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Armageddon - December 10, 2000<br>Kurt Angle Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. The Rock Vs. Undertaker Vs. Triple H Vs. Rikishi<br>Hell In A Cell Match For The WWE Championship
Armageddon was the setting for one of the most brutal Hell in a Cell Matches in the long, illustrious history of the Devil's Playground. Would Undertaker have the home field advantage in his signature match, or would one of the other five brutal Superstars add a permanent bragging right to their career resume?

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SummerSlam - August 27, 2000<br>Edge & Christian Vs. The Hardy Boyz Vs. The Dudley Boyz<br>Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match For The World Tag Team Championship
Three of the most accomplished tag teams of all time combine each of their respective strengths in the revolutionary TLC Match. Not for the faint of heart, the TLC Match transformed the tag team division permanently and cemented each of these teams' legacies in WWE history.

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Fully Loaded - July 23, 2000<br>Rikishi Vs. Val Venis<br>Steel Cage Match For The WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipFILL IN
The Attitude Era's resident ladies man Val Venis hopes he is still intact to greet his harem after stepping into a steel cage with the massive Rikishi and his world famous rear end. Will the big Val-bowski suffer the stinkface or will he find a way to equalize the larger Superstar?

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RAW - April 3, 2000<br>Chris Jericho Vs. Eddie Guerrero<br>WWE European Championship Match
Two of the greatest athletes from the Attitude Era get together to continue their epic rivalry for the European title. With many battles for the WWE Championship still ahead for both of these Superstars, the hardcore fan will appreciate this rare gem when Y2J and Latino Heat were still fighting to make names for themselves in WWE.

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RAW - March 27, 2000<br>Hardcore Holly Vs. Crash Holly<br>WWE Hardcore Championship Match
The fighting Holly cousins were known for their perpetual fisticuffs both in and out of the ring. The innovation of the Hardcore Championship was tailor made for these fueding family members, and this clash on Raw was one of their signature scuffles in their rivalry for the title.

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SmackDown - January 27, 2000<br>The Godfather & D'Lo Brown Vs. Too Cool
Several of the most colorful characters of The Attitude Era get together on SmackDown for tag team action. Would Too Cool prove too tough, or would the Godfather hop back aboard the infamous Hoe Train victorious?

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RAW - October 11, 1999<br>Stone Cold Steve Austin & Jim Ross Vs. Triple H & Chyna
It's a bizarre psuedo-mixed tag match as Stone Cold Steve Austin and legendary announcer Jim Ross look to stomp a mud hole in Triple H and his female DX cohort Chyna. With two of the toughest Superstars of all time paired with an announcer and a female Superstar, there is no telling who will prove to be the wild card in this wildly entertaining match up.

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SmackDown - September 9, 1999<br>The Rock & Mankind Vs. Undertaker & Big Show<br>Buried Alive Match For The WWE Tag Team Championship
In one of the most revolutionary and sordid match concepts to come out of the Attitude Era, one team will emerge with the Tag Team Titles around their waist, while one will be buried alive! Which team will dodge the dirt, the legendary Rock & Sock Connection or the gigantic team of The Deadman and the World's Largest Athlete?

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SummerSlam - August 28, 1999<br>D'Lo Brown Vs. Jeff Jarrett<br>European & Intercontinental Championship Match
In one of the most notorious SummerSlam events of all time, not one but two of WWE's prestigious titles are on line when former Nation of Domination member D-Lo Brown squares off against the ornery Jeff Jarrett with the luscious Debra at ringside.

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RAW - June 28, 1999<br> Undertaker Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin<br>WWE Championship Match
Two of the greatest WWE Champions of all time collide on Monday Night Raw in a match-up that reeks of pay-per-view. Austin has been guaranteed no interference from the vile Corporation, but with Paul Bearer lurking at ringside, other forms of treachery may be afoot.

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RAW - December 7, 1998<br> The Rock & Undertaker Vs. Mankind & Stone Cold Steve Austin
What type of chaos will ensue when four of the most combustible personalities of all time pair up for a tag team clash? During an era when literally anything can and did happen, this rare classic is a must watch for anyone who grew up with The Attitude Era.

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Survivor Series - November 15, 1998<br>The Rock Vs. Mankind<br>Finals Of WWE Championship Tournament
Before they were The Rock & Sock Connection, Mankind and The Rock were bitter enemies, and this classic pay-per-view clash added fuel to the fire. The brainchild of Mr McMahon, the Deadly Games tournament for the vacant WWE Championship stemmed from the Chairman's desire to screw Stone Cold Steve Austin out of the title.

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SummerSlam - August 30, 1998<br>Ken Shamrock Vs. Owen Hart<br>Lion's Den Match
Held in the famed Madison Square Garden theater, a circular steel structure surrounds Owen Hart and legendary cross-over Superstar Ken Shamrock. Will the guidance of trainer Dan Severn be enough to help the Black Hart overcome a skilled mixed martial artist chained inside his natural environment?

