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Chapter One Hundred
With Jane and Rafael finally getting ready for their big day, Rafael's desire to help Jane's writing dream lands him in trouble. Xo and Rogelio must tell the family about their decision and not everyone takes it well.

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Chapter Ninety-Nine
Get ready for the finale with cast interviews from the cast of "Jane The Virgin" - Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, Justin Baldoni, Brett Dier, Ivonne Coll, Jaime Camil, Elias Janssen, Anthony Mendez and executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman.

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Chapter Ninety-Eight
Jane is feeling great about all the book publishing prospects she has until an unexpected problem pops up. Petra and Rafael's working relationship has been going so well that Petra makes Rafael an unexpected offer.

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Chapter Ninety-Seven
When Jane's editor pitches her a dark twist for her book, Jane begins to wonder if the same thing might have actually happened to her. Rogelio helps River bond with her daughter, but River once again makes things difficult for him.

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Chapter Ninety-Six
After Jane is struck with inspiration for her book, she immediately begins to write, but her next challenge is to get an agent. Rogelio has been so focused on being the star, he begins to contemplate taking on a different role instead.

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Chapter Ninety-Five
When Lina (guest star Diane Guerrero) comes to town, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is excited to see her until Lina asks her for a favor. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) begins to work with Petra (Yael Grobglas) again but old tensions create new problems between them.

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Chapter Ninety-Four
With Jane and Rafael finally in a good place, they are concerned to discover Mateo's treatment might be a problem. Alba and Rogelio are worried about Xo's recent behavior.

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Chapter Ninety-Three
After Rafael witnesses Mateo's behavior at school, he wants to take a different approach to his treatment. Rogelio is paranoid that River is plotting her revenge against him.

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Chapter Ninety-Two
With Jorge officially moved into Alba's house with his stuff, it quickly has changed the dynamic, making Jane to uncomfortable. Rafael and Jane work on their co-parenting of Mateo now that they have a potential way to help Mateo.

Watch Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11 Now

Chapter Ninety-One
When Rogelio tells Jane that the network wants her to write the script for their telenovela, at first she is excited, but begins to struggle balancing her time between that and her novel. Rafael is furious with Jane after she makes a medical appointment that he doesn't agree with behind his back.

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Chapter Ninety
When Jane and Rogelio join forces to pitch a pilot, Jane is excited until she discovers a secret about her book being published. Alba and Jorge make an important decision about their future together.

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Chapter Eighty-Nine
Jane is having a hard time dealing with Rafael avoiding her, so when an issue with Mateo comes up she uses it to get some face time. Rogelio turns to Jane for help when he learns his pilot is in trouble.

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Chapter Eighty-Eight
A chaste young woman is accidentally impregnated via artificial insemination and struggles to inform her devoutly religious family.

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Chapter Eighty-Seven
Jane struggles with giving Rafael his space after she discovers that he is hiding a secret. Jane and Michael uncover clues about what happened the day he "died.

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Chapter Eighty-Six
With everything that has been going on, Jane reluctantly agrees to let Rogelio throw her a big 30th birthday party. Jane's mentor gives her some important advice that may help her start writing again.

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Chapter Eighty-Five
After talking to everyone else about what is going on in her life, Jane turns to Petra, who she knows will give her a straight answer. In return, Petra leans on Jane for advice about JR.

Watch Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 4 Now

Chapter Eighty-Four
Jane must get over the newest hurdle in her life, which proves to be harder than she and Rafael would have hoped. Rogelio discovers that he and River are not as equal as he thought.

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Chapter Eighty-Three
With Jane's Catholic guilt starting to settle in, she turns to Alba for advice and gets an unexpected answer. Luisa decides to go see Rose with Rafael by her side, in order to help get answers.

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Chapter Eighty-Two
Jane makes a shocking discovery and looks to Rafael for answers but is confused by his decision to put everything he and Jane have on hold. Meanwhile, Petra is trying to secure a future with the hope of it being with JR, but her past might jeopardize everything.

