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Episode 20
While Sun-woo and Bo-ra set out to change their parents' minds about their relationship, juicy gossip about Taek turns up on the news.

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Episode 19
During a layover in Beijing, Deok-sun makes sure to stop by to take care of Taek. Jung-hwan puts together a touching surprise for Mi-ran.

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Episode 18
It's 1994, and the friends are back in town for Taek's birthday. Deok-sun gets stood up for a concert, and Bo-ra agrees to a blind date.

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Episode 17
As Deok-sun and the boys ponder their futures, the parents discuss their own bygone dreams. Meanwhile, Taek dreams of something sweeter.

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Episode 16
When a TV singing competition rolls into town, Mi-ran and Dong-ryong are eager to audition. Bo-ra moves out to study for the bar exam.

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Episode 15
Deok-sun faces a harsh reality check about getting into college. Dong-ryong ends up at the police station.

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Episode 14
Sun-woo doesn't like that Sun-young and Moo-sung have grown so close. Deok-sun gifts Jung-hwan a pink shirt for his birthday.

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Episode 13
Il-hwa gets anxious about a lump on her chest before a physical at the hospital. Taek leaves for a big competition in Tokyo.

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Episode 12
Secrets abound as Sun-young keeps news about her part-time job from Sun-woo, who sneaks around with Bo-ra. Moo-sung babysits.

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Episode 11
The moms see a fortuneteller. Jung-hwan grapples with complicated feelings, made worse when Deok-sun and her family temporarily move into his house.

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Episode 10
Everyone piles into Bo-ra's car to fetch Dong-ryong after he runs away from home on his birthday. Deok-sun and Taek take a detour on the way back.

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Episode 9
The new year comes with money trouble for Sun-young and a health scare for Moo-sung. Deok-sun gets a glimpse of Taek's life in the spotlight.

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Episode 8
While the Kim family braces for Jung-bong's heart surgery, Bo-ra runs into relationship trouble, and Deok-sun meets No-eul's girlfriend.

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Episode 7
With Christmas around the corner, everyone picks names for Secret Santa. Jung-hwan notices Deok-sun wants a pair of pink mittens.

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Episode 6
Taek shoulders heavy pressure as he heads to China for a tournament. Deok-sun writes about experiencing first love, which Jung-hwan happens to read.

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Episode 5
Bo-ra's participation in risky student protests upsets Dong-il. Sun-young wants to show her mother she's doing all right, even when she isn't.

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Episode 4
Deok-sun declares she wants to get into college, Seong-gyun nurses hurt feelings, and Taek deals poorly with losing.

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Episode 3
Despite her disastrous dance skills, Deok-sun is determined to win a cassette player at a talent show being held during her school retreat.

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Episode 2
Choi Taek's latest win calls for a neighborhood celebration. Deok-sun and Dong-il grieve for their loved one's passing in different ways.

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Episode 1
In 1988 Seoul, Deok-sun spends her days hanging out with childhood friends and practicing her role in the upcoming Olympics opening ceremony.

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Reply 1988, a South Korean television series which aired on paid network TVN from November 2015 to January 2016, is one of the most iconic entries in the 'Reply' series. Marked by nostalgic undertones, this attention-stealing, heartstring-pulling drama became a staple of cultural conversation in South Korea and enjoyed tremendous popularity internationally.

Directed by Shin Won-Ho and written by Lee Woo-Jung, Reply 1988 is a heartwarming trip down memory lane that fuses together a fondness for yesteryears and a keen sensitivity to the human experience. It defines and celebrates the epoch of the late 80s in South Korea, complete with memorable snippets of its popular culture, music, lifestyle, and socio-economic backdrop.

Unfolding in the rural backdrop of Seoul's Ssangmun-dong neighborhood, the series introduces audiences to five childhood friends, with each residence in the neighborhood housing one of these main characters. Sung Duk-Seon, the only girl in the group, is a feisty and energetic teenager who offers moments of laughter and poignant truth. The series includes Ryu Jun-Yeol as Jung-Hwan, Go Kyung-Pyo as Sun-Woo, Lee Dong-Hwi as Dong-Ryong, and Park Bo-Gum as Choi Taek.

The endearing charm of Reply 1988 lies in its candid, straightforward narrative style. It seamlessly blends the ordinary with the extraordinary— the daily trials and tribulations of middle-class families are entwined with the larger milestones of life. Important themes such as friendship, family, love, ambition, and the passage of time are interwoven in a way that feels thoughtful and real. Despite the significant span of time it covers, the series never loses its emotional resonance.

The series is not simply a reflection of nostalgia for the era but also a commentary on the palpable societal shifts experienced in South Korea during the 80s. These include the rise of consumerism, the changing dynamics of family relationships, and the deep-rooted desire for upward mobility. Life's joys, challenges, and the subtle threads of human connection are portrayed with a light-hearted approach that often plunges into moments of profound depth.

Music plays a vital role in Reply 1988, employing popular hits from the era to evoke a rich sense of nostalgia. This, coupled with the stunningly detailed sets and costumes, immerses the audience in the time period. As per the tradition of the Reply series, the show also incorporates a mystery element related to Duk-Seon’s future husband, making audiences guess the identity of the groom till the very end.

Reply 1988 is a rich tapestry of human emotions, filled with humor, warmth, and several moments of tear-jerking sensitivity. It is the characters, the storyline and the talent behind the camera that make it truly stand out in the landscape of global television. From the parents who toil to provide a good life for their children to the youngsters grappling with their dreams and aspirations, each character has a separate arc wonderfully portrayed by a stellar ensemble cast.

The series offers a gentle reminder of the power of community and the importance of 'home,' exploring the bonds of family and friendship in profound and meaningful ways. Whether it's competitive dads engrossed in a board game, a flurry of emotion over a lost toy, or surrogate mothers offering comfort, every episode is suffused with a resounding warmth that strikes a chord.

Reply 1988 is beyond a mere trip down memory lane; instead, it's a keen exploration of the human maturation process that speaks to viewers regardless of their nationality or age. The series illuminally highlights that time irrevocably moves forward, but the bonds forged in the pure simplicity of childhood endure. In essence, the show reinforces the transformative era of the late 80s, which not just impacted the society and cultural landscape of Korea but also resonates with a worldwide audience, making the series a gem in global television.

Reply 1988 is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 9.1.

Lee Hyeri, Go Kyung-pyo, Ryu Jun-Yeol
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