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Shame the Devil
Assessment day is here for Rash. Can he get through it? Faith is thrown as an old friend is brought into the ED, and is Ngozi interfering too much with Nicole's surrogacy?

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 27 Now

The Longest Shift
During an explosive shift, Iain discovers Teddy's secret, Dylan and Stevie try to prove that Patrick is a danger to patients, and Jacob questions himself as a grandfather.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 26 Now

The Whistleblower
A new expos

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 25 Now

Into the Fire
Jacob fights for his grandchild, but is he ready to step up? And a still vulnerable Rash forgoes help when he treats a familiar face.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 24 Now

Breathe with Me
A vulnerable Teddy is horrified when he is confronted by an unwelcome visitor, whilst Nicole is determined to prove herself to Stevie. Can Rash learn to take therapy seriously?

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 23 Now

Childhood's End
Dylan is haunted by his past mistakes, while Tariq and Rash collide when Tariq 'plays the hero'. Nicole is forced to come clean about her secret.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 22 Now

Earn Your Stripes
Dylan faces disaster when he doesn't listen to Rash, Teddy's night turns sour after an encounter with a boisterous hen party, and a downbeat Ngozi turns to a colleague for support.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 21 Now

Core Wounds
Jacob is given a second chance to do the right thing. Rida questions her future after a catastrophic incident rocks her and Rash, and Nicole has to make a shocking admission.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 20 Now

System Failure
In the wake of his dad's death, Rash deludes himself into thinking he's fine. But with mounting pressure at work, how long will it be before he cracks?

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 19 Now

As Charlie's life hangs in the balance, can Stevie regain her confidence in time to save him?

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 18 Now

Charlie vows to prove there is good in the world - with disastrous consequences. Stevie is proven right, but can it save her job?

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 17 Now

Easy Way Out
Iain goes looking for a missing Natalia. Charlie's fears come true, and Max is presented with an opportunity that conflicts with Jodie's wishes.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 16 Now

Stevie's demons catch up with her, Paige's career prospects hang in the balance, and Siobhan is determined to make a change on her first shift as Rash struggles to say goodbye.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 15 Now

Last Words
Rash's decision to go to work backfires, Cam's hopes are dashed, and Stevie is faced with a painful reminder of the past.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 14 Now

Willing and Able
Max pushes himself too far, Stevie makes a fatal decision, and Iain keeps a secret from Faith.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 13 Now

Take the Strain
Iain is gutted when Faith draws a line under their relationship, Rida feels guilty about her friendship with Rash being on rocky ground, and Teddy has doubts over his engagement to Paige.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 12 Now

On her first day back at Holby, Faith struggles with new restrictions. Rash steps up, but is he ready?

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 11 Now

Red Flags
A fearful Stevie takes decisive action at work, and Dylan overcomes his pride to help an ailing Max.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 10 Now

Sah begins to doubt an important choice, and Jodie is faced with the reality of her decision.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 9 Now

With his nurses' safety at risk, Charlie vows to help them, Teddy struggles to grieve, and stubborn Max has a painful realisation concerning his future.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 8 Now

Taking on more responsibility, Stevie is tested to breaking point, the truth connects Max and Jodie, and Faith returns to the ED, but not in the way she'd expected.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 7 Now

Jan heads to Switzerland with Gethin, but is she making the right decision?

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 6 Now

Too Much Too Young
Donna has to accept a painful realisation as her sentencing looms, while Stevie tries and fails to help a friend in need.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 5 Now

Hard Pill
Despite criticism, Jan agrees to help Gethin, Faith watches helplessly as her secrets spill out, and Donna plays a dangerous game at the ED with Max.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 4 Now

One Hundred Years
Stevie keeps a close eye on Faith as she implodes, Jodie has an unexpected reunion, much to Max’s dismay, and Teddy makes an impulsive decision.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 3 Now

The Ostrich Effect
Max’s health fails him, but he remains in denial, whilst Faith’s lies unravel, and Teddy seeks advice from Gethin.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 2 Now

Donna deals with an angry Max after her confession, and Rida comes to Rash’s rescue.

