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Leanna & Jordan
Leanna fell so hard for Jordan that she sent him thousands of dollars. Though she's never met Jordan in person she did meet his cousin.

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Sasha & Essence
Sasha's been in a wild flirtationship with Essence for years and is ready for the next level. Essence says she's in an open relationship with her man, but Sasha feels like she is keeping a secret.

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Ciatta & Juan
Ciatta has a bright family future planned with her perfect man Juan. But before Nev and Kamie give their blessings on Ciatta's move to LA to be with him, they uncover details on Juan that her life plans into question.

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Genesis & Jerison
Comic Percy Rustomji joins Nev in helping Genesis find Jerison, a man she met 12 years ago on Facebook and with whom she recently reconnected.

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LaDaris & Julie
LaDaris, an Iraq veteran, has been in love with Julie for years, despite Julie repeatedly canceling plans to meet. Now she's got a strange twin sister in the way.

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Jass & Kayla
After Jass gets Lillian's name tattooed on her, Jass discovers her pictures are fake and name, too.

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Zach & Lexie
When Zach matched with Lexie, he couldn't believe his luck, but she could be too good to be true.

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Moses & Krystal
After a tough divorce, Moses found new hope in Krystal. But despite living close by, Krystal won't meet up.

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Matt & Elise
Matt's smitten with TikToker Elise, but Nev and guest host Devyn Simone see red flags on the horizon. When asked to meet, Elise says she's worried about upsetting Nev!

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Tee & Ibraheem
Tee and Ibraheem are so in love that Ibraheem decides to get a neck tattoo of her name, but Tee lied about her name when they first met.

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Jasmine & Ryan
Jasmine has dealt with hardships and loss at every step of her life until she met Ryan, and while he seems to be perfect, his excuses on why he cannot meet have Nev and Kamie questioning him.

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Cody & Brittany
A concerned grandmother calls for Nev and Kamie's help hunting down her grandson's 'girlfriend.'

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Shi & Mira
Shi is convinced his online love Mira also lives in Philadelphia, but after months, she’s dodgy about meeting. When Nev and Kamie discover she might live just five blocks away, they hit the streets of Philly looking for answers!

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Catfish: The TV Show is a captivating reality-based documentary series that aired on MTV starting in 2012. The show builds on the premise of the 2010 film "Catfish"; however, it has crafted its own respectable following with its intriguing and often surprising content. Co-hosted by Nev Schulman, who starred in the original documentary film, and Max Joseph, an award-winning filmmaker, Catfish: The TV Show delves into the complex world of online relationships, executing it brilliantly with an immersive mix of empathy, suspense, and the many truths and untruths of online dating. In a nutshell, the show revolves around people who have fallen for someone online but have never met them in person. The term "catfish," which is central to the series, refers to people who create false identities on social networking platforms, often with the intention of deceit. The show unravels the truth behind these online personas, trying to verify their authenticity, and if feasible, arranging face-to-face meetings between the so-called "catfish" and the person who contacted the show. The interactive format of the show acts as a hook, creating an engrossing narrative with suspense building as the viewer is led through electronic communications, telephone conversations, and finally, the real-world meet-up. The intrigue is further amplified by the unscripted nature of the situations, giving it a raw, unpredictable edge that often results in numerous completely unexpected twists and turns. Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, the show's primary investigators, approach each episode with a mix of detective skills and human sensitivity. They navigate the tensions, surprises, and sometimes, disappointments, with genuine concern for those involved. Their empathy for the online daters, combined with their determination to uncover the truth, adds a layer of warmth and authenticity to the show. One of the striking aspects of Catfish: The TV Show is its profound exploration of contemporary social issues, particularly the increasing influence of social media on interpersonal relationships. While the concept may sound trivial on the surface, each episode sheds light on the profound emotional investment involved in these relationships and the significant impact they can have on people's lives. The show takes its viewers on a journey through the myriad dimensions of human emotions, love, deceit, fear, and sometimes redemption. Even though, at first, it may seem like a show about deception, one could argue that Catfish: The TV Show is just as much about the complexities of human identity and the longing for connection. It probes deep into the essential human need for acceptance and companionship, and how these threads interweave with the virtual environment of the internet. Moreover, it underscores that virtual connections can evoke real emotional responses, thus blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Moreover, the program shines an unflinching light on the darker aspects of online dating, framing it as a cautionary tale about the potentially misleading nature of online identities. Its message is clear: digital interactions carry real consequences. The episodes often end with updates about the participants’ current situation, so viewers are supplied with insight into the lasting effects of the featured interaction. It's also worth noting that the show is not limited to romantic relationships alone. There are episodes showcasing friendship and familial bonds formed online which adds a distinctive flavor to the series and broadens its scope. In a world where more and more people are conducting large parts of their social lives online, Catfish: The TV Show feels particularly noteworthy. It's a series that finds the right balance between light entertainment and more weighty discussions about online deception, vulnerability, and the human condition in the era of the internet. In conclusion, Catfish: The TV Show on MTV is more than a reality show. It's a thought-provoking commentary on the digital age's impact on relationships and serves both as a magnifying glass for looking at issues related to technology and human interactions and a mirror reflecting our shared hopes and vulnerabilities. It reminds its viewers of the importance of trust, honesty, and authenticity in any relationship, whether it's online or offline.

Catfish: The TV Show is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 290 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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