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The Wedding
Cassie, Abigail, Joy and George come together to protect the Merriwick magic from the mysterious force over Middleton. Cassie and Sam make a momentous decision about their life together.

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The Search
The pressure is on because strange things start happening to Cassie, Abigail and Joy's abilities.

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The Sprint
Cassie and Sam are disagreeing about Sam's return to work after his injury; Flower Universe is trying to undercut Abigail's business, but she won't go down without a fight.

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The Magic
As the Merriwicks delve into the images on Joy's vision board, Cassie accompanies Sam on a trip to his childhood home to care for his sister.

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The Wishes
When Cassie, Abigail, and Joy toss coins into the wishing well, wishes old and new start coming true.

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The Kite
Joy's dream sends the three Merriwicks on a search for Phillip Harper, Joy's father.

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The Exchange
Sam is excited to perform surgery on a star basketball player. Joy makes a discovery and decides to revive the Middleton Exchange tradition.

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The Delivery
Cassie, Stephanie and Abigail help Martha throw Claire a baby shower, sparking memories of Cassie's own baby shower.

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The Shell
Cassie and Sam's double date with hospital administrator Grant and his girlfriend Monica, doesn't go quite as planned. Martha organizes a Grease themed movie night in the park.

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The Party
Cassie and Sam's much overdue date doesn't go as planned and they end up stranded on an island. Joy dreams about her parents.

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Good Witch is a charming, gentle, yet engaging television drama series that premiered on the Hallmark Channel in 2015 and concluded in 2021. The series, based on The Good Witch movies, is a beautiful blend of magic, romance, and family bonding topped off with a liberal sprinkling of small-town charm to create a genuinely endearing viewing experience for audiences across all age groups. While the show is set in the picturesque, idyllic town of Middleton, it is centered around Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale, the enchanting and elusive proprietor of the Bell, Book & Candle shop. Cassie has a unique knack of understanding people's problems and helping to resolve them, which often leads her neighbors to suspect that she possesses supernatural powers. This character, portrayed to perfection by Catherine Bell, is the heart of the show, drawing audiences with her magical charisma and soothing presence. Cassie lives in the hauntingly beautiful Grey House, a structure filled with such rich history that it is practically a character in and of itself. There, she raises her teenage daughter Grace, who is beginning to show signs of her mother's special intuitive charm. Bailee Madison wonderfully takes up the role of Grace, presenting a delicate balance between navigating the confusing world of adolescence and discovering her own latent magical abilities. As considerable pillars in their community, Cassie and Grace bring the town together like none other. From picnic at the park, enchanting Halloween festivals to school fundraisers, their influence is evident in every corner of their neighborhood. By their warm welcomes and kind hearts, they create a sense of unity and mutual understanding among the people of Middleton, often times using their unique charm and cunning to encourage people to put aside their differences and learn to understand, respect, and help each other better. In the first season, a handsome doctor named Sam Radford moves next door to Grey House with his teenage son. This development introduces a fresh dynamic to the storyline that audiences loved, as Sam, unlike other townsfolk, is quite skeptical of Cassie's peculiar abilities. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, a fascinating connection develops between the two, filled with playful banter, muted expressions of care, and a slowly building, beautiful bond. The palpable chemistry between Cassie and Sam brings a delightful romantic element to the show, pleasing fans who anticipated a love story from the beginning. Throughout the series, the magical realism portrayed syncs well with the day-to-day happenings, a testament to the show's nuanced writing and compelling storytelling style. An interesting aspect of the show is that while magic is a prominent component, it is presented in a subtly restrained manner, further adding to the appeal of the series. The show uses magic as a metaphor, allowing viewers to perceive it as intuition, wisdom and the ability to predict and understand human behavior. The series chooses not to center on dramatic and conspicuous displays of magic, but instead to dwell in the magic of human connections, kindness, and the ordinary-yet-extraordinary experiences of life. The charm of Good Witch also very much lies within its ensemble cast. Even the side characters are embedded with unique and intricate personalities, each with their individual struggles, triumphs, and growth arcs, which are skillfully interwoven with the main story. Here, the series showcases its beautifully diverse representation of characters and experiences that resonate with viewers across various walks of life. With its clever blend of everyday human experiences, magical undertones, compelling romantic ties and a brilliant portrayal of characters, Good Witch has managed to create a faithful fanbase over its run. The light-hearted, often whimsical style of storytelling never undermines the depth and relatability of its characters, rendering an enjoyable and refreshingly positive experience to the viewers. Good Witch is a perfect watch for anyone yearning for a calming yet engrossing escape into a world where magic subtly intertwines with reality. Indeed, the series serves to remind us of the magic that can be found within our ordinary lives if we choose to see it.

Good Witch is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 80 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, James Denton, Catherine Disher, Peter MacNeill, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, Noah Cappe
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