No Tomorrow
Cheoljong gets seriously injured from the explosion and goes unconscious. Kim Jwa-geun threatens So-yong again to accept his suggestion, and So-yong jumps into the lake to regain more memories.

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Dancing on The Sword
Byeong-in becomes angry when he realizes that the man who tries to kill So-yong was Cheoljong, not Yeongpyeong. Kim Jwa-geun's movement to ruin the banquet prepared by Cheoljong begins, and Cheoljong strives to solve the situation.

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The Unforgiven
So-yong becomes confused by her growing feelings towards Cheoljong, So-yong decides to reclaim his/her identity by flirting with the new concubines.

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Living a Nightmare
So-yong return to the palace. So-yong quickly gets to work in appeasing Grand Queen Dowager Sunwon's hunger.

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Light and Darkness
So-yong tries to return to the palace as soon as possible, but Cheoljong asks for another day of stay to find a secret book. They tour the town together and learn what the common people think of their leaders.

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A Dangerous Relationship
Cheoljong visits the So-yong's residence. Though he wants to meet So-yong, he also wants to take advantage of the excuse to explore the Kim Family's residence to find a secret.

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So-yong suddenly faints in the royal kitchen, slipping into a coma. While Bong-hwan is able to return to his original body and realizes that his original body remained in a vegetative state.

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Between Understanding and Misunderstanding
Cheoljong saves So-yong when she jumps into the lake to go back to the present day. Cheoljong starts to see So-yong differently.

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Susceptible Heels
Queen So-yong reveals a secret of the night to save Hwa-jin and Cheoljong lives, but which puts her at odds with Queen Sunwon and Kim Jwa-geun. Meanwhile, the Cheoljong regrets how he treated the So-yong and decides to trust her for the time being.

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The Man Who Knows Too Much
So-yong gets furious as she realizes it is Cheoljong who is trying to kill her. Byeong-in gets a clue while chasing his traces to reveal the identity of the man who tries to kill So-yong.

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Sleeping with the Enemy
So-yong escapes from danger with the help of Byeong-in. Cheoljong grows suspicious of So-yong. Meanwhile, So-yong misses modern food and decides to make it herself in the royal kitchen. She meet Man-bok, a head Royal Chef, and have a war of nerves.

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Nobody Knows
Bong-hwan's life as a queen So-yong begins. While the rigidity of the palace wears Bong-hwan out, he runs into the woman of his dreams, Jo Hwa-jin.

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Jang Bong Hwan in Wonderland
Bong-hwan is a successful chef, but he finds himself in trouble. After falling into a swimming pool while being chased by the detective, he wakes up in the Joseon dynasty in a woman's body.

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Mr. Queen is a hit Korean drama from the cable network tvN that aired from December 2020 to February 2021. The series features an ensemble cast led by talented actors such as Shin Hae-sun, Kim Jung-hyun, Cha Chung-hwa, Yoo Min-kyu, Lee Jae-won, Choi Jin-hyuk, and Kim In-gwon. This engaging show provides viewers with an unexpected blend of historical intrigue, romance, comedy, and even a touch of fantasy. It stands out from many other typical dramas due to its unique and compelling premise.

The narrative of Mr. Queen is driven by the most unusual body-swap. It introduces us to the modern-day, bad-boy chef Jang Bong-hwan, played by Choi Jin-hyuk, who works in the President's Blue House. A freak accident leads his soul to get trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon era, Queen Cheorin, portrayed paradoxically and brilliantly by Shin Hae-sun. Once a notorious womanizer and egoistic culinary genius, Jang Bong-hwan awakens to find himself in the wrong era, wrong body, and well, wrong gender.

Kim Jung-hyun plays the role of King Cheoljong, who is not as weak and gullible as he appears. It turns out that he leads a double life, being the same feeble-minded puppet king at day but turning into a fearless and just ruler under the veil of darkness. This complexity to his character adds another intriguing layer to the drama.

It shows the struggles of our chef-turned-queen as he tries to adapt to the constraints of the Harem where women are seen more as prizes and political chess pieces rather than individuals with their own will. The series has a great mix of palace conspiracies, power plays, and traditions that the modern mind of Chef Jang confronts head-on.

Mr. Queen is not only about the comical trials and tribulations of Bong-hwan as Queen Cheorin. It also subtly explores themes of gender identity and questions rigid societal norms that still persist today. As the series progresses, we watch Bong-hwan grapple with his new identity as a woman and the implications that come with this new form he finds himself in.

Yoo Min-kyu, Kim In-gwon, Jang Hye-jin, Lee Jae-won, Cha Chung-hwa, and Na In-woo play significant roles, each contributing to the drama's plot twists and its concoction of emotions. The characters are well-written and characterized, each standing out in their unique way. The interplay of their stories and relationships adds an unforgettable touch to the drama.

The show does not just stop at the narrative level. It excels in terms of creative technical elements as well. The sets, costumes, and cinematography provide the rich historical background against which the plot unfolds. The attention to detail is noticeable and contributes to the visual splendor of the show, making it even more enjoyable to watch.

Despite its historical setting, the drama strikes a chord with contemporary viewers for its incorporation of multiple genres and modern humor. This, coupled with its unpredictable storylines, keeps the audience on the edge of their seats every episode. The excellent performances of the cast breathe life into the carefully woven narrative of Mr. Queen and contribute enormously to the series' charm and appeal.

Mr. Queen is full of witty dialogues, unexpected twists, and heartfelt moments. It is a far cry from the somber melodramas that Korean dramas are often associated with. The series takes risks with its unique premise, pushing the boundaries of the kdrama genre. As a result, it offers us an engaging and entertaining storyline that is like a breath of fresh air in the world of dramas.

In summary, Mr. Queen is a journey through time and identity that employs comedy as its bedrock while dealing with deeper themes of feminism, authoritarianism, and identity crisis. The strength of this series lies in its blend of historical and modern themes, unique plot, excellent acting, and engaging storylines that keep viewers coming back for more. With its standout portrayal of characters facing struggles with identity and societal norms, Mr. Queen guarantees an entertaining and thought-provoking watch.

Mr. Queen is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

Shin Hye-sun, Kim Jung-hyun, Seol In-ah
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