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The Reckoning
Series finale. Pou fights to defend herself. Schafer and Rider push their case forward.

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Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
New evidence comes to light as Schafer and Rider dig deeper into their investigation of the deaths at Memorial.

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45 Dead
State investigators begin to explore what happened to the 45 people found dead at Memorial in the aftermath of the hurricane.

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Day Five
With pressures mounting to abandon the hospital, the staff is forced to make challenging decisions.

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Day Four
Conditions continue to worsen. Mulderick, Pou, and more staff grapple with how to best help their patients--and how that help will be prioritized.

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Day Three
As the city floods, the hospital loses power. Mulderick and the staff attempt to cope with the terrible conditions and prepare for an evacuation.

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Day Two
The staff and patients think they've made it through the worst--except the waters aren't receding. Reports of a new crisis circulate.

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Day One
Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in New Orleans. At Memorial Hospital, the doctors, nurses, and staff tend to patients and brace for the storm.

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Five Days at Memorial is a 2022 release from Apple TV+, a deeply evocative and poignant series that is based on the post-Hurricane Katrina fiasco at Memorial Medical Centre in New Orleans. The series pulls from Sheri Fink's bestselling book of the same name, a detailed account of the life-or-death decisions made amid one of the worst disasters in American history. Set in the days following Hurricane Katrina, the series portrays real-life events that unfolded in the chaotic aftermath of the natural disaster. The Memorial Medical Centre, a hospital in New Orleans, was grossly crippled by the intense and destructive storm, leaving the medical staff and patients trapped. As the catastrophic situation escalated, essential resources depleted, emergency backup systems failed and the hospital became a testament of endurance, desperation, and moral quandary. The series casts an objective eye on these events, scrutinizing the medical ethics, systemic failures, disaster management, human endurance, and the necessity for hope when dealing with disaster on such an unprecedented scale. In the gut-wrenching days following Hurricane Katrina, the staff and patients were left grappling with unimaginable circumstances that eventually led to some controversial decisions. Brought to life through the meticulous direction of John Ridley and Carlton Cuse, Five Days at Memorial recreates the harrowing ordeal faced by the hospital staff, patients, and their families during the catastrophe. The gripping narrative and intensely human drama are further heightened by the subtly nuanced performances by a stellar ensemble cast. The series features Vera Farmiga as the lead, playing the role of Dr. Anna Pou. The supporting cast includes Adepero Oduye, Cornelius Smith Jr., Julie Ann Emery, and many other talented actors who help recreate the heavy intensity of the dire circumstances faced during the real-life tragedy. Starting from the eve of the disaster, it allows viewers a glance into the daily operations of Memorial Medical Centre under normal circumstances, then quickly transitions into the emergency preparation protocols for the impending storm. With narrative precision, the series meticulously portrays each day's escalating crisis and the toll it takes on the doctors, nurses, patients, and their families. The series, however, doesn't only detail the difficulties faced during the five days of being trapped in the hospital. It throws light on the complex web of legal, ethical, and psychological fallouts that emerged from the disaster, even years later. It delves into the aftermath, chronicling proceedings as the hospital staff faced courts, endured trials, and grappled with public opinion. Through these various stages, the series raises indignation and empathy, bringing to the audience a range of emotion and thought. What truly sets Five Days at Memorial apart is its determination to provoke contemplation. Each episode triggers its audience to think about critical questions about healthcare, patient rights, and moral obligations during times of crisis. It demonstrates how when the world is drowning, societal norms and rules start to blur, prompting individuals to act differently under pressure. The cinematography is sublime, capturing the gloom and desolation effectively, while subsequent scenes of trials and legal battles are no less powerful in their narrative impact. With simplicity and starkness, the series etches out performances that stir the viewers emotionally, alternating between the conservatism of a hospital scenario and the tempestuous waves of a natural disaster. Five Days at Memorial is a series that reflects deeply on humanity and the ethical dimensions of the medical world. It is a test for its characters and its audience, pushing them to grapple with the nuances of right and wrong under extraordinary circumstances. This miniseries brings focus to what can happen when a city is caught under the disastrous grip of nature and how the people trapped within it cope. It is a tale of survival, responsibility, sacrifice, and the murkiness of ethical lines when society is unraveled by a wrathful act of nature. While the story is inherently tragic, there is a resilience embedded within that transforms it into a stirring account of a catastrophe that serves as a wake-up call for disaster preparedness and the handling of difficult moral conundrums. Five Days at Memorial is a harrowing account from Apple TV+, delivering an open-ended narrative that leaves its viewers contemplating and reckoning with the grim realities of a disaster, made all the more chilling by its factual basis.

Five Days at Memorial is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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