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Episode 12
The Barclay boys hope to win the coveted Young Handler trophy at the Royal Highland Show. Rachel and Camy put their hopes in lamb patch.

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Episode 11

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Episode 10
No matter what time of year, a farmer’s to-do list is never done. On his croft in the Cairngorms National Park, Robert is up to his elbows at lambing time.

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Episode 9
Carianne searches for the missing mother of a newborn calf. Rachel and Camy are on the hills tending to their Cheviots.

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Episode 8
Jenni moves her alpacas to their new arena. The MacDonalds organise a massive breakfast run for their pregnant cows.

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Episode 7
Rachel and Camy prepare to welcome this year’s Park Cheviot lambs. Nikki and Ollie’s rabbit breeding programme bears fruit.

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Episode 6
Carianne takes a bull to the Oban Highland Show. The Barclays are up all hours as they start lambing.

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Episode 5
A deep freeze scuppers plans for the Barclays in South Ayrshire. Nikki and Ollie sell their produce at a Christmas farmers’ market.

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Episode 4
Fraser and Carianne head to the mainland to buy new tups. The Barclay family prepare their sheep for the Lanark Winter Show, while Nikki and Ollie try their hand at farming rabbits.

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Episode 3
In North Uist, the Highland cattle are moved to a tidal island, and pregnancy is scanned. It’s showtime for Camy and Rachel, and in the Cairngorms, Jenni expands her animal menagerie.

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Episode 2
The Barclays are finding their feet with the new Fat Lamb business. Rachel and Camy head to Lairg to buy more ewes.

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Episode 1
Robert finds out how many of his cattle are pregnant in the Cairngorms, the MacDonalds test out their potato harvester in North Uist, and Nikki and Ollie’s cow goes into labour.

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This Farming Life is a captivating and heartwarming series that utilizes the beautiful backdrop of the British countryside to weave a memorable narrative. Originating from BritBox and running from 2016 to 2022, the show provides a unique and fresh whistle-stop tour of Britain's farming practices, landscape, and rural life.

Unlike some shows which focus on the industrial, commercial, or mechanized aspects of farming, This Farming Life is an exploration of all aspects of farm life, offering a more intimate look at the lives and challenges of various farming families from different regions of the United Kingdom. From the rolling lowlands to jagged, mountainous regions, audiences travel far and wide through rural Britain to understand what it takes to run a farm.

Covering all four seasons, each episode portrays the yearly cycle of life on the farm - from birth to death, planting to harvest, and harsh winters to the joyous springs. Through the lives of these multi-generational farmers, viewers witness the changing of the seasons and the challenges every new season brings.

The heart of this series lies in its characters - the farming families. We see a captivating cast of real people, not actors, each with distinct personalities, unique farming methods, and their own set of challenges to overcome. Some of them are veteran farmers with decades of experience under their belts, while others are novices making a shift from urban to rural living. Their narratives are filled with warmth, triumph, heartbreak, and resilience, painting a comprehensive picture of the human experience intertwined with the day-to-day of farming.

This Farming Life does not shy away from depicting the harsh realities of farming. It tackles various issues faced by farmers, from fluctuating market prices and the struggle to make ends meet to the impact of weather conditions on their trade. It also addresses societal implications for rural communities and the deeply personal impacts of these struggles on the featured farmers and their families. Yet, even in the face of grim realities, the show also captures the unyielding spirit and dedication of those who work the land.

Amidst the realism, the series has a distinct and heartfelt humour, each farmer bringing their own anecdotes and rustic charm to their storytelling. In many ways, this becomes an exploration of the British sense of humor as much as it is a journey through the country's farmland.

Throughout its run, This Farming Life has been praised for its beautiful cinematography. The series boasts delightful views of the British countryside, presented with high production qualities. The lush green valleys, the harsh, mountainous landscapes, the natural wildlife, and the changing weather patterns are all spectacularly filmed. This visual extravaganza serves as a reminder of the mystique and allure of rural Britain, and why people from that way of life find it so hard to leave behind.

Moreover, the series resonates with many viewers because it's not just about farming. It covers broad themes of love, life, and survival. Whether it's the emotional bond between a farmer and their livestock, a community coming together in times of crisis, or an individual toiling relentlessly for their passion, This Farming Life always manages to pull at heartstrings, bringing a dose of empathy and humanity in each episode.

This intimate and moving docuseries offers an authentic window into a way of life that often remains unseen. By bridging the urban-rural divide and humanizing the sustainers of our food supply, This Farming Life has brought viewers closer to understanding what it truly means to be a farmer in the 21st century.

In conclusion, This Farming Life is an engaging and poignant journey into the heartlands of rural Britain. Its compelling narrative, relatable characters, organic humor, and stunning visuals will have you hooked from episode one. Whether you come from a farming background or have never set foot on a farm, this show will captivate you, leaving you with a newfound respect for the tireless, dedicated souls who continue to choose 'this farming life'.

This Farming Life is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 72 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 9.1.

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