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Fury at Furnace Creek is a classic western movie that was released in 1948. It was directed by H. Bruce Humberstone and starred Victor Mature, Coleen Gray and Glenn Langan. The movie is set in Arizona in the aftermath of the Civil War.

The movie begins with a brutal massacre of Union soldiers by Confederate troops at a place called Furnace Creek. A wagon carrying $100,000 in Union gold is also stolen, and the culprits are never found. After the war ends, two brothers, Cash (Victor Mature) and Jed (Glenn Langan) Gannon, are stationed at a remote post in the desert. They are charged with maintaining law and order in the region, but it is a lonely and thankless job for them.

Things start to heat up when a stranger, Johnny Ryan (played by William Talman), comes to town claiming to be a friend of the Gannon brothers. Ryan quickly ingratiates himself with the locals and gains their trust. However, it becomes clear that he is a liar and a thief, and he has come to the town with one goal in mind - to steal the gold that was stolen from the Union soldiers all those years ago.

As the Gannon brothers try to piece together the identity of the traitor who helped the Confederates steal the gold, Ryan sets out to find the gold himself. He manipulates the locals and even seduces one of the local women (played by Coleen Gray) in his attempts to discover the whereabouts of the precious metal. Tensions rise as it becomes clear that a final showdown is inevitable.

The movie is an action-packed thriller, with several exciting gunfights and chases. The cinematography is impressive, with sweeping vistas of the Arizona desert serving as a dramatic backdrop for the unfolding drama. Victor Mature turns in a solid performance as the stoic, determined Cash Gannon, while Coleen Gray is excellent as the strong and independent woman who is caught up in the dangerous events.

The movie also touches on themes of betrayal, loyalty, and redemption. It highlights the difficulty of rebuilding trust in a community that has been torn apart by war and the importance of standing up for what is right, even in the face of great danger.

In conclusion, Fury at Furnace Creek is an enjoyable and engaging movie that is sure to please fans of classic westerns. Its strong performances, exciting action sequences, and beautiful cinematography make it a must-watch for anyone who loves this genre of cinema. If you are looking for an entertaining and thrilling western movie, Fury at Furnace Creek is definitely worth checking out.

Fury At Furnace Creek is a Western movie released in 1948. It has a runtime of 88. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8..

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