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Helped to Death
True crime podcaster Alex McPherson has a new case. When Alex and her colleague Drew Godfrey investigate a self-help retreat where people past and present have died.

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The Deep End
When a man's body is discovered in a pond, his wife finds herself in a complex trial, which causes podcaster Alex and the Chronicle team to seek answers surrounding this unusual case.

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Vines that Bind

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The Wrong Man
The latest edition of Alex McPherson's true crime podcast finds her investigating a three-year-old murder for which the body has only recently been discovered. In reviewing the case for her podcast, Alex discovers the shocking truth about the killer, and helps to exonerate two men wrongly accused of the crime.

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Alex McPherson (Sweeney) returns to the small town in Pennsylvania where she spent her summers as a girl to record the next episode of her true crime podcast, about the disappearance of a childhood friend 20 years prior. However, after teaming up with the local newspaper editor (Ayres), who reluctantly agrees to help her retrace the girl's last steps, Alex not only uncovers the shocking truth behind the girl's disappearance, but also a decades-old murder and its cover-up.

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The Chronicle Mysteries is a captivating crime-drama and mystery series presented by the Hallmark Channel in 2019. The series is aimed to appeal to the lovers of investigative tales, gripping suspense, and puzzle-solving wrapped in a thrilling narrative.

In the lead role, we have the talented Alison Sweeney, renowned for her work in shows like "Days of Our Lives". She takes on the character of Alex McPherson, an enterprising investigative podcaster and journalist. Alex has a penchant for exploring cold cases, puzzles that have lain unsolved for years, and old mysteries that seem to have been forgotten by time. She not only hosts a popular podcast series, fittingly named “Recovered”, where she unravels these obscure, puzzling narratives, but also plays an active role in their investigation.

The setting for these intriguing mysteries is the fictional town of Harrington, where Alex has returned after a long period of time. Her return to her childhood hometown is triggered by her deep-seated interest in the longstanding disappearance of her own brother, an event which has left a profound impact on her life. Back in Harrington, she becomes entangled with the local newspaper, the Harrington Chronicle, her brother's old haunt. This connection leads her to the local newspaper's archivist, Drew Godfrey, played by Benjamin Ayres. Their shared passion for unearthing the truth about the past kickstarts a budding romance, adding another layer of depth to the series.

While Drew appears to be more methodical and fact-based in his approach, Alex is portrayed as intuitive and tenacious, often relying on her instincts and gut feelings to uncover the truth. Nevertheless, their differing philosophies do not deter them from working together to solve the cases at hand. Instead, they complement each other, creating a dynamic and thoughtful investigative team.

A sense of heartwarming community is also prevalent in The Chronicle Mysteries. Despite its thriller-based premise, the series manages to incorporate the signature Hallmark charm – the sense of belonging, companionship, and understanding. The tight-knit community of Harrington is showcased as people close ranks and support each other, demonstrating how compassion and unity can provide solace even amid uncertain times.

Hallmark Channel's series of Chronicle Mysteries goes beyond the typical whodunit, unfolding a sequenced narrative where each episode adds a piece to the larger puzzle. The storylines are filled with layers of complexity and unexpected twists that keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. Each episode often carries forward the narrative from its predecessor, building anticipation and intrigue as viewers share in Alex's quest for answers.

The audience sees not only the intellectual challenge of solving the mysteries but also the emotional journey that accompanies digging into the past. The narrative expertly explores and unpacks the emotional turmoil of the characters as the truth unfolds— a testament to the profoundly human element at play here.

The Chronicle Mysteries offers a riveting blend of mystery-thriller and drama genres, woven with onscreen chemistry between the lead characters, engaging character development, and cleverly layered storytelling. One of the standout factors is the series' ability to merge modern technology with traditional investigation methods, highlighting the changing face of sleuthing. Incorporating elements of podcasting into the narrative makes the series relatable and contemporary, attracting a range of audiences.

In conclusion, The Chronicle Mysteries paints an enchanting picture of a resilient investigative podcaster’s journey, with plots intricately woven around cold cases, unsolved mysteries, and undying resolve. It grabs the viewer's attention right from the start with compelling narratives and relatable characters. The visually pleasing backdrop of Harrington, beautiful cinematography, and engaging dialogues are an additional plus. For viewers who love a mixture of suspense, drama, romance, and mystery, The Chronicle Mysteries makes for an absorbing watch.

The Chronicle Mysteries is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 5 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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