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These Days
Season 1 ends with Mike and the crew returning to Los Angeles for their final concert of the tour, filled with friends, family, and special guests. Mike meets Josie's dad, Jose Canseco.

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Suit Up and Play
Blue returns to the tour in Nashville; An illness threatens to sideline Mike for one of his biggest performances of the tour and Gerry is forced to call in medical help.

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Man Down
Mike and the crew struggle to find answers on Blue's whereabouts and safety. Some fans begin to push Mike's boundaries too far and Jay-Z's label pays Mike a visit that could change the future of his career.

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Soft as Baby S#*t
Mike discovers the perks of celebrity while visiting Duke University. The guys arrive in Boston for their biggest show yet, and Mike must draw the line between friend and boss.

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Rule #17: Don't Miss Bus Call
Mike's family arrives in Orlando to watch him perform at an unusual festival; Pitcher Marcus Stroman prepares his live debut on stage with Mike; The crew arrives in South Carolina only to discover that Blue and Kilmer have been left behind in Florida.

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Rules of the Road
The team is tested in their first week of tour as everyone adapts to their new roles; Ryan Silverstein joins the group to take after parties to the next level; Road life starts to take its toll on Mike's relationship with Josie, while Kilmer enjoys the perks of being single.

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Ya Neva Know
Mike and his crew scramble to pack and prepare before their tour bus hits the road; tensions rise as Paddy looses his cool during a demanding music video shoot; The tour kicks off in Tempe, AZ with a big surprise for the audience.

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Episode 1
Go behind the scenes into the life of Mike Stud, a former All-American baseball player who unexpectedly turned to music when an elbow injury shattered his dream of becoming a Major League pitcher. Mike and his pack of lifelong friends-turned-employees put the finishing touches on an album, shoot a music video, and prepare their minds, bodies, and livers for their biggest tour to date.

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This is Mike Stud is an intriguing docuseries that was aired on Esquire Network in 2016. The show offers an intimate look into the life of the revered hip-hop artist, Mike Stud, giving viewers unprecedented access to his professional and personal universe. It is a unique mixture of reality TV and documentary, focusing on the transformation of the talented baseball player into a budding music mogul. The show’s innovative approach takes the traditional concept of a music documentary to new heights, delving deep into the heart of the modern music industry while emphasizing the power of determination, adaptation, and resilience. Michael Seander, better known by his stage name Mike Stud, is the focal point of this ten-episode series. Once a promising star athlete with a full baseball scholarship to Duke University, Stud's career came to a screeching halt due to an unfortunate injury. This sudden change in plans, however, led him to discover his latent potential as a rapper. The show effectively captures Stud's shift in focus from sports to hip-hop, demonstrating his willpower not only to survive but to thrive in the cut-throat music industry. Beyond its musical focus, This is Mike Stud shines a spotlight on the protagonist’s personal life. It offers deep insights into Stud's relationships with his longtime girlfriend, Josie Canseco, his loyal group of friends who double as his tour mates, managers, and producers, and his interactions with enthusiastic fans and professional colleagues. Viewers are given a unique perspective on Stud's journey towards fame, witnessing the challenges and rewards that crop up along the way. One distinct highlight of the series is its depiction of life on the road during a nationwide tour. Featuring vibrant performances, wild after-parties, bustling crowds, and the occasional chaos, the show offers a backstage pass to Stud's touring lifestyle, bringing his stage antics and offstage persona to the small screen. Throughout the tour, Stud's determination to make the most of his newly found calling shines through, giving viewers an insight into the less glamorous, hard-working side of the entertainment industry. This is Mike Stud breaks from conventional music reality shows by exploring the intricacies of establishing a career in the digital era. Fans get to see the strategic marketing and promotion that goes into building Stud's brand, including the power of social media, viral content, and fan engagement. Given his independent status without the backing of a major record label, these digital tools and strategies are crucial to Stud's career, and his adeptness at utilizing them offers an interesting perspective on the technology-driven music landscape. Moreover, the show isn't devoid of humor and camaraderie. Stud's gang of old friends from high school, fondly referred to as 'The Steve's,' makes for enjoyable viewing. Their shared history and connection lend an air of authenticity to the show, punctuating the intense focus on career development with moments of levity and genuine brotherhood. Another intriguing aspect of the series is its insight into the psychological impacts of fame. Stud's struggle with anxiety and pressure, particularly related to live performances, is presented in a relatable manner, reminding viewers that fame isn't devoid of personal challenges. His ability to persist despite the mental strain illuminates his strong character and ambition. In essence, This is Mike Stud is more than a mere documentary. It is a unique blend of a reality show, music documentary, and a genuine reflection on fame. It provides viewers with an all-access pass into Stud's world – his music, his relationships, his crew, his battles, and his triumphs. The show isn't only for hip-hop enthusiasts but for anyone interested in witnessing the transformative journey of a talented individual navigating personal and professional adversities in the pursuit of success.

This is Mike Stud is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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