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Ep 17

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 17 Now

The Exposé
After the story about the football team's sabotage comes out, Bailey has to make a choice. Ivy and Finn discuss the future of their ‘fake' relationship.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 16 Now

Petra deals with the consequences of getting caught. Theo pushes Ivy away. Finn looks into J.J.'s past.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 15 Now

It's Personal
As Petra ices Ivy out, Ivy finds a friend in Kara. Bailey leans on Sage for support. J.J. enlists Finn's help around the Alvarez house.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 14 Now

Kara and Finn come to J.J.'s aide. Ivy confronts Petra. Bailey learns a devastating truth.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 13 Now

Cover Blown
Simone struggles to keep her grades up but Poppy has the perfect solution for her. Tensions rise between Theo and Ivy.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 12 Now

Just Your Type
Ivy deals with the aftermath of her PDA at Junior's. Finn receives bad news. Bailey finds a unique solution for Ben.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 11 Now

The Key
Ivy and Finn put on a show to sell their relationship. Kara organizes a bake sale to pay for the dance team's expenses.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 10 Now

Bailey feels guilty about her actions. Ivy and Finn get closer. J.J. deals with a new challenge.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 9 Now

Play Pretend
Ivy and Finn go on a double date with Theo and Petra. Bailey pushes the boundaries in her friendship with J.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 8 Now

Better Off
Bailey catches on to J.J.'s living situation. Petra and Ivy spend more time together. Ben and Kara make a decision about their future.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 7 Now

As Kara plays hooky from school, the dance team gains a new member.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 6 Now

Keeping a Secret
Simone suspects that Ivy has a crush on Theo. Things between Kara and Ben heat up.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 5 Now

Second Try
Bailey debates her next steps. Kara and Ben deal with their budding feelings for each other. Ivy gets closer to Theo and grows suspicious of Petra.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 4 Now

In or Out?
Ivy overhears Kara doubting her dedication to the team. Bailey attempts to get back on the football team.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 3 Now

Real Player
Ivy and Kara have creative differences. J.J. tries to get on the dance team. Bailey is dealt a major blow.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 2 Now

Spin, Ballerina
Ex-ballerina Ivy contemplates her future as she starts school at Attaway.

Watch Chicken Girls Season 10 Episode 1 Now

Chicken Girls is a popular web series that premiered on the Brat TV's YouTube channel in September 2017. The show revolves around the teenage life of Rhyme and her friends, the so-called "Chicken Girls", in the small town of Attaway. Title "Chicken Girls" may seem puzzling at the start, but it has been suggested by the show’s creator that it represents their childhood nickname when they were learning to dance and their dance moves were akin to little chicks learning to fly. It captures their close-knit friendship and shared trials and tribulations of high school life.

Chicken Girls reflects the essence of the teen drama genre in contemporary settings. At its core, it's about friendships, relationships, finding one’s identity and discovering love in a world filled with school pressure, family life, and the challenges posed by the internet and social media. The rich storytelling delves into many situations that young people often face - from the tension between staying safe and the urge to explore the world, to transitions and the complexity of growing up.

Rhyme, the main character, is portrayed by Annie LeBlanc, an enchanting teenager who garnered fame on YouTube before gracing the TV screens. Rhyme is the anchor of Chicken Girls, intelligently skeptical, fiercely loyal, and often consumed with love interests. The narrative is underpinned by her ability to juggle between being a 'dancer', a 'study-devotee', and a 'devoted friend'. Rhyme's best friends, all part of the "Chicken Girls", include Ellie, Quinn, and Kayla. They've been dancing together since childhood, representing not just their shared history, but their shared journey into the world of adolescence.

The townscape of Attaway, deliberately evoking the charm of small-town life, plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative arc of the series. All the characters in this town are deeply interconnected, making you feel like you are part of their community as you follow their adventures. Throughout the series, daily routines at Attaway High School sets the stage for the interwoven stories of friendship, rivalry, romance, and trials of the heart.

The series brilliantly presents nuanced subjects that resonate with today’s teens - be it popularity, peer pressure, love triangles, friendship dynamics, dealing with bullying, or nurturing dreams and fostering talents. The soundtrack of Chicken Girls involving several original pop music songs and dance sequences creates an infectious rhythm. The performances by cast members effortlessly bring these songs to life which have been well-loved by fans around the world.

Chicken Girls has a unique approach to narrative construction, with clever use of dramatic twists and turns that keep viewers on their toes but never loses sight of its central theme: the intensity of teenage life. Moreover, with a relatively large ensemble cast, each character from Rhyme to her friends, from love interests to rivals, offers a well-rounded perspective on teen life in Attaway. They each have a depth of personality and face their own unique challenges, ensuring the viewers can find at least one character to relate to.

On a production level, the series is commendable for its high production values. This includes excellent camera work, engaging editing, and visual quality which is quite above par for a YouTube show. It also uses digital media platforms cleverishly, a nod to young viewers who also interact through these platforms.

The characters grow and learn over progressive seasons, offering a wholesome exploration of their inner selves, their evolving personalities, and their ability to adapt to change. The show continues to evolve, offering an ever-evolving teen universe that engages not just youngsters, but viewers across various ages who find a bit of themselves in the struggles and victories of the characters.

In terms of popularity, Chicken Girls quickly gained an impressive fan base and record-breaking views, marking an important step in the world of web series on YouTube. It shows how original, relatable programming can find a niche, reflecting the potential of digital platforms to engage younger audiences in creative and meaningful ways.

In conclusion, Chicken Girls can be deemed as a refreshingly honest portrayal of teenage life. So, whether you are a teen in the throes of high-school life or an adult reminiscing about those times, the show, with its triumphs, twists, and turns, is sure to engage your emotions and attention, and make you part of the world as seen through the eyes of Rhyme and her friends.

Chicken Girls is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 136 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.3.

Hayley LeBlanc, Jules LeBlanc, Brooke Elizabeth Butler
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