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Episode 16
Yeom-mi identifies the person from her dream as So-ah's missing father. Ha-baek worries about So-ah after he returns to his world.

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Episode 15
So-ah watches the sunset with Ha-baek and admits that she wants to see her father. As they spend time together before their parting, Hoo-ye shows up.

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Episode 14
Mura lashes out at Ha-baek when the reason for Hoo-ye killing Bi-ryum's subordinate Mo-myung comes to light. Hoo-ye remembers it all and disappears.

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Episode 13
Ha-baek returns to find out why the sacred stones are in the human world. He tells So-ah he wants to love her so that he can properly say goodbye.

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Episode 12
Mura tells So-ah how her ancestors became servants of the gods in order to convince her to allow Ha-baek to return to his own world.

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Episode 11
Ha-baek presses So-ah when he misunderstands her relationship with Hoo-ye, but she pushes back. He realizes his feelings and opens up to her.

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Episode 10
Joo-dong regains his memory and gives the third sacred stone to Ha-baek. Joo-dong says Hoo-ye unintentionally caused his memory loss.

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Episode 9
Ha-baek finally meets Joo-dong only to find he has lost his memory. On the day Hoo-ye came to the human world, Joo-dong was struck by lightning.

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Ha-baek realizes that Hoo-ye is a demigod and suspects he has something to do with Joo-dong's disappearance. So-ah frets about the land sale.

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Episode 7
So-ah visits Hoo-ye and opens up to him after an argument with Ha-baek. Ha-baek later tells So-ah that she can sell the land.

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Episode 6
After Bi-ryum threatens to drop So-ah from a bridge to test Ha-baek's power, she asks what her ancestors did to make her deserve this fate.

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Episode 5
So-ah is riding in a car with Ha-baek and Soo-ri when the brakes fail. Ha-baek saves her with his power, which only returned in her time of need.

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Episode 4
Ha-baek's divine power returns as he saves a falling So-ah, but it proves to be only temporary. So-ah finally believes that Ha-baek is a god.

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Episode 3
So-ah becomes mentally unstable after hearing the voices of plants and bugs. Yeom-mi suggests the cause might be guilt over failing to help someone.

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Episode 2
So-ah doesn't realize she's descended from servants of the gods. After a sudden kiss from Ha-baek, she starts to hear strange things.

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Episode 1
The god Ha-baek, heir to the throne of the Water Kingdom, comes to the human world and meets psychiatrist So-ah, who mistakes him for a patient.

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The Bride of Habaek is an enchanting TV series from TVN that blends romance, fantasy, and mythology into a riveting story. The series is a visual spectacle interspersed with captivating dialogue and intricate character arcs, making it a must-watch for the enthusiasts of K-dramas. Released in 2017, the series sensationalized the television in South Korea and beyond, garnering international fans contributing to the global popularity of Hallyu wave.

The story carves itself around the central character, Habaek, who is a mythical Water God tasked with a crucial mission to complete on Earth. He descends into the mortal world to find three magical stones that will help him claim his rightful place as the King of the Realm of Gods. An essential stipulation for him to locate these stones is to get help from his destined servant, who happens to be a mortal. Here enters our lead female role, So Ah, who is not so convinced about the existence of gods and holds a pragmatic view of the world.

So Ah, an earnest, adamant, and a bit quirky psychiatrist, is established to counterbalance the aloofness of Habaek. Despite struggling with her own professional and personal demons, So Ah is a beacon of humanity, imbued with a kind spirit and fierce independence. Her encounters with Habaek are initially ridden with misunderstandings, disbelief and skepticism about his claims of divinity. This sets the stage for their relationship, shaping and evolving through faith, love, and sacrifice throughout the series.

However, the storyline doesn’t limit itself to the evolving relationship between Habaek and So Ah. The tale expands to introduce a consequential sub-plot bustling with a host of supporting characters, each with their unique narratives contributing to the overall storyline. The series excellently renders a glimpse into the struggles of the celestial beings, making their tales just as much part of the mortal realm through unexpected friendships, rivalries, and romances.

The Bride of Habaek exceptionally weaves mythology into the pedestrian setting which adds thrill to the series. The visual interpretation of mythical beings translating their powers in human form is enthralling. From controlling waters to causing lightning strikes, these splashes of magic realism periodically appear in the plot, keeping viewers gripped to the unpredictable turn of events.

It’s not just the highly conceptual plot and diverse characters that make this series compelling, but the brilliant execution through superb acting further strengthens its appeal. Nam Joo Hyuk, playing Habaek, exhibits an exquisite range of emotions from being an aloof Water God to a compassionate mortal dealing with love. Shin Se Kyung portrays the character of So Ah with an exquisite charm and relatability which reels viewers into the world of The Bride of Habaek. The skilled performances of the supporting cast amalgamate to make every character pivotal for this engaging journey.

Direction and screenplay also play a remarkable role in the series. With every scene beautifully crafted, the use of imagery and visual symbolism is notable. The blend of fantasy and reality is so beautifully presented that the transition is seamless, and the viewers effortlessly move from the cobblestone streets of Seoul to the grandeur world of water deities.

Despite transported into the fantasy world, the series also addresses the real-world concerns, such as the daily struggles of life, mental health, trust issues, and dealing with insecurities, which resonates with the audiences off-screen.

Without revealing too much, The Bride of Habaek offers a thrilling roller coaster ride of mythology blended with romance, drama, and fantasy. Each episode unravels a new nuance of the storyline, making it more intriguing and leaving viewers in anticipation. The series captures the viewers' imagination and engrosses them into its romantic fantasy, striking the right balance between moments of humor, gravity, and heart-touching emotions.

The Bride of Habaek, thus, is not just another K-Drama; it's a unique concoction of modern Korean culture and ancient mythology with a captivating storyline and well-portrayed characters that leave a lasting impression. The complexity of divinity intertwined with the simplicity of human emotions gives this series an unforgettable allure that makes it a delightful watch.

The Bride of Habaek is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

Nam Joo-hyuk, Shin Se-Kyung, Lim Ju-hwan
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