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Final: Whole Ostrich
Finalists Angelo Sosa and Quino Baca face off for the ultimate title of "culinary master of the universe".

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Semifinals: Raccoon
In this semifinal Battle of the Boroughs, Chelsea's Spanish star Luis Bollo confronts the calm, cool Quino Baca of Brooklyn. Judges Edi Frauneder and Dale Talde decide who is moving on to the Final.

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Quarterfinals: Live Black Sea Bass
Harlem's own JJ Johnson of The Cecil returns to take on Sean Brasel of Miami's Meat Market. Judging this quarterfinal round are culinary experts Edi Frauneder & Dale Talde.

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Quarterfinals: Duck Fries
Find out what part of a duck the "fries" come from when Josh Henderson of Seattle's Westward returns to challenge first round top dog Angelo Sosa of NYC's Anejo. Edi Frauneder & Dale Talde get the ball rolling as judges in this quarterfinal bout.

Watch Knife Fight Season 4 Episode 11 Now

Quarterfinals: Lamb Brains
East coast versus West coast- which is the best coast? Watch as Luis Bollo of NYC's Salinas goes to war with Round One victor Kim Alter of Nightbird in San Francisco.

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Quarterfinals: Live Sea Eel
In this Battle over Brooklyn, Chris Cheung of East Wind Snack Shop and Quino Baca of The Brooklyn Star return to The Gorbals kitchen to face one another and some live sea eels.

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Round 1: Scorpion Fish
Denver chef Carrie Shores of the WOW Kitchen brings it to Brooklyn to take on Harlem's own JJ Johnson of The Cecil and Minton's. Our judges, James Beard Award winner Sue Zemanick and Dale Talde, chef/owner of Talde, decide who moves on to the quarterfinals.

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Round 1: Scungilli
New York native Gary Anza of Bowery Bay Bar takes on San Francisco's Kim Alter of the new restaurant Nightbird. Chefs Dale Talde and Sue Zemanick judge this first round test of skill.

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Round 1: Jellyfish
New York's own Ed McFarland of Ed's Lobster Bar is pitted against Seattle's Josh Henderson, founder of the Huxley-Wallace Collective of eateries. Judging this first round battle are James Beard award winner Sue Zemanick and Dale Talde of the Talde restaurant empire.

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Round 1: Turkey Parts
New York sushi master John Daley matches knife skills with Brooklyn Star chef Quino Baca in a special Thanksgiving throwdown. Judges Dale Talde and Sue Zemanick talk turkey and decide who moves on in the tournament.

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Round 1: Live Mudfish
Legendary chef and three-time James Beard semi-finalist, Texan John Tesar battles Sean "The Grill God" Brasel, a rising star from Florida. To make it to the quarterfinals, they'll face some lively mudfish along with judges Dale Talde of the Talde restaurant empire and Sue Zemanick of Gautreau's in New Orleans.

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Round 1: Pickled Herring
Brooklynite Bao Bao brings her unique Southeast Asian flavor to battle against the classic Chinese cuisine of New York native Chris Cheung. Will the pickled herring lead them astray?

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Round 1: Live Soft Shell Crab
Dallas-based food competition all-star Tre Wilcox matches wits with Spanish chef extraordinaire, Luis Bollo of Salinas in NYC. Judges Sue Zemanick of Gautreau's in New Orleans and New York's resident restaurant mogul Dale Talde determine whether the Texan triumphs or the Spaniard advances to the next round.

Watch Knife Fight Season 4 Episode 2 Now

Round 1: Jamon Iberico
Brooklyn's own Jason Marcus takes on the boundless energy and bold style of Top Chef finalist Angelo Sosa. In this season 4 premiere, it's all about Jamón Ibérico.

Watch Knife Fight Season 4 Episode 1 Now

First Look: Knife Fight 403
An Asian food competition between chef Bao Bao from Brooklyn and Chris Cheung from New York.

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Knife Fight is an American reality cooking show that succeeded in carving out its unique niche in the culinary world. The series aired on the Esquire Network from 2013 until 2015, offering an intense, raw, and unfiltered glimpse into the exhilarating culinary battles between top-notch chefs. Hosted by former Top Chef winner Ilan Hall, this cooking competition thrived on competitive energy, culinary swagger, and demanding standards. The premise of the show germinated in Hall's downtown Los Angeles restaurant, The Gorbals, where secret, after-hours cooking clash-ups gained a cult following among food enthusiasts and fellow chefs. The television manifestation of these late-night skirmishes, Knife Fight lends an in-depth look into the adrenaline-fueled chaos that ensues when expert chefs scramble to create the best dish using mystery ingredients. The show typifies a genuinely competitive environment where accomplished chefs go head-to-head in a course of culinary combat. Each episode marks an intense one-hour duel where two chefs must throw down their best culinary skills to make at least two dishes under an hour from the palette of mystery ingredients – often exotic, rarely used proteins, or unique produce. The secret ingredients drive the creative aspect of the contest, transforming the cooking competition into a thrilling spectacle of culinary innovation and skill. With the clock ticking and the pressure mounting, the kitchen quickly transforms into a boiling pot of chaos and creativity. As the chefs hustle and bustle, slashing, searing, and sautéing, the eclectic crowd of fellow chefs, food journalists, critics, and celebrities sip on their drinks and relish the thrill. What sets Knife Fight apart from the multitude of other culinary shows is its raw, gritty ambiance and authenticity. This is not your average serene, polished, studio-set show. It's fast, ferociously competitive, and filled with palpable tension. Here, the culinary masters don't have the liberty to meticulously curate the finest ingredients from a fully stocked pantry. Instead, they must improvise, innovate, and experiment, combining skill, intuition, and creativity. The ambience is elevated by the presence of the show's host Ilan Hall - always energetic, engaging, and equipped with sharp witty remarks and profound culinary insights. Hall serves not just as a commentator, but as a raucous ringmaster, cheering the contestants, bustling around the kitchen, and elevating the overall energy levels. The guests add to the energy, observing the chefs, asking intriguing questions, debating the nuances of each dish, and offering insightful commentary and criticism. The judging panel comprises culinary stars who offer their expertise and uncompromising palate. The judges analyze the dishes on several criteria including taste, presentation, use of ingredients, and creativity. The deliberations juggle the fine balance between praises and critiques, often sparking intense debates and discussions. However, they are not there just to scrutinize; they are a part of the passionate audience, cheering, questioning, and anticipating alongside the contestants and the buzzing crowd. Knife Fight gleefully tosses aside the typical reality TV show format, making it about nothing but the soul of cooking. Gone are the banal, staged drama and concocted rivalries. In their place exists a tangible passion for culinary creativity, the will to go beyond boundaries, and the celebration of cooking not just as a skill, but as an art. With its offbeat charm, Knife Fight breaks the stereotype, dull monotone of culinary reality shows. It reflects the true nature of the culinary world – frantic, chaotic, and driven by passion and talent. The result is a fiery, nail-biting culinary showdown that sets the stage and the kitchen alight. Overall, Knife Fight is a vibrant, inexhaustible celebration of the imagination and skill that goes into every dish. It is a captivating reflection of how the kitchen can become a battlefield where creativity, artistry, and intensity separate the good from the great. The adrenaline-fueled environment, intense competition, and the narrative created around food provide an unparalleled, immersive view into the stressful yet exhilarating world of professional culinary competitions.

Knife Fight is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 71 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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