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Jules Hudson helps a couple from West Sussex find their dream home in Yorkshire, which ideally will have a workshop where they can turn a hobby into a profession.

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Somerset and Devon
Alistair Appleton helps a couple escape their land-locked life in Leicestershire with a move to Somerset or Devon.

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A couple of Brighton seek a complete change of scenery with a move to the beautiful countryside of Fife.

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Jules Hudson helps a couple return to England after 16 years in Australia. He also visits a nature reserve that was created at a quarry used to build the UK's first motorway.

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Devon and Dorset
Now that her sons have fledged the nest, today’s buyer wants a new lease of life in a rural home that has business potential. She’s set her sights on either Devon or Dorset, where Briony May Williams has some wonderful property options to show her.

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Cheshire may be a world away from Miami, where today

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Isle of Wight
Steve Brown meets a couple who are looking to retire from the Buckinghamshire commuter belt to a new home on the majestic Isle of Wight.

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South West Wales
With the help of her mother and Jules Hudson, a buyer from suburban Surrey is looking for a new family home with enough land to start a dog-training school in south west Wales.

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Steve Brown is on hand to help a couple of newlyweds who are looking to escape south London and set down roots in the stunning countryside of Cumbria.

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West Sussex
Alistair Appleton guides one family, spread over four generations, to find two houses in one village. His mystery house promises to bring them closer together than they ever imagined.

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Oxfordshire and Wiltshire
Briony May Williams meets a couple from London who are in the market for a new home in the countryside of Oxfordshire or Wiltshire, as long as it has enough space for them and their two young sons.

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In Ayrshire, Jonnie Irwin helps a retired couple who want to reconnect with their Scottish roots. They have a budget of £500,000 and a view over water is a property priority.

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It’s a first for Nicki Chapman and the Escape to the Country team today as they head to glorious Guernsey in the Channel Islands. They’re there to help find a fabulous family home for a young couple and their three children.

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Feeling an affinity for Wales and in particular the island of Anglesey, a Canadian couple ask Briony May Williams to find them the stone cottage they’ve always dreamed of owning for their budget of £450,000. Briony also visits the island’s sea zoo to learn about their work conserving endangered marine life, including the sedentary seahorse.

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Jules Hudson is in the Welsh county of Powys with a couple whose property wish list includes an annexe for their parents, along with at least half an acre of land for their budget of £650,000. Jules also meets a man who scours space with his telescopes, looking for large, undiscovered objects that could be on a collision course with Earth.

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Herefordshire Borders
Alistair Appleton border-hops between Herefordshire and its neighbouring counties today as he helps a buyer from Guernsey to find her perfect party property in the countryside for a budget of £500,000.

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Escape to the Country is a captivating and charming television series on BritBox that first aired in 2002. As a British lifestyle and property show produced by the BBC, the program provides a delightful examination of rural life in various regions across the United Kingdom, while showcasing the charm and character of the British countryside.

Escape to the Country revolves around the recurring theme of individuals, couples, or families who are seeking to swap the hustle and bustle of city life for the peace and tranquillity of the country. Whether you are a city dweller dreaming of a rural retreat or a viewer seeking a soothing and visually stunning television experience, this show has the capability of capturing your interest with its compelling storytelling style and beautiful imagery.

Presented by a rotating lineup of hosts, the show blends property search, home décor and renovations, history, and local culture seamlessly. The hosts take their role as guides seriously - not only introducing the prospective buyers to possible dream homes that fit within their budget, but also ensuring they get a taste of the local lifestyle, food, and traditions, thereby providing them with a well-rounded perspective before making the monumental decision to relocate.

Each episode features the host and the potential homeowners visiting three properties. The first two homes align with the buyer's specifications, while the third, referred to as the 'mystery house,' often offers unique features or settings that challenge the buyers’ initial preferences and asks them to consider what they truly want in their move to the country.

The rich diversity of the British countryside is another significant highlight of the show. From gorgeous coastal locales to quaint pastoral hamlets and from enchanting woodland retreats to historical market towns, the show covers an amazing array of stunning locations. Alongside property hunting, the show delves into the history, unique stories, and natural beauty of these locations, ensuring that the audience gets to explore the richness and variety of the British countryside along with the home seekers.

While the primary appeal of Escape to the Country is the beautiful homes and breathtaking landscapes it showcases, it isn't solely about property and relocation. The show builds on the human elements as well. The conversation between the host and the participants reveals much about their expectations, hopes, dreams, and the motivations behind their desire to move to the countryside. The audience gets to see the emotional journey of these homebuyers – right from the excitement of viewing potential homes to the moment of decision-making.

Escape to the Country also offers solace, serene beauty and relaxation as an antidote to our often-hectic modern lives. The drone shots provide a bird’s eye view of the stunning settings, providing stunning visuals that wash your screen with color, variety, and the beauty of the British countryside. The calming, slow-paced nature of the show offers a soothing and almost therapeutic experience to the viewers.

If the breathtaking beauty of Britain's countryside isn't incentive enough to watch, the demonstration of architectural diversity across different regions certainly is. Each episode introduces a selection of properties in various styles, sizes, and periods - from contemporary designs to classic thatched cottages, and from grand Edwardian houses to functioning barns. This not only introduces the viewer to the various architectural styles prevalent across different regions but also caters to a diversity of aesthetic preferences.

In conclusion, Escape to the Country is much more than a property show. It's an exploration of the British countryside in all its richness and diversity. It's about people and their dreams of a simpler life, closer to nature. It's about history, culture, architecture, and the natural beauty that makes Britain's countryside a dream escape for many. For city dwellers looking for a getaway, for fans of architecture and interior design, for lovers of history and the culture of the UK, and for people fascinated by the charm of rural life, Escape to the Country on BritBox offers an engaging and aesthetically pleasing viewing experience. It's a show that allows you to dream, explore, and virtually escape to the captivating British countryside.

Escape to the Country is a series categorized as a . Spanning 23 seasons with a total of 156 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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