Watch Casualty Season 38 Episode 1 Now

Casualty, originating from the esteemed BBC television network in 1986, is the epitome of what a medical drama should be. Still going strong in the UK after decades on air, the high-octane, simultaneously heartwrenching and heartwarming saga focuses on the various medical and personal dramas that unfurl in the bustling Accident and Emergency (A&E) department of the fictional Holby City Hospital.

This long-running drama, much like a patient on a gurney, takes many twists and turns. As it revolves primarily around the staff and patient stories in the emergency department, the scripts tackle a myriad of serious issues, varying from medical ethics and bureaucracy to personal challenges faced by the staff. The show's primary focus is holistically more socially driven than purely medically oriented; instead of simple patient-of-the-week plots, the viewer is confronted with engaging narratives that reflect a broad swath of British society.

The inception of the show was driven by creators Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin aiming to depict the surmounting pressures placed on the National Health Service (NHS). The drama, named following the 'casualty' term for emergency departments in Britain, aimed to deliver an authentic portrayal of the medical world in a drama series format. It was an immediate success, resonating with viewers due to its immersive storytelling combined with its compelling social commentary.

It’s the enthralling characters that truly set Casualty apart from other medical dramas. The series introduces its viewers to an assembled and evolving ensemble of dedicated medical professionals – each with their own distinct personalities, competencies, and baggage. From the stern but compassionate consultant, to the lovable staff nurse, to the inexperienced yet enthusiastic medical student - the show refuses to shy away from demonstrating the human aspect of its characters. We follow them as they struggle to balance their demanding jobs with their complicated personal lives, often revealing vulnerabilities that make them all the more relatable.

Casualty's expert focus on interpersonal relationships doesn’t detract from the medical portion of the drama. Quite the contrary, Casualty can be startlingly realistic, frequently showcasing graphically authentic medical procedures and techniques. The injuries seen on the show are well-researched and convincingly portrayed, making the emergency room scenes particularly gripping. Whether the team tackles a sudden accident, heart attack, or complicated childbirth, Casualty's A&E department hustles and bustles with life-and-death decisions.

Moreover, the show stands out for its pertinence to 'real-life'. Each episode tends to grapple with topical social and ethical issues that stand as microcosms for the greater struggles of British society. Indeed, Casualty's heart lies in its balance between telling the larger social narratives alongside the individual stories of the hospital's patients and staff. The show is not merely shedding light onto the UK's healthcare system but weaves stories that prick our conscience and make observations on socioeconomic issues, disability, immigration, and public health crises - making it authentic television and one that often sparks public discussion.

Lighter moments are interspersed throughout the series as well, as the creators understand the importance of comic relief in such an emotionally charged environment. Viewers are granted the chance to catch their breath and laugh at the charming banter and camaraderie between the staff. This underscores the fact that despite the struggles, tribulations, and tragedies, life in the hospital, just like life outside, is composed as much of joy as it is of sorrow.

In essence, Casualty isn't just about medical drama – it's a defined institution, a genuine commentary which takes an uncompromising look at the highs and lows of life, as seen through the lens of the everyday heroes of the NHS. Available on BritBox since 1986, it is a testament to its longevity that it remains a beloved and important drama in the BBC line-up, attracting millions of dedicated viewers each week in the UK and around the world.

Whether you're a long-time fan of medical dramas, or someone who enjoys complex character interactions and social commentaries - Casualty might just be your next must-watch series. From high-stakes surgical procedures to deeply human moments, this show remains a unique blend of the professional and the personal - a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who navigate the world of emergency medicine.

Casualty is a series categorized as a . Spanning 38 seasons with a total of 242 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.1.

Derek Thompson, Suzanne Packer
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