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Jane the Virgin is a dynamic, gripping, and funny telenovela-style drama-comedy series that aired on The CW from 2014 to 2019. The show, inspired by a Venezuelan telenovela "Juana la Virgen," beautifully explores themes of faith, love, family, and identity, packaged up in an exciting blend of romance, drama, mystery, and a fair dose of comedy.

The television series centers around Jane Villanueva, played by Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez, an ambitious, virtuous, and responsible young woman who has sworn to keep her virginity intact until marriage. This is a promise she made to her highly religious grandmother when she was young. However, her life takes an astonishing turn when she is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine check-up. This accidental pregnancy propels her life into a direction she'd never prepared for, breeding a series of dramatic and comedic episodes.

Jane the Virgin beautifully integrates two distinct stories of Jane's life - the one she had planned and the one that is unfolding. Navigating through the resulting chaos, Jane's life becomes a reel of complicated twists and turns. Jane's resilience, wit, and strength of character shine through as she grapples with unexpected motherhood, relationships, career aspirations, and the many shocks that continue to throw her life off course.

Apart from Jane's life, the series delves into the lives of those around her. Jane's mother and grandmother, a passionate telenovela star who turns out to be her father, her fiancé, and the biological father of her unborn child - all are vital contributors to the narrative. Every character is multifaceted, and over the series, they're developed uniquely, keeping viewers intrigued and invested.

Another key player in Jane the Virgin is the charming narrative style. Viewers are guided through the series by an anonymous and impassioned narrator whose commentary adds a unique dimension to the show. The narrator's playfully omniscient point of view not only adds to the humor and dramatic irony of the series but also aids in navigating the high-paced world of telenovelas, breaking the fourth wall and keeping the audience looped in on every dramatic irony and plot twist.

Jane the Virgin finds an elusive mix of genres, combining the heightened drama of telenovelas, a sitcom's funny rhythms, and the emotional depth of a family drama. This perfect blend of genres allows the show to give the audience a rollercoaster of emotions - inducing laughter one moment, tears in the next, and palpable tension in some other. The plot features dramatic reversals, shocking discoveries, romantic rivalries, and conspiracies, juxtaposed with everyday life struggles, career challenges, relationship dilemmas, and family bonding.

Critically acclaimed for its clever writing, the show also succeeds in offering thoughtful discussions on various subjects. It explores Latin culture, the significance of family ties, religion, and examines modern womanhood and the societal pressures that come with it. There's also a significant focus on immigrant experience woven into the narrative, offering a portrayal that's both compassionate and realistic.

Another distinguishing feature of Jane the Virgin is its commitment to authentic representation. The series is lauded for approachable and respectful depictions of diverse experiences, including Latina and female representation, bisexuality, and coping with disability. It handles each of these portrayals with sensitivity and depth, all while maintaining a sense of humor and drama.

The captivating storytelling, gripping plot twists, quirky humor, and profound emotional depth set Jane the Virgin apart in the entertainment landscape. With a blend of freshness and familiarity, the series is firmly rooted in telenovela traditions while also forging its path with innovative narrative elements. This Americanized version of the telenovela allows space for both sentimentality and swirling drama, delighting fans of multiple genres.

Jane the Virgin, while spinning elaborate webs of narrative surprises, remains profoundly anchored in the close-knit Villanueva family's hearts. One moment, viewers will find themselves laughing at the show's wit and warmth, and the next, they will be moved by its emotional depth and resonance. The telenovela-like drama and suspense, tempered with significant doses of comedy and introspection, make Jane the Virgin an unmissable watch.

Jane the Virgin is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 100 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Justin Baldoni, Yael Grobglas, Jaime Camil, Ivonne Coll, Brett Dier, Yara Martinez, Priscilla Barnes, Anthony Mendez
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