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It�۪s all lead up to this. The Pyrippus has overtaken Bo, and Hades�۪ plan is moments from completion.

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Let Them Burn
The search for the Pyrippus leads Bo to a realization that shakes her to the core. With Hades pulling the strings from the very beginning, can she really fight against this dark fate?

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Follow the Yellow Trick Road
There�۪s no place like home, but for Bo it�۪s a long, red brick road to get back, and it will take more than finding the man behind the curtain to get there. But maybe it�۪s easier to accept the world of Oz rather than the cruel reality of what she�۪s lost.

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Family Portrait
Even a Succubus can�۪t escape awkward family dinners. Aife breaks out of the mental hospital and reveals the truth about her imprisonment and Trick.

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Judgment Fae
Z is back on the scene and harder to find once they abandon their vessel. Their only lead to finding Z is gaining an audience with Hephaestus.

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Sweet Valkyrie High
Tamsin has a plan to send Hades back, but first she has to find a way back to Valhalla. While she walks down memory lane at her alma mater, Lauren and Bo have their hands full with an irate Evony who wants nothing more than to be Fae again.

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Like Father, Like Daughter
Even with Nyx defeated, the end of the world is still looming as long as Z is around. Bo gains help from an old friend to secure the key to Z' defeat.

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44 Minutes to Save the World
With the threat of an apocalypse hanging over them, Bo and her friends must find and stop the deadly Nyx before midnight. But with Zeus' schemes and a newly released Hades, the problems just keep piling on.

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Lost Girl is a gripping supernatural drama series, produced by Prodigy Pictures in collaboration with Shaw Media and Showcase from 2010 to 2016. Its rich, multilayered narrative draws from a breadth of mythologies, with a particular emphasis on ancient Greek, Celtic, and Nordic folklore. It's a riveting fusion of the supernatural and the human, charting new paths across the spectrum of love, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, power, and the pursuit of self-understanding—a story that, despite the fantastical, never loses touch with the real-world emotions that underpin the human experience. Lost Girl showcases the exceptionally talented actress, Anna Silk, who plays the leading female role—Bo, a powerful and intrepid succubus born from the forbidden union of dark and light Fae—a mythical world familiar to anyone who loves fantasy fiction, but brought to new life through creative storytelling and vivid performances. Unlike other Fae who are aligned either with the Light or Dark clan, Bo rejects this traditional divide, determined to protect vulnerable humans from being victimized by the Fae. Striking this solitary path, she navigates her way through the mystical and treacherous world of the supernatural, encountering uncharted territories and challenging traditional relationships and alliances. Alongside Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried gives an exemplary performance as the noble and stoic Dyson—a shapeshifter detective caught in a tangle of love and duty. Ksenia Solo, with a memorable portrayal as Kenzi, Bo's street-smart human sidekick, adds a touch of humor and light-heartedness. Zoie Palmer offers a magnificent portrayal of the empathetic and pragmatic Lauren, a human doctor who serves the Fae and carries her own secret heartache. Rick Howland plays the ancient and world-weary Trick, with a profound wisdom that influences Bo's journey in unexpected ways, while K. C. Collins brilliantly plays the daunting role of Hale, a siren and part of the Fae upper class who later becomes Dyson's friend and partner. The series is praised for its engaging storyline, its delicate exploration of human sentiments, complex interpersonal relationships, and the quest for identity and belonging. At its core, Lost Girl is about a woman's journey to unearth her origin, understand her powers, and define her destiny. It spins an entrancing web of friendship, family ties, romantic love, and hard-hitting reality checks in a world full of mystery and danger. Lost Girl's strength also lies in its representation diversity. Its refreshing and forward-thinking approach towards sexuality, presented without judgment or traditional stereotypes, has been widely appreciated. Characters’ identities extend beyond their sexual orientation to their individual strengths, vulnerabilities, and personas, giving a more profound sense of each person’s humanity. Each season, the stakes get higher and the plots thicken as Bo learns more about her powers, her heritage, and the often-cruel machinations of the Fae world. The visuals are as breathtaking as the plot-lines are engrossing, presenting a world that's simultaneously familiar and fantastical—a testament to the series' top-notch production and creativity. In essence, Lost Girl is not just a television show—it’s an immersive experience into a world as diverse and complex as our own where one can almost touch and feel the emotional depth, dynamic relationships, and the high stakes of a supernatural conflict that parallels and illuminates the very notions of autonomy, identity, and social dynamics that populate our own world. Offering bold narratives and allowing characters an unparalleled depth, Lost Girl is a journey into the supernatural that never fails to maintain an innate humanness. It's a unique reflection of adaptability in times of uncertainty, the power of friendship in a world divided, and the significance of freedom in one's choices in life, truly cementing its place in the spectrum of remarkable TV shows from the early 2010s. If you're a fan of fantasy, mystery, and heart-tugging emotions, Lost Girl is a world of fascinating character arcs, rich cultural lore, and thrilling drama that you can't afford to miss.

Lost Girl is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 86 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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How can I watch Lost Girl online? Lost Girl is available on Syfy with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Lost Girl on demand at Apple TV, Amazon online.

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