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Chesapeake Bay
In the season finale, Matt Hranek is on the East Coast snatching up as many blue crab as he can catch with some of the best fishermen. Plus, he looks down the barrel of a custom American shotgun and takes it out for a test drive.

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While in Chicago, Matt has hot dogs for every meal of the day and is fitted for a bespoke jacket by a legendary Italian tailor.

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Matt Hranek learns the art of late-night frog hunting (and eating), and then has a close encounter with Florida's most dangerous wildlife as he visits the Everglades in a '75 Ford Bronco. Plus, he goes tarpon fishing with a Hall of Fame guide Steve Huff.

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Matt visits Charleston, S.C., where he goes clamming, shops at one of the nation's largest flea markets and visits with an award-winning bartender.

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Matt goes on an ill-advised fishing trip off the tip of Long Island. Also: a look inside a clam shack kitchen; and a day on board a commercial-fishing trawler.

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In the series premiere, Matt melts his taste buds with fried chicken and tries bourbon made of quinoa as he drives around Nashville in a '69 Chevy pickup.

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Alternate Route is a compelling travel documentary series that made its debut on the Esquire Network in 2013. The show interestingly strays away from the conventional reality TV format, providing viewers with an immersive experience of various American locales from the perspective of the show's charismatic host, Matt Hranek. The concept of Alternate Route is underscored by Hranek's passion for off-the-beaten-path exploration. It sets out to explore and celebrate the diversity of American culture by touring uncharted geographical areas and delving deep into their idiosyncrasies. Rather than focusing on popular, well-treaded cities often featured in travelogues, this series pivots its lens towards lesser-known territories - the hidden hamlets, the quaint towns, and scenic rural landscapes - painting a more authentic picture of America. With each hour-long episode centered around a different location, Hranek traverses the American landscape using various modes of transportation, adding distinctive charm to the show's proceedings. Whether it's a ride on a vintage railcar or maneuvering through the desert in a jeep, the show never disappoints when it comes to showcasing a different approach to travel and exploration. Hranek's role goes beyond that of a traditional host. Acting as an affable guide, he inserts himself into the communities he visits, not just passively observing but actively participating in the local life. It is through this immersive experience that viewers are introduced to the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and histories rooted in different corners of America. From meeting local artisans to trying his hand at traditional crafts, there's no stone Hranek leaves unturned in his quest to truly understand these lesser-known American landscapes. However, the magic of Alternate Route doesn't end at just the cultural exposure. The show's title does not merely refer to the physical routes traversed. Instead, it is also symbolic of taking an alternate perspective towards what defines America, challenging pre-conceived notions and stereotypes. Each episode successfully paints a unique portrait of American life beyond the typical urban centers, emphasizing lesser-told narratives of diversely rich and rustic lifestyles. A high point of the show is the warm camaraderie established between Hranek and the people who inhabit these locales. This adds an intimate, humanistic dimension to the series, leaving viewers with a sense of authentic connection and familiarity. The conversations with the local populace allow for a deeper understanding of the diverse cultural tapestry that makes up America. Further enhancing the viewing experience are the show's stunning cinematography and the careful attention given to capturing the nuances of each location. From panoramic vistas of stunning landscapes, close-ups of local crafts, to gentle moments of conversation between Hranek and the residents, the production quality is topnotch. The American landscape is portrayed in its full glory, making viewers feel like they're on the journey along with the host. The show also takes care to balance its exploratory spirit with moments of light-heartedness and humor. Hranek's charm and wit, along with his genuine curiosity and respect for the various communities he visits, give the show a personal, congenial vibe that’s hard to resist. He is a host who is never afraid to get his hands dirty, whether it's trying out local delicacies, participating in traditional events, or attempting to learn a new skill. Alternate Route is a show that stands out in the realm of travel documentary series. It is a celebration of the less-explored pockets of America, an intimate look into communities and traditions that are not frequently put in the limelight. The show takes its viewers on a riveting journey, educating them about various aspects of American culture while entertaining them with the thrill of discovery, the beauty of uncharted terrains, and the charm of its engaging host. For those seeking a different take on the American environment and lifestyle or those simply in search of a unique travel adventure, Alternate Route serves as a remarkable viewing choice. It's an eye-opening expedition into the corners of America that you might not have known existed, transporting viewers right into the heart of these captivating destinations.

Alternate Route is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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