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The crew think they are going to be able to run away from the Federation, but Avon has other ideas, and sets off to find Blake.

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A mysterious man who hunts people for money seems to have an uncanny resemblance to Blake.

Watch Blake's 7 Season 4 Episode 12 Now

A renegade Federation scientist makes an interesting offer to Avon: the ultimate weapon in exchange for Orac.

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To Avon, stealing a gold shipment from an undefended pleasure cruiser en route to Earth seems too good an opportunity to miss. That's his first mistake...

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The Federation's sudden concern for a long lost expedition to the planet Vim arouses the interest of Avon and his companions.

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The planet Mecron is the only source of Feldon, a rare and extremely valuable crystal. Such wealth attracts thieves.

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Sci-fi adventure series. Avon and his companions become targets for murder.

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Muller is Avon's latest recruit and a genius in his field, but even a genius cannot come back from the dead.

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Justin is a genetic engineer who has knowledge which Avon needs. Since Justin was once her tutor, Dayna is sent to recruit him.

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A collision with an asteroid damages Scorpio's main drives. The need to replace them is urgent. To Avon it seems urgent enough to make facing the Space Rats worthwhile.

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Avon needs to know why the Federation are suddenly making such easy territorial gains. The invasion of the planet Helotrix seems like a chance to find out.

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When Avon is captured and Vila discovers that the silo containing Scorpio is impossible to open. It looks as though things cannot go any worse, but looks can be deceptive.

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Avon and the crew of the Liberator are struggling to survive on the hostile world of Terminal: a stranger is on his way to find them but rescue is not on his mind.

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Blake's 7 is a classic British science fiction television series which first aired on BBC1 from 1978 to 1981. Set in a fictional future, the show unfolds the exciting drama of a dissenter, Roj Blake, who leads a small group of rebels against an oppressive totalitarian regime known as the Terran Federation. Produced by David Maloney, this imaginative series was created by Terry Nation, known for his work on writing Doctor Who, another influential science fiction classic.

The series starts with the justice-driven hero, Roj Blake, surprisingly finding himself as the spearhead of a revolution. Framed by the all-powerful Federation, he is convicted for crimes he didn't commit. While transporting him to a distant penal colony, Blake takes control of a technologically advanced, self-aware spacecraft called "The Liberator". Soon, Blake and his unlikely band of rebels, all having distinct personalities and goals, begin their crusade against the Federation, sparking captivating stories of defiance, adventure and survival.

Intermingling elements of psychology, sociology, and political maneuvering, Blake's 7 established itself as a darker, thought-provoking counterpoint to the more optimistic outlook of other science fiction series in the same era. It was noticeable for its moral complexity, where no character was purely good or purely evil, and even the protagonists had questionable motives and methods. The series thus painted a realistic portrait of conflict, power and freedom.

Each character in Blake's 7 evolves individually and as part of the group, making for incredibly dynamic storytelling. Blake's stern determination to overthrow the Federation contrasts with other crew members like Kerr Avon, an untrustworthy yet competent outlaw and tech genius, who often clashes with Blake's ideals. Vila Restal, a skilled yet cowardly thief, and Cally, an alien telepath with a strong sense of justice, are among the other endearing characters. These multi-dimensional characters brought out the show’s rich narrative tapestry, and made it popular as a character-focused drama with a tinge of thriller and noir aesthetics.

Parallelly, the series also upped ante on the visual perspective, boasting impressive sets and special effects that were quite ahead of their time for British television. Referred to as a "dirty" vision of the future, it opposed the then-popular clean and sleek aesthetics of futuristic designs, adding a unique flair to the series. The Liberator and the advanced AI that controlled it, Zen, became symbols of the series, loved for their unusual design and intelligent interactions with the crew members.

Blake's 7 achieved cult status and enduring popularity due to its unique fusion of squad-based drama, space opera and dystopian narrative. Despite the constraints of its time, it confronted viewers with intricate moral dilemmas and hard-hitting narratives that were rarely seen in mainstream television then. It was daring, risky, and viscerally real, with nail-biting suspense and compelling character arcs that kept viewers gripped from episode to episode.

Beyond its television roots, the show also spawned various licensed and unlicensed spin-offs, including books, audio dramas, fan films, and a 1998 radio adaptation by the BBC. Its legacy has since continued to inspire modern television shows for its groundbreaking portrayals of rebellion and struggle against oppressive power structures.

In conclusion, Blake's 7 is a groundbreaking foray into unexplored territories of television-based science fiction. An impressive work at the crossroads of compelling characters, complex storytelling and mature world-building, the series has left a significant impact on the genre with its gritty narratives and multi-dimensional characters. It's a thrilling journey across the star systems, punctuated by sharp dialogues, ethical debates and spectacle which sets it apart as a significant entry in the annals of science fiction. Watching Blake's 7 feels like stepping into an unparalleled universe that mirrors the complexities and contradictions of our world with the added thrill of space adventure.

Blake's 7 is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 52 episodes, the show debuted on 1978. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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