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Happy Campers. Happier Trails
In the season finale, Jenna must choose between Luke or Matty.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 24 Now

Second Chances
With assistance from Luke, Jenna secures an important meeting at SCU and Tamara reveals the truth about her money woes. Jenna is faced with a major dilemma.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 23 Now

Home Again, Home Again
After a fight with Luke, Jenna decides to go to her camp reunion.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 22 Now

Living in Sin
Jenna goes public with Luke, and Tamara's debt comes back to haunt her.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 21 Now

Misadventures in Babysitting
Jenna babysits with a little help from Matty; Lissa discovers the secret to being a Palos Hills mom; and Tamara and Sadie participate in a rich-kid clambake.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 20 Now

Girls Gone Viral
Jenna makes a choice between the Idea Bin and Matty; Jake has a spontaneous hookup; and Sadie and Sergio bare more than ever before.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 19 Now

Digging Deep
Jenna and Matty work on their friendship while they throw a party for Jake; Jenna's latest Idea Bin post could ruin everything.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 18 Now

Jenna and Tamara are scheduled to work at the country club on July 4th; and Sully plans an after-hours party on the golf course.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 17 Now

Best Friends For Never
In an effort to make Idea Bin a friendlier place for herself, Jenna gives Tamara an internship, but soon discovers that working with friends may not be such a good idea.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 16 Now

The Friend Connection
Jenna chooses to put a new relationship on the backburner so that she can connect with her co-workers; and Tamara throws a birthday party for Sadie.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 15 Now

WTF Happened Last Year?
Jenna reveals the details of what caused the rift between Matty and Jenna, what sparked the friendship between Sadie and Tamara, and how Jake and Lissa got back together.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 14 Now

I'm the Kind of Girl Who Found Her Voice in College
A new Jenna returns home from her first year of college, but her newfound confidence is shaken when she realizes everyone else is different too.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 13 Now

Holding On and Letting Go
Everyone hopes the last night of high school is the best.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 12 Now

The Graduates
Graduation plans come to a screeching halt when Sadie is not permitted to walk at graduation.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 11 Now

Reality Does Not Bite
Prom takes many unexpected turns.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 10 Now

Say No To The Dress
Jenna has to go through a lot of hoops to have a dream prom.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 9 Now

An Indecent Promposal
It's promposal season at PHHS and Jenna receives some surprising news.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 8 Now

The Big Reveal
Jenna wishes she can tell the truth to Matty.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 7 Now

Don't Dream It's Over
When Tamara accuses Jenna of being a relationship saboteur, Jenna goes to her ex-boyfriends to check the facts.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 6 Now

The Dis-Engagement Dinner
Jenna must host a celebration for Tamara's fake engagement; and Jenna is looking for the truth after Gabby reveals a secret about Matty.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 5 Now

Now You See Me, Now I Don't
Jenna is feeling down about her senior superlative in the yearbook.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 4 Now

Jenna in Wonderland
Jenna reaches a higher social-status; Matty battles unpopularity; Jake pursues a new crush; and Ally runs a party for sex toys.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 3 Now

Short Circuit Party
Jenna has an incident at school that ends in a surprising way. Matty has to deal with the aftermath of his run in with Jake.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 2 Now

Prank Amateurs
Some of the senior pranks stir up trouble. Jenna's vow to not think about Matty doesn't go as planned.

Watch Awkward. Season 5 Episode 1 Now

Awkward. is a critically acclaimed television show from MTV that presents a humorous and relatable depiction of teenage life, following all the high-energy drama, romance and the uneasy, awkward moments that come with it. The series aired from 2011 to 2016, intertwining comedy and drama in a perfect balance to create a consistently engaging narrative. The show is narrated by the main character, Jenna Hamilton, gracefully portrayed by Ashley Rickards. Jenna is an average teenage girl dealing with the usual challenges of high school and quest for self-discovery. The show kicks off with an unfortunate incident that is misinterpreted as a suicide attempt. This mishap suddenly thrusts the otherwise invisible Jenna into the spotlight, making her the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. Awkward. gives a new twist to the classic coming-of-age story, blending together the elements of high school dramas and the intricacies of teenage angst in an engaging mix that is both entertaining and relatable. Jenna is surrounded by a colorful cast of characters that add depth and dimension to the storyline. From her caring but overbearing mother, to her loyal best friends, to her love interests, each character adds to the uniqueness of the storyline and Jenna’s journey. Notably, there's heartthrob Matty McKibben, played by Beau Mirchoff, who often finds himself caught in a love triangle with Jenna. This dynamic relationship serves as one of the central storylines for the series. Awkward.’s strength lies in its ability to tackle serious issues like identity crisis, relationship struggles, teen pressure, and the entire gamut of high school anxieties, while skilfully maintaining a comedic undertone. Each episode successfully delves into Jenna’s internal monologues and thought processes, coupled with her interactions with friends, family, and foes that reveal the complexities of a teenager’s life from a modern lens. One of the signature elements of the show is its wonderfully tongue-in-cheek humor, captured beautifully with its snappy dialogue and sharp-witted humor. The dialogue often resonates with viewers for its sarcasm and quick wit, further enhancing the show’s relatable narrative. Jenna’s narration throughout the series provides a consistent voice that carries the viewer through the rollercoaster ride of high school, first love, heartbreak, and friendship. The acting is also noteworthy, particularly Ashley Rickards, who really shines throughout the series. Rickards infuses Jenna with a mix of vulnerability and strength, demonstrating the trials and tribulations of growing up. The supporting cast also gives commendable performances, adding their own flair and charm that brings the Palos Hills High School to life. Another aspect that sets Awkward. apart is its authentic feel. It does not romanticize high school life but paints a picture that is funny, raw and sometimes painful - just like the actual teenage years. Its brave approach to handling the pros and cons of a teenager’s life is commendable, and it does so without leaning towards melodrama or unrealistically glamorous depictions of high school. Lastly, the show’s musical score deserves a mention as it plays very subtly yet significantly in creating moods, adding dimensions to scenes, and bringing out the undercurrents of emotions. In summary, Awkward. is a blend of smart writing, impressive performances, and a knack for capturing real-life struggles, emotions, and victories of the teenage journey. Guiding viewers on a ride through the sometimes-dramatic, sometimes-satirical life of Jenna Hamilton in Palos Hills High School, the series is relatable, insightful and entertaining – a testament for being one of the notable shows in MTV’s line-up. For those looking for a series that strikes a perfect balance between humor and impactful narrative, Awkward. is definitely worth a watch.

Awkward. is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 91 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Ashley Rickards, Nikki DeLoach, Mike Faiola, Desi Lydic, Brett Davern, Beau Mirchoff, Molly Tarlov, Jillian Rose Reed, Jessica Lu, Greer Grammer
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