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RAW - August 10, 1998<br> Undertaker & Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Kane & Mankind<br>Vs. The New Age Outlaws Vs. The Rock & Owen Hart<br>Four Corners Match For The WWE Tag Team Championship
A virtual who's who of Attitude Era greats all in the same ring in this whirlwind tag match featuring the unholy union of The Rattlesnake and The Deadman, two deranged masked Superstars and the People's Champ. With SummerSlam 1998 looming, can anyone truly be trusted?

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RAW - July 27, 1998<br>Bart Gunn Vs. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams<br>Brawl For All Match
In 1998, WWE held the ultimate tough guy tournament, pitting 16 of its most brutish Superstars in a single elimination, bracket style tournament known as Brawl For All. The "shoot style" format was a deviation from traditional sports entertainment, and while it had its detractors, it allowed several stars to showcase skills previously unknown to WWE fans.

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RAW - May 11, 1998Sable Vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero
Sable was an original and of the most delicious Divas of all time, but could the wildcat hold her own in a controversial intergender match against the chauvenistic Marc Mero.

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The Attitude Era - The Documentary
WWE Presents a Cure for the Common documentary, taking you back to a watershed period of ground-breaking transformation. An age when fearless outlaws ditched "saying their prayers and taking their vitamins" and instead opened up a can of whoop-ass and laid the SmackDown.

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WWE The Attitude Era is often touted as a crucial turning point in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and is regarded as one of the most memorable periods in professional wrestling. Running from 1998 until around 2002, the Attitude Era marked a shift in the overall tone and presentation of WWE events, primarily characterized by a move away from an emphasis on family-friendly content towards one that adopted edgier, more provocative storylines and characters. During this period, WWE brought a new approach to its programming, shedding its previous image and developing a persona that was unapologetically rebellious and controversial. The Attitude Era stood out for its incorporation of innovative and risqué narratives that showcased performances grounding into reality and pushing boundaries. Its fearless exploration of controversial themes and edgy content made it appealing to an older audience segment and was instrumental in revitalizing WWE's standing in the world of sports entertainment. The time frame of 1998 was particularly critical as the era was gaining full momentum, setting the foundation for some of the industry's most legendary storylines and rivalries. These storylines not only incorporated in-ring action but also behind-the-scenes drama that blurred the lines between staged spectacle and reality. The Era was marked by intrepid characters who defied conventions, outlandishly confident heels, and heroes who, despite their flaws, were passionately supported by fans. One of the standout features during this Era was the emergence of some of the industry’s biggest icons, individuals who defined WWE for a generation and beyond. Names such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, and Mankind were not just competitors in the ring but fully fleshed-out characters with deeply entrenched storylines and personal relationships, which expanded the narrative scope of the show and frequently transcended the boundaries of the ring. The Attitude Era was renowned for its electrifying matches. The drama unfolded in the ring was elevated by high-stakes stipulations and increasingly daring physical feats, pushing the art form to its limits. In this era, we saw matches that would become iconic touchstones for WWE, including Hell In A Cell and Ladder Matches, which became signatures over time. The show did not shy away from bloodshed and brutality, utilizing it to dramatize the depth of hatred between rivals and the intensity of the competition, while keeping the audience on their toes. The expressiveness of WWE's programming became far more explicit in the Attitude Era. The company unleashed elaborate production sets, unique pyrotechnic displays, and lively theme songs that added bravado and flair to the entire spectacle. The storylines often played out outside of the traditional wrestling ring, taking the form of backstage happenings, outside brawls, and dramatic pay-per-views. WWE The Attitude Era also marked a business turning point for WWE, as a fierce competition with rival promotion World Championship Wrestling (WCW) forced the company to take bold and radical steps. This competition or ’war’ sparked a race for ratings and fan loyalty. This battle, routinely dubbed as the "Monday Night War," witnessed some of the most outstanding, unpredictable, and genre-defining moments in wrestling history. It hiked the level of tension, and as a result, WWE's product had to consistently deliver quality content, high-energy entertainment, and shock value. A significant part of the appeal of The Attitude Era lay in its compelling and free-spirited approach to entertainment, breaking the conventional rules of the wrestling business. It reflected the cultural dynamism of the late 90s and early 2000s, appealing to individuals seeking adrenaline-charged, raw, and in-your-face action with some humor and melodrama tossed in. In summary, WWE's The Attitude Era is considered a golden age in professional wrestling, which saw wrestling reach new heights in popularity and cultural relevance. The period forged iconic superstars, unforgettable moments, and history-making events, leaving a lasting legacy on WWE and the entire world of professional wrestling. It was a spectacle that pushed the envelope and changed the game, shaping the landscape of professional wrestling as we currently know it. If you're enthralled by off-the-chart excitement and conceptual innovation, WWE The Attitude Era from 1998 should certainly be on your viewing list.

WWE The Attitude Era is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 17 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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